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  1. Nebraska1206

    806 starting cold

    Best thing for your 806, is if it has an engine heater, whether it's a circulating tank type or a frost plug type, to use it to warm it up. If it doesn't have one, I'd recommend installing one to aid in cold starting. Over the years, the 361/407 engines lose compression as the valve seats become worn, which makes them tougher to start in cold weather. Best thing would be an engine coolant heater, plug it in a while before you need it, and it'll start much better.
  2. Nebraska1206

    1466 Updated Park Lock

    Now, if you feel that the spring in this kit is too stiff and takes too much effort to lift up the park lever, ask for the park spring for a late 86 series. I've done this, and it makes it a nicer setup, IMO.
  3. Nebraska1206

    Winter Project: IH 1026 Hydro

    Man, you put in a lot of work in a short amount of time! Dang! Very nice!
  4. Nebraska1206

    Winter Project: IH 1026 Hydro

    Cool, glad you got it home, Brian!
  5. Nebraska1206

    560 Diesel Block Heater

    CNH ones are discontinued??
  6. Nebraska1206

    1256 burping antifreeze

    I wonder if it still has an air bubble in the cooling system that needs worked out by running the tractor long enough & with a load on it to get it bled out.
  7. Nebraska1206

    1256 burping antifreeze

    How much have you run it since doing the head gasket?
  8. Nebraska1206

    766 with M&W turbo

    Devon's Tractor Parts offers rebuilt IH mechanical seat suspensions at a reasonable price.
  9. Nebraska1206

    560 Head Removal

    I just took the bolts loose that hold the fuel tank support to the T/A housing, lifted it up & stuck a block between the support & housing. It tilts the tank back enough to give a guy just enough clearance to get the back pushrods & head bolts pulled all the way out.
  10. Nebraska1206

    NOS: IH 1456 Gold Demo

    Yes, on the non-Demo 1456, that is an M&W oil pan. They came in bare aluminum. M&W advised to leave them bare aluminum, do not paint them, so that it could keep the oil cool as it was designed to do.
  11. Nebraska1206

    NOS: IH 1456 Gold Demo

    Those are some beautiful 1456's!
  12. Nebraska1206

    1206 switzer turbo

    You either need to look in the DT-361 or DT-407 engine parts catalogs for those, the Schwitzer turbo conversion is not listed in the 1206 parts book. But you will find it in both engine model parts books.
  13. Nebraska1206

    Roosa master/ pulling guys

    I thought a factory 560 pump was already a .370 head? I'd need the Roosamaster pump number to know for sure
  14. Nebraska1206


    The IH service bulletins from this time period seem to be extremely elusive, as we haven't been able to come across the one related to this. Evidently, the C1's were prone to failure, what that exact failure was, not entirely sure, if it was cracking or what. Needless to say, IH would replace them on an as-fail basis, which is why some C1 blocks are out there. I believe C3's and C4's were replacements, as I had a very early 1256 that had a replacement C3 block, the replacement block was not stamped with a serial number. Back when IH offered reman 407 engines, the C1 block was considered an unacceptable core.
  15. Nebraska1206


    The casting number is located on the LH side of the block, below the front tappet access cover. A portion of it is kinda behind the oil tube that runs from the oil pump to the front of the oil cooler.