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  1. Cool old Kenny

    Rode in several growing up that if we got three mpg the boss was happy we usually averaged around 100 mph if we had a clear road and the highway patrol wasn’t out
  2. Older hybrid reliability?

    Girlfriend has a 15 escape with the eco boost and awd it averages about 24 but rarely sees the bottom side of 80 mph
  3. How....

    Did that one day in a 74 international half ton 4wd to the center shaft going to the transfer case
  4. Best area to buy a used truck?

    If you can find some one that has a dealers license to hit the auctions in this area you can get some pretty nice rust free cars fairly cheap I’m just over the Arkansas line in Oklahoma
  5. Power by Detroit

    Ran a couple in some old tour buses when I worked for opryland in Nashville as a mechanic. Our shop foreman was a retired navy mechanic they may have had a few marine parts but would blow our 500hp 60 series right out of the water Allison trans had to be rebuilt to hold up
  6. KoO

    He has been pretty active on shop floor talk heard something about his website being tied up in some legal mess over his plane salvage and he is fairly active on faceplace
  7. There's a billboard on i40 around alma that is advertising dry ice blasting
  8. KOO has been very quiet of late

    He has been posting some on shop floor talk in the last few days
  9. boy is it slow around here with dairy

    Any truck older than 2000 doesn't have to have elogs I run them now as we drive company in a 68 mph truck I can average close to 700 miles a day if no big traffic hangups. I run tram with my girlfriend always wondered how that would work hauling cattle
  10. Diesel transfer tank opinions

    50 gallon reefer tank off of a junked trailer just loosen the straps and turn the mount around
  11. Me and the girlfriend are 7 years apart I'm older 32 to 25 been running team on the truck for 2.5 years now that will test a relationship quick
  12. A Thanks to My Neighbour.

    Me and my fiance drive truck one of our neighbors has mowed our lawn last two weeks but don't know who nobody has owned up to it
  13. Trucks......Likes, dislikes, pros, cons

    You can get the 6.5 box on the 1500 crew I have a 14 sitting at home with the bigger box
  14. 8.3 cummins

    T300 kenworths used the 8.3 lots of medium duty trucks used them
  15. Trucks......Likes, dislikes, pros, cons

    We have a 2013 mustang gt california special that's not legal to be registered in california from the factory