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  1. Don’t do the blinking light I think it’s easier to adjust clutch
  2. I pray to God to give the scientists and doctors knowledge so they can figure it out soon. In my feeble human mind it’s not fair
  3. What I don’t understand is why some people get so sick or die but others are not as affected. I know everyone is different but it seems to not make much sense.
  4. Very cool rig great pictures thanks
  5. How long has it been since drained last? I usually pull the lift pump out then clean the crud out of the bottom.
  6. If you want to run a loader the 966 986 will have a better wide front. Nothing wrong with a 966. When they are right they start better than anything
  7. dumbfarmer

    806 with gps

    Why would you put it so far forward on the hood?
  8. Milk? Doubt it. Silicone yes.
  9. dumbfarmer

    Tires shot??

    Duals maybe. Put it on the inside so you can’t see it 😁
  10. dumbfarmer

    Rip clyde

    Dad said “a guy is lucky if he has 1 or maybe 2 GOOD dogs in his life”
  11. You don’t have to buy the power beyond plate. I just stuck the new valve between and made a lever on the outside to turn it on.
  12. Kept burning them out on my mx200. They would get HOT. Put two in and split up the load helped a lot
  13. Fouled plugs probably buy the best ones you can
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