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  1. My opinion of a 1896 or 2096 CaseIH, is that the only good thing going for them is the 5.9L CDC Cummins engine. The rest is a Case tractor. There are specific powershift components that are discontinued, and specific to those two tractors only. There is no F/N/R shuttle in a Case transmission. From the way you describe, the 1896 lacks any of the creature comforts that it should have, being it's 20 years newer than the 1256, so I'd have to easily say I'd take the 1256, hands down.
  2. I thought it might have been a coolant reservoir for a Scout or a pickup
  3. I'm no Deere expert, and I sure don't want to be, but the first thing that comes to mind is the piston pins appear too long & there isn't enough room in the piston "forging" to allow adequate room for the retaining ring grooves to have a fair amount of "meat" on the outside of the groove. That, or the piston should be a full rounded skirt. That's just my two pennies tossed in the kitty.
  4. If that were true, I should have the best of both worlds! 😂
  5. Giving the head gasket a few coats of aluminum spray paint will aid it in sealing. Best to have everything clean and ready to go back together, paint the head gasket and set it on the block, then the head on the block, while the paint it slightly tacky. A retorque of the head bolts and recheck of valve lash is a good idea after a warmup & cooldown cycle.
  6. Just glad to see them going to a good home!
  7. One on each side of the hub?? Good Lord, that ol' 14 was pinned to the ground!
  8. Definitely a good looking set of hubs and rims!
  9. I was able to get Federal Mogul rods & mains for my DT361, I myself prefer Federal Mogul & their quality when it comes to rods and mains.
  10. Did you change out the drawbar pin casting under the belly of the tractor when you changed to the one-piece drawbar, or just have the drawbar re-drilled for the smaller pin?
  11. Just when you think you've seen it all.......
  12. Heat the plug with an acetelyne torch, doesn't have to be cherry red, just get it hot. Find an old wax candle, as as it cools, melt wax on that plug. If it smokes and burns off, its too hot yet, you want it enough that you see liquid wax on the threads of the plug. Let that do its thing, let it cool off, then grab a wrenh, vise grips, whatever you can get on that plug, and it'll come right out. It works, done it many times!! I keep the "stubs" from the altar candles from church, in a bag in my toolbox in the shop, for this very thing!!
  13. Mine is still wearing it's original work clothes, I wish it looked as good as yours! Nice job as always, Brian!!
  14. DMI also made a set of 10 bolt hubs for the 3 1/4" IH axle
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