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  1. Neither s/n option are available from CNH anymore
  2. I myself don't recall any kind of valve stem seals on 361/407 heads
  3. If you can get that knee to twist inside the center tube, that's best. I've put a cheater pipe on the top steering arm before, and twisted back & forth with success. Really stubborn ones, I've put a block under the end of the cheater pipe, and let the weight of the tractor down, it'll twist that way too.
  4. In the past, I let my machine shop order the replacement valve seats, since they were going to be the ones to install them. They were always able to get them for 361/407 heads I had redone.
  5. The black dash tower casting is about the best indicator there is, looks like it was originally a Gold Demo to me.
  6. I sure don't recognize that oil filter housing!
  7. Pretty sure we made something out of a piece of tire inner tube to fix the one on our 1640
  8. 536471R1 is the cap for a 4366 & 4386 before s/n 1500 528716R1 is the cap for a 4386 after s/n 1501 A 4366 must still use the 3-1/4" axle, where a 4386 used a 3-1/2" axle, depending on s/n.
  9. Is there a possibility that A.A. Anderson still has any cool old IH info or memoribilia stashed away?
  10. The spindle you have pictured here, to me, looks like a Taper-Lok spindle, the splines up top are cut in at a taper, as the nut on top of the spindle is tightened, it wedges the steering arm in place. The splines on the arm and the spindle have to match, so obviously, you have to replace the steering arm as well.
  11. This may or may not be an option, as I believe these are discontinued. They're the upright splined portion of the spindle, you would cut and remove the upright from your existing spindle, then insert this new one and weld it into your lower knee of your old spindle. I don't think it was a very popular repair at all for shops to perform
  12. If you're after the "correct" look, and don't want the appearance of the "oversized knuckle" at the bottom, I don't know of anyone that manufactures them without the "oversized knuckle" appearance, honestly.
  13. The keyed spindles do have a left & right, because of where the keyway is cut, making it a left or right. Most of them now have the "oversized knuckle" appearance as well
  14. Pretty much any spindle you get these days, be it from CaseIH or the aftermarket, will have the "oversized knuckle" appearance at the bottom. The only way the spline count is different is if aftermarket "taper-lok" spindles are used, those usually are sold in a set that includes the mating steering arm.
  15. Last I knew, a guy could still get the cotton string primary fuel filter from CaseIH or Fleetguard. Lots of dealers don't sell them, as they did plug rather quickly, especially on a 1206, years ago. The easy remedy to avoid constant fuel filter changes was to use a final fuel filter element (paper type) as a primary one.
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