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  1. rick22

    IH 150 Drott won't move after 1/2 hour

    I would start by checking pressures. There was a post a couple months back describing where and how to check. Are you sure the temp gauge is working? Also check all your filters again as well as the suction line. Sounds like you have some oil contamination, time for a replacement. Good luck. Rick
  2. rick22

    IH 125e Crawler

    are you loosing clutch pressure while in 1st and 3rd? If it is staying up, i'd start with the selector. Rick
  3. rick22

    TD6 Crawler Adventure

    Looking good! You’re disks should be fine. Once you have the machine running, just don’t let it sit for long periods.
  4. rick22

    Maxxum pto

    I have the same issue. See my earlier post. CIHTech and GearClash explain it pretty good. I’m going to wait until the fall to tear mine apart. Good luck, please keep me posted. Rick
  5. rick22

    5240 PTO Issue

    Cihtech/Gearclash...thank you very much for the information. For now, we’re just going to use it on the rake, where the pto is not needed. We will take it apart later. I will keep you posted. Rick
  6. rick22

    5240 PTO Issue

    CaseIH 5240 started having PTO issues. It is stopping intermittently, but getting worse. My guess is the shift pins for 540/1000 PTO are worn. Any other ideas? History: -Oil leaking from internal of PTO housing...has been slow drip for some time. -Running baler @ 540 pto, stops intermittently.] -When you re-engage it, sometimes it will start again, sometimes it won't start. When it won't start, makes a noise as if gears are not quite meshed. -Dash shows PTO is in 1000, when in 540 position. More than likely going to have to pull it apart? thanks Rick R
  7. Clean the transmission strainer.
  8. rick22


    A nice looking 5088 for sale on a fbook group I’m on. I don’t know the asking price. Thought some of you might be interested. Rick
  9. rick22

    carb cleaner

    Mercury power tune is a pretty good product. Rick
  10. rick22

    acytelene price increase?

    Yes I have used the petrogen torch. Works very good, almost better than gas. Use it in the rescue industry as acetylene can’t be flown on a plane. Some good YouTube videos. Only down side is it is exspensive to purchase. For cutting, I now prefer a plasma cutter. Rick
  11. rick22

    Dresser 175C transmission help please

    any luck getting it going? Rick
  12. rick22

    Td9 steering clutch adjustment.

    Did the dozer start acting up suddenly or get worse over time?. Sounds like your disc's are stuck together. Try putting blade against something solid, like a big tree stump, pull left lever and bump the stump hard. If this doesn't free them, you'll probably have to go inside. Should be some adjustment in the linkage for free play, but not likely the issue. Good Luck Rick
  13. rick22

    Dresser 175C transmission help please

    Yes, the skid plate. I’m not sure about the C series. The E has an access opening in the skid.
  14. rick22

    Dresser 175C transmission help please

    There should be a screen on the bottom front of the transmission behind a round cover with two bolts holding it on, if it is the same as the E series. Access it through the square cover in the stump pan. Might be easier to pull the pan right off. Is the machine making clutch pressure. Hope this helps.
  15. rick22


    Have to love working up in northern remote communities. I found this jem and brought it home to give it a new life. Chains, rollers and sprockets have been replaced. They used the old pads and bolts. 90% of the pads are loose. I’m going to replace all the bolts. For what I will use it for, they’ll outlast me. Has just over 4000 hours. Picked it up for $2000. Rick