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  1. I am getting ready to replace the two square headlights in my 3788. Has anyone done this before? I cannot find any instructions or parts diagram on line or from my dealer. I am replacing these two lights with LEDs, trying to see what I am getting into. Thanks IH1586
  2. Thanks guys for responding. Once I get the new dipstick I can take the old one and take pictures and some measurements.
  3. Hello, the dipstick is not staying tight in the tube. Call CIH looking for the rubber plug, thinking I could replace it on the original dipstick. NA on the plug, have to buy the complete unit. Wondering if anyone knows of a rubber plug that one could adapt to work in original unit or a company that makes something similar? Thanks IH1586
  4. Need to replace radiator, what brand would you recommend? Anything to be aware of? Thanks IH1586
  5. Does anyone have a photo or diagram of a rear hitch for a 415? I have a 26 ft one and thought about adding a rear hitch. Its definitely well built and does a good job. IH1586
  6. Hello, I have a 415 as well and have been wondering the same. I thought of pulling a rolling harrow behind mine. What are you thinking about pulling? IH1586
  7. Looking at replacing the factor lights on my 806 with LEDs. What light pattern (flood, trap, spot) would you use for each light on the fenders and rear work light. I thought someone had done one some time ago on here and I cannot find the link. Any help appreciated. IH1586
  8. Based on what Doctor Evil stated, is there a 9 bolt wheel center stiffener that will work for IH tractors (in my case a IH-806)? I can find them for John Deere but cannot come across one for IH. Thanks IH1586
  9. Just curious if anyone knows what this equipment brought (9th Aug sale)? Curious about the 2+2's. Thanks IH1586 https://www.kurtzauction.com/auctions/collector-tractors-farm-machines-trucks-dozer-excavator/gallery < Back to Details Collector Tractors - Farm Machines - Trucks - Dozer & Excavator High Banks Road, Calhoun, KY
  10. I am trying to wire my existing red warning lights located on the insides of the rear fenders. I have two red warning lights and two flashers. Should they be wired to work together or separately? I cannot find any information in my manual. How are they suppose to work with the light switch? Thanks IH1586
  11. My local CIH parts guy recommend replacing the TO4 turbos (when they go bad) on our IH-466 engines with Schwitzer ST2E. Has anyone heard of this model? IH1586
  12. Hello, a member on here just bought a nice looking 3588 (Siefring Red Farmer). His photo of the 3588 shows a inverted "V-shaped" bracket (front left side) which I was assume was used to mount a tool box. I have the same bracket on my 3788 but have not been able to find a tool box that will work. Does anyone know who makes a tool box that will fit this bracket? I have search and ask my local dealer but no one knows of a box that will work. https://www.redpowermagazine.com/forums/topic/119944-new-to-me-3588/ Thanks IH1586
  13. Nice looking tractor. Just a little TLC will go a long way. I have 3788 which I enjoy driving. These 2+2's are good pulling tractors and generally not too expensive to fix. If you have any questions just ask. I believe their are several of us 2+2 owners here on the forum all with knowledge and experience to share. Enjoy your "new" ride! IH1586
  14. Seals on the cab have gotten bad and fallen off. Does anyone know where I can find replacements? Not too sure but I believe the IH part numbers are (from Messicks website: https://www.messicks.com/cas/50195). Any help appreciated. 54 SEAL rear side panel, 16.25 in. 539825R1 52 SEAL front cowl panel top, 38 in. long 539823R1 53 SEAL front cowl panel side, 28 in. 539824R1
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