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  1. Mine is still wearing it's original work clothes, I wish it looked as good as yours! Nice job as always, Brian!!
  2. DMI also made a set of 10 bolt hubs for the 3 1/4" IH axle
  3. Pretty typical to see, mostly it happens from excessive wheel spin of one wheel in a stuck situation. I've seen it an awful lot, but it does seem to be worse in 1456's, 1466's, 1086's and 1486's, all with the larger diameter axles.
  4. This concerns me for two reasons. One, did the plate you used to draw in the sleeves have a step machined into it to install the sleeves to the proper depth, or did you end up drawing the sleeves into the block & now they sit flush with the deck of the block? I hope for your sake, it's not the latter. Two, when you say you drew them in w/ 3/4" NF allthread, did you use a hydraulic ram to press the sleeves in the block? Surely you didn't use a big wrench and cheater pipe and pull those sleeves into the block by hand. I sure hope, for your sake again, that you didn't.
  5. The front main bearing is different than the middle ones, so I'd be checking things closely.
  6. Nebraska1206

    806 head

    I'd find a chain hoist, a engine hoist, tractor & loader, something. Worst part is, its not a straight up lift to get the head off, you have the overhang of the fuel tank in the way, unless you have already remove the tank.
  7. Leave them alone. I too have a DT361 for a 1206 apart right now, and I'm not going to mess with them.
  8. You have to remove the temp sensor adapter from the head, plumb in your pipe tee, then plumb the adapter back in. This does screw up the reading of the temp gauge. And in my past experience, you'll probably ruin that gauge adapter fitting. Part number 51510DA if memory serves me right.
  9. I believe they are for water, and I myself have never changed them out on any 361/407 I've been in. As long as they aren't disturbed, there's really no reason to.
  10. Get yourself a candle. Heat that pipe plug up again with the torch, doesn't need to be red hot, just heat it up good. Take the candle, and melt it on the threads of that plug. If the wax goes up in smoke, it's too hot, you want to be able to see the wax melt into a liquid on the exposed threads. Give it a little bit, then try to unscrew that plug again. It'll come loose now, you'll be surprised how much less effort you'll use to get it out. Believe me, this works!
  11. I believe that turbo has the same specs for a D19 Allis, which is small enough to be well suited to the D282. The number of TO4 variations is very large!
  12. Spencer Diesel has a turbo listed on their website, as a replacement option for T-604 turbo, looks like a version of TO4 turbo. Spencer Diesel 560 turbo
  13. I told him he needs to put 24.5-32 hubs, wheels, and tires on the back, and a narrow front up front.
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