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  1. If I did get these I’d want them like a Ritchey tag so you could still engrave numbers in them. Great idea actually
  2. When I was growing up, We had a 706 with a 282 clatter banger in it. I have no desire to have another
  3. dumbfarmer

    Had to share

    Bingo lots of people have kids not as many PARENTS
  4. I sold my whole head with air reel for 5k. 3k seems a little steep for just the auger
  5. dumbfarmer

    CIH 7110

    A nh versital sounds like a good fit for you
  6. We had one we had to take to a machine shop and get honed it was scratched up inside been good now for 20 years
  7. Jump the solenoid with a heavy wire with clips
  8. Brazing I thought was going well. But every time I check with a little air in the tank and soapy water I had bubbles and more bubbles. I don’t know what kind of steel this thing is made of but it keeps cracking. Starting to tick me off i slathered the whole area with more jb weld
  9. Well update on the tank checked where it was leaking with soapy water and an air hose in the tank. Found bubbles coming from behind the bracket welded on. Great. Cut the bracket off so I can fix behind it. Hopefully it will go better this time
  10. dumbfarmer

    CIH 7110

    It would be a good tractor for you
  11. I think I will try to braze again the last time it wouldn’t stick and it kind sizzled like galvanize metal does I’ve brazed lots of stuff and galvanized too but only after the galvanized was burnt off.
  12. dumbfarmer

    New Shoes

    “Those look like comfortable shoes” - Forest Gump
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