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  1. Nebraska1206

    Roosa master/ pulling guys

    I thought a factory 560 pump was already a .370 head? I'd need the Roosamaster pump number to know for sure
  2. Nebraska1206


    The IH service bulletins from this time period seem to be extremely elusive, as we haven't been able to come across the one related to this. Evidently, the C1's were prone to failure, what that exact failure was, not entirely sure, if it was cracking or what. Needless to say, IH would replace them on an as-fail basis, which is why some C1 blocks are out there. I believe C3's and C4's were replacements, as I had a very early 1256 that had a replacement C3 block, the replacement block was not stamped with a serial number. Back when IH offered reman 407 engines, the C1 block was considered an unacceptable core.
  3. Nebraska1206


    The casting number is located on the LH side of the block, below the front tappet access cover. A portion of it is kinda behind the oil tube that runs from the oil pump to the front of the oil cooler.
  4. Nebraska1206

    IH 1256 "The Mini 14"

    It's purdy!
  5. Nebraska1206

    IH 1456 Gold Demo

    Absolutely stunning!!
  6. Nebraska1206

    IH 1456 S/N 13961

    Same here! Can't wait to see your skills on a Diamond cab!
  7. Nebraska1206

    2856 industrial value help!

    Looks like a very straight, honest tractor, even though it's not industrial yellow anymore. Unique to see it equipped with a 3pt hitch.
  8. Nebraska1206

    D407 breather question

    You can still get the OEM breather "rat nest" at a CaseIH dealership.
  9. Nebraska1206

    DT-436 double Fan pulley on DT-407

    Looks good Brian! Fits on there perfectly!
  10. Nebraska1206

    1456 gold demo S/N 13313 progress

    Absolutely beautiful 14!
  11. Nebraska1206

    Nice pair of 1456s

    If I recall reading the article correctly that was on Facebook about these two, they are consecutive serial numbers.
  12. Nebraska1206

    312 and 360 motors?

    The D360 did see use in a combine, but only the 453 Hillside model.
  13. Nebraska1206

    Why the 1456???

    No, more like the 1466
  14. Nebraska1206

    West Texas IH 1256

    Sounds very healthy, well done Brian!!
  15. Nebraska1206

    756 Muffler

    IH still offers the round muffler