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  1. Thanks for all the replies so far. No we don’t have a specific type or area. He likes history and likes machines of all kinds really, so anything that’s not political or whines about how the railroad “ruined the environment” would be good. Thanks again
  2. Hey all you train history buffs out there do you have any recommendations for train history books? Looking for a gift for my son-in-law. Thanks
  3. I had a 1020 with a crary air reel and loved it it was so nice to see how high I could get away with running the reel and not beat on the beans. Like you caseih2388 I went to a Mac don version on my 7010. love the way it cuts and feeds the beans but the reel is much to be desired. It wraps and throws beans terribly especially this year with the tall green stems we had. Kinda wondering if an air bar or reel would help with that so we could raise it up out of the tangled mess a little
  4. It all comes down to how bad you want to save it. By today’s standards they are not very handy they don’t work well with modern skid loaders usually. If you can afford it then do it right if you want to save it poured walls are probably the best. There’s been a lot of barns that have fell into disrepair in our area we just tore down one ourselves on a piece of land we bought the roof was completely gone the mow was completely full of rotten bales that had been up there for 30 years or more.
  5. I’ve got a 1066 Hydro With a loader I made foot pedals for the loader controls a lot handier than trying to have three hands running everything.
  6. Shoot, weld it up. Add a gusset or a plate on the bottom and it will last for years
  7. After taking over from brandstad she took a while but is really hitting her stride. She is a classy lady with guts
  8. Mine is cat 3 just like my gear 1066
  9. I had a Thomure chrome pipe on my 1066 I loved how it sounds but I was going deaf put the muffler back on. It stayed nice looking the whole time I had it on, couple three years probably
  10. We changed from a c to an s corp will that help?
  11. If there ain’t another day we don’t need it anyway (dad said this when he was tired and wanted to quit for the day)
  12. My 706 did that once but the steering kept working. Turns out there was a blown Teflon seal on the 3 point valve under the seat
  13. Neighbor had a td20 with that motor he had trouble with the water pump going out several times not sure why then if I remember right it’s mounted way low and he lost all the antifreeze boom
  14. I bet the guys who did that were laughing “poor suckers who have to work on this”
  15. Yes God is always in control. But I’m still not going around licking doorknobs
  16. I still say we are all going to be exposed to this virus eventually whether we get it and get sick or not it’s mostly out of our control
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