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  1. farmallzach

    756 Muffler

    Thanks for the replies, I wear hearing protection anyway so it isn't a big deal, I'm just not going to put a straight pipe on it. I like to keep things original looking. I'm Surprised no one is making the true original IH looking mufflers for these tractors. I did look at putting a turbo on it but my pockets are not that deep.
  2. farmallzach

    756 Muffler

    Can I assume that the oval muffler will nock the noise down more than the round one? I do use this tractor quite a lot and it is very loud in that little cab even with the stack extension.
  3. farmallzach

    756 Muffler

    Is anyone out there making the correct muffler for a 756 International with the D310 Diesel? My Wheatland needs a new muffler and it has the original one on it yet and want to put the correct one on it.
  4. farmallzach

    Super MD Questions.

    Thanks, that's what I figured.
  5. farmallzach

    Super MD Questions.

    I did manage to get my flywheel cleaned up this week.
  6. farmallzach

    Letter Series at Work

    Here's my Super H at work, cultivating sweet corn and tedding straw. My Super M-TA pulling the roller harrow pounding down mole hills in the yard. My Super MD on wagon detail last fall loading screenings.
  7. farmallzach

    Super MD Questions.

    Its still felt, I was not aware of a conversion. Do they work well? I really don't want to make this a regular thing fixing the rear main seal.
  8. farmallzach

    Super MD Questions.

    The shop belongs to my boss, he lets me work on my own stuff in there. The building was actually a factory at one time, LaCrosse Footwear used to make hip and chest waders there. The building has a front part which is 100' Wide by 150' long, the back half is 120' Wide by 100' long, with a 2 place truck loading dock off one side. The building originally had no overhead doors in it, we put 2 in the front, one is 16' high by 20' Wide the other is a 12' by 12'. The only thing that sucks about the building is that there is no floor drains, so you can't wash anything in there. Our shop gets cluttered and things gets dusty, it's hard to keep it clean, but it works out quite well for us. I can fold out our 12 row planters in the stalls to work on them.
  9. farmallzach

    Super MD Questions.

    One more question, can someone tell me the year of the engine by the serial number? Here is what I believe is the engine serial number: FDBKM 9222
  10. farmallzach

    Super MD Questions.

    Well I did get the Super MD split last night, that rear main seal has been leaking for a long time by the way it looks.
  11. farmallzach

    Super MD Questions.

    I'm currently working on my '53 Super MD, I have a couple of questions. 1) I broke the big glass sediment bowl for the Diesel fuel, is this available yet? 2) This tractor is 12 volt, it has a generator on it, would that be Positive ground or negative ground? I'm thinking that it should still be positive ground, it has never charged since I have had it. 3) I'm putting a rear main seal and clutch in this thing. I plan on using this thing a lot this coming summer, it may ever have to pinch hit on my 336 Deere baler from time to time. Are there better clutches than others out there or do they all come from the same factory anymore? Also I have heard that rear main seals were a common problem on these, any advice on that one? 4) My starter doesn't not engage properly, and runs really slow, I see there are starter drive kits available for these. Has anyone had experience with those? Thanks.
  12. farmallzach

    756 steering

    I have a 756 Wheatland and it steers hard when it is cold out. It gets better when it warms up, it was that way before I changed the Hydraulic oil, and that way after I changed it. I run Hygaurd in everything I own with absolutely no problems, I have even ran it in 3 different Hydro' s, 2 656's and 1 544. Mine gets bad when the temp outside gets below 20 degrees or so.
  13. farmallzach

    Air Conditioning for ICB Cab

    Ok, I have a 756 Wheatland with an ICB cab, I want to put air conditioning on it. I think it was a factory option, does anyone have some pictures of what the unit looked like? I assume it went on the top of the cab where the fresh air fan is. Since I use this tractor for Haying I thought it would be nice for next summer. I would probably find a new aftermarket roof unit and put on there if I can do it without butchering the cab. I plan on pulling the cab off of the tractor this winter because I need to split the tractor and put in a new rear main seal, and since the cab will be off I want to redo the interior. Any suggestions or help would be appreciated.
  14. farmallzach

    Ih problems

    Looks like a 354
  15. farmallzach

    756 Clutch/TA

    My 756 clutch as always acted funny and now that I am actually going to started using this thing regularly on my MoCo I need to look into it. Here is what it does, if you have the TA in Direct and go to let the clutch out it acts like it is in TA mode, then when you let the clutch out the rest of the way, like the very last 1/2 inch or so it acts like it goes right into Direct Drive again. When you have the TA pulled the clutch is smooth and does not lurch ahead when you let the clutch out. The clutch and TA work fine and doesn't slip, the tractor has done this ever since I have owned this thing, about 15 years. I do not have a book on this tractor and hoping its just an adjustment, any advice or help would be appreciated.