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  1. Rockpile, welcome to the forum, You may already know this..... Your serial number is known as a kind & code identification number, IH started using these in the early 70's. 442 is your machine kind, this identifies it as a TD8. 0016 is the Variation code, I have never found a list breaking down the various codes, but I suspect the variation code would be different between a C series & an E series. Next is the country of origin ( where the machine was built) U=USA, C=CANADA, A=AUSTRALIA & so on. The remaining numbers are the serial sequence number 083034. Something is not right with that #, it is too large. At first glance I would have said the 8 was actually a 0, but 3034 does not fit into the sequence for a TD8E as the serial #'s started at 5001. Is it possible your # is 008034??. My book goes to 1996 & the H series & none of the serial #'s are as high as yours.
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