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  1. I will have to get my wife to scan it for me, so I can send a copy to you if you still need it Jake
  2. there is or was at lest 1 T-35 here Jake
  3. keep looking at swapmeets , see them about some-times Jake
  4. G'day Rocko Good to see you are still about, any help you have ever given hear has always been backed by real hands on experience that you have with IH SeeYa Jake
  5. a bit slow did not say that there is a tractor attached to said TD-35 radiator guess I could always put it in the next scrap run SeeYa Jake.
  6. Gday welcome to the home of IHC and IH crawlers she a bit of a ruffy but it runs OK and your having fun think you will find plenty of TD-35's (even a T-35) now that you one, I think there are over 30 TD-40's in Australia that I know about so there is easy 3 times that of 35's, often I get told about another 40 that turns out to a 35. some engine parts cross over with TD-40's WD-40's and early TD-14's. A early TD-14 starter will fit your machine, just need to make the factory spacer (I have a drawing) its a DelcoRemy 710. the 35 in my mind was a lighter-cheaper ag tractor than the 40, some parts will fit, but you be best to find a 35 for spares. o and I think that the radiator that you are looking for is sitting in my shed SeeYa Jake.
  7. I will 2nd what IH kiwi said most of these are not seen in Australia, or not very often. thanks for putting the photos up for us all Jake.
  8. What's on your mind?

  9. funny, no one made a comment about the 210 HP CASE how many were made? and have any servived? I thorght that 150 HP was the biggest Jake.
  10. I had to look it up but I knew the Pontiac were manufactured under another name before joining GM. The were Oakland. Is Buick next? They still hang on to Saturn? GM Holden Australia, today said they were going to stop exporting the Pontiac badged Commodore to the USA. OBG photo of the McCormick-Deering 22 harvester threasher got me thinking that you blokes would know something about the McC-D harvester threashers models 8, 9, 10 and 11 of the late 20's and early 30's. I have found one that is mostly complet and has to be one of these models. Have a model 8 operators manual here and will go back to have a look at it again to try to ID it and take photos, do they have a tag like a tractor or engine? like to restore back to workin, are there many about in the US? Jake.
  11. dont have any photos but the did sell Maple Leaf truck here down under in Australia. There is a local one restored and I found one that could be restored down south when I got 8 Goodyear K rims for my 1934 B-3 IHC truck. Jake.
  12. On mine it says 22-36 on the tag Steel wheel tractors used here in the black soil here show little wear, but in the sandy loam or stoney farmland think they wore them away and had to weld them up or replace them every few years. Jake
  13. Loadstar Downunder in Australia some area's had a lot of 15-30's and more so 22-36's, yet other parts never seen one, even in the wheat area's. Like to find a set of extention rims like on your for my running 22-36. Going to keep it on steel with lugs so I can plow with it and put in the tractor pulls. Mine was on a saw mill when it last worked, has a real good rear end. Never seen a manafold setup like that here, think they came of a P-300 power unit, also a verable speed govenor. Jake.
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