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  1. If there ain’t another day we don’t need it anyway (dad said this when he was tired and wanted to quit for the day)
  2. My 706 did that once but the steering kept working. Turns out there was a blown Teflon seal on the 3 point valve under the seat
  3. Neighbor had a td20 with that motor he had trouble with the water pump going out several times not sure why then if I remember right it’s mounted way low and he lost all the antifreeze boom
  4. I bet the guys who did that were laughing “poor suckers who have to work on this”
  5. Yes God is always in control. But I’m still not going around licking doorknobs
  6. I still say we are all going to be exposed to this virus eventually whether we get it and get sick or not it’s mostly out of our control
  7. I think that depends. Maybe not but I do it sometimes when I can see no one coming and they guy behind me has 5 cars behind him piling up. He may see you and slow down but the others might not be paying attention
  8. It’s because you made her drive that green thing yuck
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