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  1. TD15

    No, it does not run. Engine puked all it’s oil.
  2. TD15

    Owner finally got back to me with an asking price. He wants 6g for it. That is quite a bit more than I am willing to pay. As ExSW said above, it really is just a nice pile of scrap steel. Maybe i will check back with him in a year or two. Rick
  3. TD15

    I had a chance to get out to look at the machine. Overall it looks decent. Rails look like they’re about 71/4 centre. The owner said it last ran about 7 years ago. Any idea of the year and where the serial number is. Engine appears to be the 407. He said he would let me know on an asking price. Rick
  4. TD15

    I’m hoping to get out there soon to have a look at it. I don’t really need it, but I have a soft spot for international equipment. I was thinking scrap price would be a good starting point. Rick
  5. TD15

    Hey gentlemen and ladies. I haven’t been around for a while since I sold my TD20. I have the opportunity to pick up this 15. I haven’t had the chance to look it over myself. Owner says the chains and sprockets are shot. Pads are newer. Engine is leaking oil from the front. Transmission is rebuilt. Hasn’t ran in a few years. Says it is a B series. Do you guys think it is worth giving it a second chance and what kind of money do you think it is worth? Thanks Rick
  6. 1066 registry

    i guess you can add my dad's to the list: 1976?? Blackstripe serial # 2610178.....it also had these numbers on the nameplate u056628 Owner: Robert Rivera, Lac du Bonnet, Manitoba, Canada It is used for pulling a tadem disk and for baling. Also used to pull out the 5240 MFD when he gets a little to close to the slew during haying season. These tractors sure can pull and with the duels he doesn't slip to much. Thanks Rick