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  1. Gm quadrasteer I believe it was called looked at a suburban 2 yrs ago with it if I remember right used a Dana 60 axle in the rear
  2. Just saw this posted today if you can use the motor
  3. Just yesterday driving down 412 between dyersburg and Jackson in Tennessee just about dark big John Deere tractor pulling an implement no lights on implement and 6 work lights all facing rear you can’t see anything because your completely blinded
  4. Replaced the anode in my sister in laws when she bought her house due to the smell water heater was only about 5 years old with a water softener anode was completely gone had to use an impact to remove it
  5. I think he’s referring more to the 2000s when they went to a unit bearing on two and four wheel drive
  6. 4x4ford

    Bought it

    I drive a 14 Coronado day cab glider with a 12.7 that only gets 5.5 and won’t pull worth a crap company thinks they get better fuel economy with an economy tune in them we have some that were setup by Fitzgerald that pull like a freight train and get 7.5 but no one believes it’s the tuning all the same trans and rears
  7. Does that have hydro boost brakes they tend to make the power steering pump work a bit more than normal
  8. I can buy them here for .80 a pound rail weight and processing runs about the same cost as the pig
  9. Nephews parents just bought him a 99 short bed regular cab 4x4 Chevy with about a 6 inch lift he doesn’t turn 16 till December but according to him the truck isn’t good enough already they need to sell it and buy him an extended cab so he can haul all his friends he thinks he’s going to be a baseball star
  10. I’m in southeast Missouri I’ll keep my eyes out
  11. Had an elderly man died in a trailer park next to my shop in Las Vegas no ac in the trailer I called the cops when I first smelled it they couldn’t find anything they finally found him about 2 weeks later middle of summer also I can only imagine what it smelled like in the trailer I closed the shop for a week
  12. What about the 18000 lb winch from harbor freight I know they get pretty decent reviews on the off road forums we’ve beat on a 9000 lb winch pretty hard and not had any issues so far
  13. I prefer 100 proof southern comfort straight or mixed either way
  14. I gladly pay the dealer to service our two newer ones major repairs out of warranty I still do but I can’t buy oil and filters usually for what they charge to do the whole thing
  15. Last one I had like that I just swapped the entire fuse box not hard to do if you have a spare or can borrow one they have issues with the fuse box going bad
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