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  1. RC Mathis lived near Elkhart, IA. The story I was told is he wrecked his truck with the D21 on the back in 1976 or so and was injured pretty severely. The tractor was hurt too but was fixed and pulled by Dean and Dwayne Proctor from Blakesburg, IA for many years. They still have it but is not in running order, sitting outside I think. It was bought new to pull with so has never been to the field. RC Mathis recovered and lived many more years, but the wreck ended his pulling career I believe.
  2. From the Dirt Boyz Underground Vault

    Looking at the original pics, I think that is the pump setup for the super 70 tractors. My guess is that it's what's left of a 7088 prototype (3 1/2 inch axles)