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  1. Does that have hydro boost brakes they tend to make the power steering pump work a bit more than normal
  2. I can buy them here for .80 a pound rail weight and processing runs about the same cost as the pig
  3. Nephews parents just bought him a 99 short bed regular cab 4x4 Chevy with about a 6 inch lift he doesn’t turn 16 till December but according to him the truck isn’t good enough already they need to sell it and buy him an extended cab so he can haul all his friends he thinks he’s going to be a baseball star
  4. I’m in southeast Missouri I’ll keep my eyes out
  5. Had an elderly man died in a trailer park next to my shop in Las Vegas no ac in the trailer I called the cops when I first smelled it they couldn’t find anything they finally found him about 2 weeks later middle of summer also I can only imagine what it smelled like in the trailer I closed the shop for a week
  6. What about the 18000 lb winch from harbor freight I know they get pretty decent reviews on the off road forums we’ve beat on a 9000 lb winch pretty hard and not had any issues so far
  7. 4x4ford


    I prefer 100 proof southern comfort straight or mixed either way
  8. I gladly pay the dealer to service our two newer ones major repairs out of warranty I still do but I can’t buy oil and filters usually for what they charge to do the whole thing
  9. 4x4ford

    1999 Ford f350

    Last one I had like that I just swapped the entire fuse box not hard to do if you have a spare or can borrow one they have issues with the fuse box going bad
  10. Brother in law has an older miller bobcat 250 I think that’s on propane uses forklift style tanks can sit for a year and as long as the battery is up will start no dealing with bad gas he bought it used from a high rise construction company
  11. Every where here is sold out also we lucked out and a friend of hers gave us one she had bent the door on we just ordered a half a hog and a quarter beef
  12. I have a 19 Durango we’ve put 22000 miles on it in the last year no issues so far the better half averages about 18 around town it gets around 22-23 on the highway with the cruise set at 80 I’ve pulled my 01 regal on a heavy 18 ft trailer behind it at 70 with no issues it’s the 3.6 with 8 speed
  13. Acem I grew up around Ozark still have quite a bit of family there I know all too well how crazy they get I live in south eastern Missouri now and they still go nuts up here have several truck drivers I work with that if they even start talking about snow they call out
  14. Had that on several small block gm manifolds used a bolt with a nut and usually a socket or piece of pipe to make a spreader to push them back out
  15. I know in one episode they mention some of ottos past about being a retired machinist and having sold his machine shop
  16. That truck is actually dot legal he runs it all over the USA yes it is a dot magnet but that I know of I’ve never heard of him not passing an inspection no it’s not my cup of tea either he’s on several face book groups
  17. We have Columbia day cab gliders at work they are pretty light not sure exactly on the weight though
  18. I’ve had three escapes an 03,06, and a 15 all were good just watch on the newer one with the turbocharged 1.6 they require a timing belt change at 150000 and I think the tools for it are about 200 just got a 19 Durango and we love it
  19. Yeah my fiancé wanted a Tahoe and I finally talked her into looking at a Durango and she loves it we got the gt plus awd 80 mph it just floats
  20. Don’t know if you ever went and drove the v6 but just bought one last week and fairly impressed with it. It definitely makes the Durango move out. The auto start stop takes some getting used to I tend to turn it off if I’m much traffic
  21. I use rand McNally gps it does pretty good most of the time but you do have to watch it I’ll cross reference it with sattelite view on google maps if the directions seem a little sketchy also have my truck atlas handy at all times sometimes you need to make a quick detour
  22. My sister has a 14 half ton dodge with the 5.7 they average 24 mpg going back and forth from Oklahoma to Indiana a couple times a year and use it for a farm truck it pulls horses or hay almost daily currently has 150000 or more on it only replaced a battery and one wheel bearing
  23. Check the radio I’ve had several of that body style that the factory radio would drain the battery
  24. What about their 1300 dollar coffee mugs they’ve been throwing away for a broken plastic handle
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