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  1. I have one right now it doesn’t look like that tho!
  2. I thought I heard a miss. Idk. Valves?
  3. I had one in my 1660 it was there when I brought it so I have nothing to compare. It worked fine I had a good sample most of the time
  4. Those are good pics I’ve seen so much of that stuff too that is cool but you can’t get your phone out in time to get a picture. How do you like your Hesston/Massey baler?
  5. You can come get some of ours nearly 4” last day and a half
  6. So was it out of fuel? My 7140, early one, is kind of a bugger to restart after running out of fuel or a filter change. I have to bleed the little 10mm bolt above the filters and the return line by the injection pump takes a 18 or 19mm
  7. dumbfarmer

    1066 Hydro

    I have one I really like it for loader since I put foot controls in to run the loader otherwise I needed 3 hands!
  8. I’d stack washers evenly on all four bolts to get it correct and use it. We had a ih wide front on our smta from a 706 and we had to have bushings for it to work. It won’t weaken it
  9. Yeah call the place where you had them put on say come back and fix your screw up!
  10. dumbfarmer


    Wow you can really see how far forward they put the seat in this series with this picture. Our 66 series with the same cabs the seats are nearly to the back window
  11. Buy a large round one and grab a pitch fork
  12. That thing looks handier than a pocket on a shirt
  13. They were built too good once a lifetime appliance!
  14. This should be answered by the master guru pete23
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