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  1. Meet Mr. Clyde

    Buddy had a hound that had a hind leg amputated and they left a little stump it basically ruined the dog he didn’t put weight on it but it would swing awkwardly every time he took a step so going all the way off is better
  2. auger wagon

    We have a grainovator we still use. The gearbox went out and I was surprised to learn I could not only get what ever parts I needed but that they still make the wagons just like they always did same thing
  3. This is heartening

    They don’t even use armed guards in banks much anymore they just hand over the money
  4. 1963 IH calendar

    It’s not in great condition but it’s a keep sake to me it was my dads. It was his records book for some things so has some scribble in it. Thought you all might like to see
  5. Pasture Disk Needed

    I hate doing anything to sod unless I have to always makes it rough
  6. Farmal 706 hyd questions

    Yep or easy to put another factory valve in there no need for power beyond plate
  7. Farmal 706 hyd questions

    You only have 1 now? Or have 2 and need a 3rd?
  8. Knife control

    I agree 100%. This is also why we now have breakfast served at public schools. And after school daycare
  9. 1963 IH calendar

    This is the front cover. When I look through it I am always amazed how much things have changed in just a few years, really. 560 was the big modern horse. This calendar apparently was printed before the 706 was released then in a couple years they had the 1206 basically doubling tractor size. There is a little picture of a 504 on I think September, when did those come out?
  10. 1963 IH calendar

  11. 1963 IH calendar

  12. 1963 IH calendar

  13. 1963 IH calendar

  14. 1963 IH calendar

  15. 1963 IH calendar

    Ok I didn’t know if anyone would be interested
  16. 1963 IH calendar

    This is my favorite month picture unloading the super m from getting serviced at the dealer
  17. 1963 IH calendar

  18. Help finding dad's unique black stripe 1466

    I’d bet those duals got sold off to someone who wanted 38” rubber on a 986 Then bought some el cheapo stamped duals n hubs to put on it like almost every one else had
  19. Living privacy fence

    Dang cedar around here are weeds they spread everywhere. If they would just stay where they would do some good in the ditches and wind breaks they be great but they get out in a good pastureland and CRP
  20. Has anyone been able to do any field work

    Dry here but too cold to plant really. Some are I’m sure but most are waiting. Lots of nh3 going on tho. I’m between Knoxville and Oskaloosa Iowa. Where you at?
  21. 110 IH Silage Box

    An IH 110 and 2 equal kastens not sure what model they are
  22. Cab 1300

    Cabs are all the same, correct? Just different mounts?
  23. 110 IH Silage Box

    Oh man 20 years ago I would have taken that real quick. I’ve got 3 in the shed now I don’t use. I still chop but the custom guy brings his own stuff
  24. 7 more herds next week!

    Might be an opportunity for someone what goes down goes up
  25. A winning combo

    Oh man Zach grant paint them yella wheels 😝