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  1. Where did the 1456 get its extra HP?

    All the same cylinder head
  2. 10.00-16 on 16x10 rim

    I like how that looks, that's something to keep in mind for a rainy day. Thanks Brian!!
  3. IH 1456 S/N 13961

    Dang Brian, how many 14's you up to now??
  4. German Diesel DT402

    Are you looking to put a stroker crank in a German? You might be better off having your existing crankshaft welded, stroked, and reground. If memory serves right (and it's been overloaded lately), the DT402 had different sized rod & main journals compared to the 310/358 that we're used to here in the states.
  5. Ether Ih 1256

    I wanna see that, someone sitting in the seat of a turbo'd 06/56 series, cranking it over with the starter button, and able to whiff the precleaner with ether from the seat. No way.
  6. a 1456 to call my own - with pictures

    1456 Gold Demo, nice find!
  7. 1456 gold demo S/N 13313 progress

    That's gonna be awesome!!
  8. German overhaul options

    Endurance was bought out by Reliance
  9. International 1026 oil capacity and a pic 😃

    Someday, I'd love to add a 1026 Hydro to my fleet.
  10. Turning my 886 into a puller

    Ed Leaman is working on turbo exhaust manifold for the D312/360, so obtaining one of those would be a good start to your pulling project. Get a good 13mm rotary pump & related fuel components, that 360 will hold its own just fine.
  11. 21256 and 21456

    Looking at the production records online for both the 1256 & 1456, the Industrials we're not segregated in the lists. Rather strange, as the smaller 2826 & 2856 Industrials were kept track of.
  12. 756 block heater

    IH does list that 130085C91 block heater for the German engines, however, they only work in late s/n engines. 706, 756, 826, and 715 combines all have earlier s/n engines, where the block on these lacks the frost plug to accept that heater. The only way on these early engines is a tank heater, lower radiator hose heater, or that one I saw with the heater in the water manifold.
  13. 756 block heater

    I have only seen this in a photo (on Facebook no less), but, on the front of the water manifold of a D310/D358, there is a large pipe reducer. In it, it kinda looks like someone had used the thread-in block heater for the early D361 engines, and installed it in that location on the German water manifold. The element on those is just short enough that, assuming the pipe thread is all the same size, it'd probably work.
  14. Block heater 560!

    106725A1 is what you need. If your dealer can't get that exact number, you need a different dealer.
  15. Thread-in/frost plug heater 856

    I take it the current block heater is in the middle frost plug location on the 856's block? I think a larger thread-in one is going to be near impossible, as there's not that much depth inside the water jacket to allow for a longer element