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  1. IH-806 Water Pump

    Hello and thanks for replying. We have put larger ones on the 400 series IH engines. This 806 is putting out slightly more than stock (but not considered HOT) so if I can do things to help with cooling and it doesn't cost too much (over the stock water pump) than I might consider it. IH1586
  2. IH-806 Water Pump

    Need to replace the water pump on the D-361 in the 806. Is there a larger water pump one can put on instead of the regular pump? Was told by someone these engines were used in trucks and they had a different water pump. I have not heard of this but I thought I would ask. If there is one what is the part #? Thanks IH1586
  3. Has anyone bought and mounted these to their tractor? Are they worth the time and effort? I do not want to drill into my cab if its not worth it. I am looking at ones from K&M. Any comments would be helpful especially photos of how these are mounted onto the cab! Thanks IH1586