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  1. farmertony

    Lustran seed plates

    how many you need i need to look for soybeans but bet i have them
  2. farmertony

    looking for elevator chain for 2mh picker

    thanks i just did. I think it will be ok. going to run her at sesquicentennial in logan labor day. cant have any down time....
  3. where would be the best place to find one? nos one would be great. even finding the links anymore isnt easy.
  4. farmertony

    Sorry guys....I gotta politically vent

    this is what will happen my gop friends hillary will win both houses will turn over to the democrats. the supreme court will have a liberal bias for a generation. all the young people, as well as blacks, latinos, cubans, chinese, and the other imigrants will join the the democrats. The dems actually try to do something for the people. the gop has screwed themselves. they will join the ash heap of history.(whigs) or be smaller joined by another party against the dems who will dominate for a long peroid of time. public option health care, expansion of medicare, free education for a lot people who would never get it other wise. and MORE taxes for some sobs that can pay. carbon taxes and renewable energy. the world is changing. freedom for one is freedom for all. trying to divide us by sex, color (red or green) or religion isnt going to work. I always said hillary was the brains when bill was president.
  5. im back here in the red power play room. to many of these guys dont like me for what ever reason. used to be politics so they banned that. now their just mad about who knows what. not going to post anymore here and dont need the bash board

  6. im sorry youll have to copy and paste that link, looking forward to hearing from you. and sorry about the toenail joke, was posted after reading that arrogant post you made earlier. i didnt mean it if you didnt.


    apoligy accepted mr tony. now come on over to the BB and tell us small timers how we can improve our operation. im willing to bet we would all benifit from your vast knowledge in farming.

    we welcome you with open arms!

  8. update your website farmertoenail!