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  1. How's the dual electric fans doing, keeping the engine cool like you had hoped??
  2. It's not going to get any better, I see where dealers will be changing from the current Next Gen parts lookup to a new eParts 4.0 in October. I know I've received several phone calls from individuals & shops that aren't fond of the new CaseIH online parts lookup.
  3. At one time, the exhaust manifold studs & nuts DID sub to a prevailing torque grade 8 bolt, p/n 1809774C1, and the studs were not available. Most SRC reman engines came with these bolts in the cylinder head, ready for installation. The part number for the bolts has since subbed back to the traditional 682840C1 stud, & 687987C1 nut, and 684034C1 washer.
  4. I actually did just that when putting a clutch in the 1456 that I just overhauled. Usually, my brother rolls them together, and he doesn't do it that way, but, I was on my own, and, for me, it worked. Lots of up & down between tightening PPA bolts & rolling the engine over, but, when you're on your own & not exactly confident you can get it rolled together without issue, it's the way to it. I'd do it that way again if I had to by myself.
  5. I wonder if there's any King Brothers turbo parts that are on here?? That looks like one I'd like to see under the hood of! ?
  6. What's the story behind the exhaust on the 806??
  7. CaseIH no longer offers the undersized pilot bearing, they discontinued it here in the past few months ?
  8. I've often wondered about replacing this part as well, I think I may have to someday when I start working on my 1456, the shifting on it is loose and worn.
  9. Those little tractors are handier than a shirt pocket!
  10. That really surprises me, thought for sure it'd be heavier than that. I'd go Low 3rd, let it lug way down, to 1000-1100 RPM, then pull the T/A back & watch it come back to life.
  11. I've had success with just the original tab washer, the key is to grease the face of the washer that the nut will go up against, so as you tighten up the nut, the washer won't get bound up & turn with the nut, which if that happens, the little tab inside the washer ends up shearing off, and the washer then serves no purpose, and the nut will indeed end up coming off
  12. This one weighed right around 11,200 as you see it here, 10 ply radial 18.4-38 rear tires. I still think you're in that 13,500-14,000 lb range as it sits
  13. I bet it's pushing 14k without duals, just based off what my 1256 w/ cab weighed years ago.
  14. You've got one with the rear tore apart, I've got one with the front tore apart ?
  15. Doesn't look like Round Two should be just too bad....
  16. One on each side of the hub?? Good Lord, that ol' 14 was pinned to the ground!
  17. I told him he needs to put 24.5-32 hubs, wheels, and tires on the back, and a narrow front up front.
  18. Yes, on the non-Demo 1456, that is an M&W oil pan. They came in bare aluminum. M&W advised to leave them bare aluminum, do not paint them, so that it could keep the oil cool as it was designed to do.
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