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  1. Tires and Rims

    Wedge is stronger but we have both and get along fine either way. Once in a while might break a clamp bolt but they are easy to replace
  2. Somebody come buy this

    Price not bad but it’s no steal
  3. Will it pull it?

    I looked in my mx200 manual it has the weights for the mx 180 200 220 240 270 also looked in the 7140 manual 7140mfd ~ 17k mx180 ~ 18k mx200 ~ 19k mx240 ~ 20k so my mx200 weight is within about a grand of a mx240 which I think the book calls for minimum size to run a 1200 16/31 i can turn the hp easy enough Ok tell me I’m nuts
  4. Will I be committing sacrilege?

    Cut them I’ve done that just beware the weight might pinch your saw blade on the first cut cut almost through then flip it and do the other side
  5. I might need a new battery

    Cat licks the battery 🤢 ☠️
  6. Tires and Rims

    I have 9.5-15 on the front of the 966 with 18.4-34 bias and it sits level the 706 with 18.4-34 continental radials has 10-16 fronts it sits slightly nose up but not much. I put them on mainly for the 8 bolt rims I wanted the extra strength since a loader is hanging on it most of the time.
  7. Will it pull it?

    It will have the pto pump so hyd not the issue it will be a pivot transport 1200. Rollie, is your 1240 pivot or front fold? i don’t know for sure but I want to say the front folds will push you around more than the pivots? No?
  8. Will it pull it?

    I’ve pulled a straight 16 row 1200 pt worked great how about a 16/31 splitter? with a mx200
  9. Will it pull it?

    I’ve pulled a straight 16 row 1200 pt worked great how about a 16/31 splitter? with a mx200
  10. Tires and Rims

    Don’t put 16.9’s on stay with 18.4 i had 16.9’s on a 706 hated them for haying the power thing? You have other gears...
  11. Squirrels in combine

    Mothballs work in the machine and throw some on the ground underneath but use something else for the cab the smell stays too long
  12. Tires and Rims

    18.4-38 on both the 7 and 8. 20.8 on the 15 My vote
  13. Left hand PTO lever 56/66 cab tractor.

    They are easy to make out of 1/2” rod or something similar. We used an old 5 speed truck shifter for a 966.
  14. 5250 no heat in cab

    Thermostat in backwards?
  15. 1066 steering whine

    Ya, 10wt??