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  1. I finally got the compressor off. Having trouble reaching the bolt to help put wrench on bolt head, this being on a cabover the shift tower was in the way, unbolted tower and moved it. Took an hour to get the bolt out, am going to give 2 to 3 hrs to put it back in. Good thing I'm not in any hurry.
  2. I already had the 9/16 X 5/8 wrench. yes it took a while to get that one bolt out.had to feel for the bolt head with one finger and use left hand to work wrench. real slow process. is going to take a while to put back on.. then the injector pump bolts to back of compressor and it has a hard to get to bolt also. good thing I am not in a hurry for truck.
  3. I am replacing the compressor on the 250 Cummins in my 1964 Emeryville. Problem was like yours, building up pressure slowly then not making pressure.Compressor is a Bendix-Westinghouse Tu-Flo 500. $330 plus core at Napa. problem with my truck is it sits so much.
  4. I would love to have that to haul my Emeryville cabover on.
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