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  1. dumbfarmer

    Farmall 560 Diesel Engine Noise

    I almost laughed when I read the title to this topic. 560 diesel noise??. Nah!
  2. I always wondered why it took them so long to get the water filter thing figured out. Dad bought the 1066 in like 1980 or so (I still have it) didn’t last long until holes in the sleeves. Water filter went on good ever since
  3. dumbfarmer

    100 year old farmer

    Sharp ol turd yet
  4. dumbfarmer

    Milky fluid

    Get it warm then drain it. Pull the main pump housing very easy and you can reach right in and clean out the crud. Gives you a chance to inspect things replace orings and seal on suction tube of pump. Fill it once with the good stuff
  5. dumbfarmer

    Mx200 front wheel seal

    On a mfd how hard are they to do? Any special tools required? I found a video of a guy doing one on a 7140 are they basically same?
  6. dumbfarmer

    IH 435/445 Balers

    I have a 46 IH I’d love to get tying properly. Other than that it works great will make nice shaped bales eats decent sized windrows. I’ve messed with it had other people adjust same thing. Borrowed neighbor New Holland mid 70’s vintage it never missed a bale but it was slow and the bales were not as nice
  7. dumbfarmer

    Bought me a Hybred car, what do ya think?

    Yes the bread is high
  8. dumbfarmer

    Nice pair of 1456s

    They are very nice. And looks like they get used some we never had a 56 series but sometimes wish I did have a 14 or a 12. They sound so nice
  9. dumbfarmer

    I.H, Water Jug ?

    I have one but it not for sale 😁
  10. dumbfarmer

    6588 hood

    Looks good we had a 3588 that had latches on the outside
  11. dumbfarmer

    MX 135 help

    My mx200 this spring planting stopped moving and no pto ran fine just no go. Turns out it was the alternator. It was charging fine but something inside it quit telling the rest of the tractor the engine was running 🙄 so after a nice cheap alternator and service call from my friendly titan dealership I was back in business
  12. dumbfarmer

    Taking my hog to market tonight.

    Reminds of that rock song from back in the 80’s not sure the title but the lyrics went something like “he’s got big balls, she’s got big balls, but we’v got the biggest, BALLS of them all!”
  13. dumbfarmer

    Combine engines - update

    Here it is. Nothing special really just a plain Jane 966 but it runs great now. The oil on the block on the right side is from when we had it running with the valve cover off. Needs a bath for sure but I’ve never cared about pretty on my own stuff.
  14. dumbfarmer

    Kellogg's Lawsuit

  15. dumbfarmer

    Combine engines - update

    Well got the combine motor all installed rebuilt pump 10% over rebuilt injectors new front and rear main runs great so far