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  1. I have a 1466 that is got locked in High range and is in park, I have no clue how it happed but it did. Has anyone else had this problem? How do I get it out. Thanks!
  2. I have a 1948 KB8 with a RED361 Engine, I am looking for a complete water pump, mine has disappeared, took it off to have it rebuilt and never got it back. Any help would be appreciated.
  3. Here she is out in the field, so far she's turned out to be a really good old tractor, should last me a long time. I have a few little corky things to fix yet, the fuel gauge is inaccurate for one and I have one SCV that will not go to float when its put in the float position.
  4. Oh yes, always something interesting going on here. We used to do a lot of pulling fab but have backed off on that, the shop belongs to the guys I work for, I am very fortunate to be able to work on my own stuff here.We always have a truck project floating around also.
  5. Thanks, the door panels came from Fehr Cab Interiors, the grab handles were the originals.
  6. Making progress on my 886, I'm not as far as I wanted to be but getting there. Putting in a cab interior takes a lot of time if you clean everything up. I still am having problems with the 4 way flashers, I put a new unit in, that didn't fix it, the turn signals still worked. I put the old unit back in and the 4 way flashers and turn signals worked fine....then an hour later the 4 ways would not work again, but since I'm in there I have some dash lights not working so I have to fix them too.
  7. Yes I am working on cleaning up the original paint, I use Meguiar's Products, the 1st pass with a buffer I used the Medium Cut Cleaner with an aggressive buffing wheel, then switched to the Fine Cut Cleaner with a smooth foam pad. After that I use a coat of Race Glaze polish/wax. I was tempted to use the Heavy Cut Cleaner but did not know how much paint was actually left on the tractor.
  8. So I am putting new cab kit in my new to me 886 and cleaning her up a bit before I put her to work. I would like to remove the Seat so I can clean the inside up good, it is the hydraulic version. What does that all entail? Also my turn signals work but the 4way flashers do not, where would I start looking to remedy that problem? All the lights work as they should. Thanks.
  9. Well here is what I ended up with, 6500 hours, I'm the 3rd owner. Seems tight, no blow by, starts good, shifts good. Had new A/C put on it a year ago and new injectors last week. Original paint, the cab interior needs some TLC, overall I'm pretty happy.
  10. I've have been shopping around for a Tractor to run my round Baler, It's a John Deere 450M, I was running it last year with a 4230 John Deere, and I really liked the 4230, I thought I was going to get out of haying so I traded it off on a compact tractor last fall. Well since that time I've changed my mind and going to give it another try this summer. I have about 65 acres I cover. I have been looking at a couple of 886's, they seem to be plentiful around my part of the world and in my price range. I was around both an 886 and a 986 about 20 years ago on my grandparent's farm so I am familiar with them and that's kinda why I want one now. Now the 4230 I had only dynoed at 80HP but was supposed to be 100HP, but needed the pump rebuilt but still handled the Baler great, and I pushed it pretty hard last summmer due to the wet weather. My question is what should I be looking for when looking at an 86 series Tractor ? I know the 886 was offered with both the D360 and D358, and I'm not opposed to either one. I also may pull a 9 foot Deere MoCo with it from time to time, my other big Tractor is a John Deere 5100E, and I like mowing hay with that. I could bale with the 5100 but My help uses that to move bales since it has a loader on it. Just looking for some opinions, thanks....
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