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  1. I myself would get the stuff to overhaul the 361, finding a complete 407 to swap out isn't out of the question, but, they're not exactly common, and they can be just as expensive as an overhaul.
  2. I bet that'd be kinda handy on a 540 rpm PTO generator! Never gave that too much thought, but that's handy! Make a nice upgrade for 460's & 560's too!
  3. That was something we really wanted when my brother was getting the 856 ready for pulling, we didn't want just a fender-delete. It took some looking, and Dad was actually the one who found them nearby, with his older method of placing a want-ad in a local farm paper.
  4. Yes, they did. The sidewalls flexed better, allowed for a better footprint. Also, these radials have quite a bit more life left in them than the Super All Traction's that were on there, those tires are worn down quite a bit more. Pretty much every other tractor we were competing against was running radials, it's just easier for the green ones to make weight. It's a little harder for an 806/856.
  5. For the particular class that the 856 is in, yes. It's a non-turbo farm tractor class, 8700 & 9700 lbs, 9 mph speed limit. Never seen anyone get close to the speed limit, 5 is pretty common, one 970 Case that's a powershift will shift from 1 to 3, he'll get about 6.5-7 mph, his is the fastest I've seen, otherwise 5 is common.
  6. Originally, we wanted to maintain the original 856 appearance as much as possible, so we still had the two 6 volt batteries on the sides. Those were removed for a single, smaller 12 volt battery, as well as the original seat suspension & the LH seat support casting beside the hydraulic valves.
  7. Wrapped up the tractor pulling season this weekend with our final pull of the year in Bancroft, NE this Saturday. Brother made some changes to the 856 for the final pull, mainly installing these radial tires I had. That made the 856 have to go on more of a diet to make weight, but the work paid off, it just barely made the 8700 lb weight class, and the 856 performed great. Here's his winning pass in the 8700 lb class.
  8. Yours is an early one, they started with s/n 501. The S stands for having a T/A, the Y stands for a 12 GPM hydraulic pump.
  9. No more than I know about the large frame Hydro tractors, what I can tell you is these two lines on the RH side of your hydro, these are the steering pressure and return lines. The larger line in the picture, which also goes most rearward on the tractor, I believe that one is pressure. At the bottom of that line, the fitting it screws on to, should be a T-fitting. You can remove the plug from that fitting and check your pressure. What the spec should be, I can't tell you. I just recently acquired my 1026 Hydro and am learning all about it.
  10. Of course, it'd have to happen at a time & place for people to see! Hopefully he was able to add some coolant & keep going.
  11. Wonder if it was a different variation of an Excel cab?
  12. Awfully small rear rubber on it.
  13. Closed knuckle, drum brake Dana 60? That's what was under the front of the '75 Highboy crewcab I used to have.
  14. I looked at their latest ad in Red Power, and I didn't see a lightweight NF pedestal listed, although I know I've seen them in the past. As to them being a reputable outfit to deal with, well, that's up for debate.
  15. Most of the time those 8 hole rear hubs were combined with 15.5-38 rear rims & tires from factory. Some guys just easily stepped up the rims & tires to 18.4-38's later on, but kept the lightweight hubs.
  16. Original IH pedestal that was turned down in a lathe? Interesting.
  17. Of all the different narrow front pedestals IH had over the years, what would be the lightest that would fit a 706/806/756/856? I have one under the 856 that we're doing some farm stock tractor pulling with right now, I believe it's a 6719D casting number. The tractor still needs to go on a little bit of a diet. Does anyone still offer a fabricated narrow front pedestal that would be considerably lighter? I know IH had heavier NF pedestals for corn pickers, and the larger 1206/1256/1456, but that's not the direction we're wanting to go. Is there a casting number for one that is lighter than others? Thanks.
  18. CaseIH paint, nearest I can tell, is still thru Valspar, their name is still on some of the shipping labels.
  19. Possibly the expansion plug at the back of the block is bad/missing, the one at the back of the camshaft?
  20. I can't speak for every dealer who stayed with Viscosity products, as far as price is concerned. I will say that where I work, the price for a 5 gallon bucket of HyTran is significantly less that what it used to be. Same goes for bulk.
  21. That's who we're talking about, the Parts Depot.
  22. Viscosity Oil is the company that manufactured oils & lubricants for International Harvester, and then CaseIH for many years. They are the originator of HyTran, working with IH to develop the oil IH wanted for transmission/hydraulic oil. Within the last year or so, CNH has stepped away from Viscosity Oil, and gone to Shell to provide their oils & lubricants. There are dealerships that were not pleased at all to hear that CNH was going away from Viscosity & switching to Shell, so rather than continuing with the new lubricants from Shell, they elected to stick with the lubricant products they've known for many years, and continued to get them directly from Viscosity. One key advantage here, going with Viscosity lubricants, if your dealership went that route, they can continue to sell you the tried & true HyTran oil we all know, but at a significantly lower price, because the middle man (CNH) is no longer involved. Before this, not many people or CaseIH customers knew the name of Viscosity Oil. They're not new, they've been around a long time. Their products are tried & true.
  23. I never claimed that the new oils from CNH that are now Shell products were the same as the Viscosity products. Of course, they cannot be. You claimed CaseIH dealers could no longer get 30W engine oil. However, you would be wrong, they still can thru CNH & Shell.
  24. Your dealer can still get 30W diesel engine oil from CaseIH, there is a new part number now w/ the changeover to Shell. Anyone that says you can't, hasn't done their homework. Same goes for LoAsh 30W. LoAsh 30W is now a Pennzoil product, and only available in quarts, but it is still available thru CNH. CNH released a quick reference guide with all the new part numbers. Not every dealer went w/ the Shell changeover, though, some elected to stay with Viscosity products that they've known for years.
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