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  1. No, the bracket for the air filter gauge is different that the RD pump gauge bracket (p/n 384207R1). The bolt hole spacing is different, the RD gauge bracket will only fit in the center, near the park brake lever. The air filter gauge bracket (p/n 392408R1) can fit on the left or right side of the lower dash, but not down by the park brake lever. The air filter gauge bracket is still available new from CaseIH, but the RD gauge bracket has been discontinued.
  2. If you look at it from this side, you'll see I have a gusset welded in the full length of the upright tube. I've hung complete engines, and complete T/A housings on here, with no issues.
  3. I built mine using a Zimmatic pivot wheel gearbox, the plate that bolts to the engine is 3/4" thick plate.
  4. Your 806 must've had the black-faced 3000 RPM tach when it was new, since I spy the speed chart decal on the panel
  5. D361 s/n 23979 & above was the changeover from RD to Roosamaster pump, not sure exactly what year that falls in for the tractors, but pretty sure the change was made by 1965.
  6. I think it has a way of removing any dirt or impurities that have become stuck to the surface over the years? Not a paint/body man myself, but it does leave the painted surface super smooth & slick, in addition to the shine after the waxing. I can only imagine how much water will bead off of this sheet metal once its all said & done.
  7. As already stated, the bracket/gauge over the voltage regulator cover is the fuel pressure gauge for the RD pump. If you can find one of those gauge holders, they work great for mounting an oil pressure gauge on any 06/26/56 series.
  8. Started with a super light sand/brush with those maroon 3M Scotch scuffing pads? I don't remember the exact number, but they look like a crankcase breather element. Very, very lightly, just to take the dirt and scum off. The LH side is the result of just after the scuffing pad (I tried this side) Next, some 3M rubbing compound, applied by hand. The little spot in the center of the hood, that's strictly scuffed and rubbing compound only. Next, a coat of Meguires wax, applied with a buffer. Next, some work with a Meguires clay bar. The RH side of the hood in this picture, received al
  9. Doing a little work on some old sheet metal on one of my latest project/purchases, kinda like where this is going 😎
  10. The new part number for the seal is 3069987R91. The 703915R1 felt washer is still a valid number.
  11. I remember many days as a kid, this time of year, the 706 & F11 loader, with a 3pt mounted hydraulic log splitter, drive out to the tee line with Dad, cut a tree down, drag it out with the tractor into the open field. Dad would cut the tree up, brother & I would split the bigger pieces, and load everything into the loader bucket. Get the bucket plumb full, then drive back to the yard, drive up to the house, and carry all the wood downstairs in the house. That was usually a Saturday job.
  12. As far as CaseIH goes, the "W" series tractors never did make it to any digital format. Neither were the 600 or 650. They weren't on the CD's we used to have from CaseIH many years ago.
  13. The recommendation of two of these styles of heaters pertains more to the early D361 blocks in 806's, as all 5 core plugs in early 361 blocks were screw-in NPT plugs.
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