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  1. 2410CP is what is listed for a Sealed Power/FP Diesel rod bearing for a D282, according to their website. https://www.drivparts.com/results.html?searchType=heavy&vehicleGroupIds[value]=90023&vehicleGroupIds[label]=Heavy Duty%2FIndustrial&heavyMfr[value]=901424&heavyMfr[label]=International Tractor&heavyBase[value]=engine_aspiration_id%3D5%26engine_base_block_type_id%3D3%26engine_base_cylinder_id%3D10%26engine_base_liter_id%3D164%26engine_cylinder_head_type_id%3D7%26engine_designation_id%3D903700%26engine_fuel_delivery_sub_type_id%3D5%26engine_fuel_type_id%3D6%26engine_valve_id%3D2%26engine_version_id%3D195%26engine_vin_id%3D1&heavyBase[label]=D282 4.6L L6 OHV 12 Valve MFI DIESEL&engineFilter=engine_base_block_type_id%3D3%26engine_base_bore_inch_id%3D1343%26engine_base_bore_metric_id%3D1480%26engine_base_cylinder_id%3D10%26engine_base_liter_id%3D164&page=1
  2. Sounds like its not charging to me, if it is, the lights require more than what the alternator can handle. Recheck it at a higher engine RPM to confirm.
  3. No. Turn the dial one click to the left. You need DC voltage, not AC voltage
  4. I have had the best luck with the orange orings from CaseIH, p/n 343398R2.
  5. Yes, but there are a number of additional components that need to go along with the 1-1/4" wide oil pump. Service bulletin NEN SB 022 88 references all these other items.
  6. I have bought & used ones from both A&I and HyCapacity for some of my tractors. Seem like they've worked fine for me.
  7. I saw that on another Facebook group as well, that they're in the process of trying to bring the 1256 back. Read that someone else is also trying to save the 1026 Hydro that was also involved in this wreck.
  8. Yes, if you can find a complete fuel filter setup w/ bracket from a 856/1256/1026/1456, it'll fit just fine
  9. One thing I've noticed about any aftermarket one-piece drawbar, they're all drilled for the larger pin that late 66 series & 86 series tractors used under the belly of the tractor. You'll either have to redrill the drawbar for the smaller pin on 06/56 & early 66 series, or swap out the casting for the drawbar pin under the tractor for one from a late 66 series or 86 series. I think an aftermarket one-piece drawbar is around that $400 range, maybe a little less. But they're just not as tough as the original one-piece that late 66 & 86 series tractors had.
  10. Plain and simple, it was another form of 'reinventing the wheel'. I've never heard anything positive out of the Tenderfoot setup.
  11. A&I always used to handle them
  12. That set, I do believe, is a Victor Reinz gasket set HS3149, for the same application.
  13. Good morning all, Do any of you know if the FelPro head gasket set, HS7510S, which is the head gasket set for a Super M-T/A, if that head gasket is the metal clad style gasket like the original? Mother CNH is smoking the good stuff, wanting $429 for a 354476R95 head gasket set
  14. You'd think there'd be some of these around, since it seems like there's 1468's & 1568's that have lost their cabs & been converted to open station tractors.
  15. Ohhh, that 4100 is a beauty!!
  16. Had a belly bracket on my 1206 that used those same mounting holes, and we hung that much weight on it with no problems at all.
  17. There is a combination of factory parts that can help give you a tach drive on a 300/400 series with an inline injection pump. These pictures are from a friend of mine, he doesn't frequent this forum, or Facebook. This is on his DT360 repowered 706. I'll share the text he sent me, because I can't entirely explain it. I believe this tach drive is from a 460 diesel. Here's a pic of the outside. I had to machine the housing so it'd drove off the other side of the worm gear to get correct direction of rotation. Used 1/2" key stock to make my hold downs. And on the injection pump hub nut, I stacked up three half inch nuts to extend it out and make my driver with.
  18. Just think if it could talk, the stories it could tell...
  19. HyCapacity offers an engine overhaul kit for the D360, their engine overhaul kit is made by Absolute.
  20. We put a Sanden on Dad's 1066 a few years ago, works very well.
  21. Looks great, tachometer needs a lil help, though
  22. There was/is some hydraulic outfit in Minnesota(?) that remanufactures these. I can't remember who they are, but they popped up when searching Google with the pump part number. We went thru them.
  23. Any of these 361/407's that I've ever done, after sleeve installation, I take the bock back to the machine shop, along with a piston, and have them re-hone the sleeve to fit the piston.
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