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  1. It’s because you made her drive that green thing yuck
  2. Yep used to be IH dealers everywhere I live right in the middle of Knoxville, Albia, Pella, Oskaloosa. Now only Titan in Pella. They are good there, a lot of knowledge about the old and new stuff.
  3. Cabelas socks are good too
  4. I hope you don’t need the reel sitting behind it
  5. I don’t know. All I know is it was a pretty steep little hill and it went backwards fast and the auger was in the cab with him.
  6. We used to have hogs until 98. I don’t miss them. They are like anything else you need to get rid of the bad ones right away or they will just be trouble. Cows especially we have a herd of around 90 head. They get one chance and they are on wheels
  7. Jd 500 grain cart auger went through my mx200 door once. My neighbor was driving helping me and killed it rolled backwards with a cart full of corn until it jackknifed. It shattered his confidence
  8. We have 4’s and a 6. They are all way better than the old 18 volts. 6 is kinda heavy but lasts
  9. ya you have to split each gear all the way up and down. It’s kinda like having a ta on a hill just let off the throttle a bit click it down and hammer down again.
  10. I’ve never seen it in any of our 66 series tractors. My guess is someone left you a present in the tank years ago
  11. How do you like the super 10 I had never heard of such a thing until I bought a truck with it I’m starting to get used to it and don’t mind it too bad now. I need a lower gear ratio in the rearend for starting in soft fields
  12. Found a few of these in some stuff a buddy gave me. Check the date out. They still stick great after 45 years
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