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  1. just part of the process. was a great sale. mecums has 5% buyers premium. i have alot more left and their not going anywhere. and eds looking for more
  2. most have seen it in red power magazine, but i will post the link here. spencerauctiongroup.com. this coming saturday at 11. if not allowed you can take it off. 1620 is one owner never outside if you need one this is a great one. listing for neighbor
  3. donald is a whack job he will go to the dust bin of history
  4. god dam lights wont work it should be easy but none of them will finally got flashers working. but fighting head lights. and the dam digital tach. the wires arn't their the service manual says should be. any ideas would be great.
  5. still working through it. someone put a different key switch in and messed up the fuse panel. lights and flashers are all messed up. but maybe one more half a day we will figure it out thanks
  6. crazy trumpster sending out bombs... i hope all the gop is so proud of this nightmare. terrorism its not just for isis anymore. and i thought no politics on here. blue wave a coming
  7. i have the service manual for it, but what a pia. does anyone have a better wiring diagram for this tractor? thanks in advance
  8. thank you got it figured out but hate to melt something the wiring isnt cheap thanks again
  9. anyone have it in a pdf file rewiring a hi clear and need to know what goes where. i'll search but the links are no good. thanks
  10. how many you need i need to look for soybeans but bet i have them
  11. im back here in the red power play room. to many of these guys dont like me for what ever reason. used to be politics so they banned that. now their just mad about who knows what. not going to post anymore here and dont need the bash board

  12. im sorry youll have to copy and paste that link, looking forward to hearing from you. and sorry about the toenail joke, was posted after reading that arrogant post you made earlier. i didnt mean it if you didnt.

  13. http://www.allthingsagriculture.com/Bashboard/viewtopic.php?f=3&t=1956

    apoligy accepted mr tony. now come on over to the BB and tell us small timers how we can improve our operation. im willing to bet we would all benifit from your vast knowledge in farming.

    we welcome you with open arms!

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