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  1. ya no kidding get the wd40 out and wash it out then the air hose needs dust plugs or covers!
  2. USDA says will yield just fine
  3. Not exactly reliable, but still good memories of riding the rack behind the IH 46. We never did do a lot of square bales but back when we had hogs in open front sheds, we went through quite a bit of straw. I can still hear the rhythm of plunger being pulled by the SMTA. Whenever I hear the song “set ‘em up joe” , by Vern gosden, it’s the same thing.
  4. Have some of each we take the doors off in the summer helps a lot
  5. Wow this sounds terrible ive got a mx200 does it have the same setup I would think it would shear something off in the park and ruin it
  6. Thanks you just killed the corn bull market 😆
  7. New pins? Or oversized
  8. dumbfarmer


    Nice mosheen anyway ive got a 7010 it’s a beast compared to the 1660 it replaced and the 1660 was a beast when I first got it
  9. Same way with coal mines here up to the 80’s. Big strip mine next to the folks home place they came to dad wanted to lease 20 acres of his 80 said he would get at least 5,000 an acre worth of coal royalties then get the land back all reclaimed. That was big money when land was selling for 5-700 an acre. Dad in his wisdom says ok, I’ll sell you that 20 for 5,000 an acre you keep all the royalties sell it back to me when you’re done reclaimed 200 an acre. They laughed and walked away. Crooks
  10. People like them owl cages
  11. I saw once in farmshow magazine where a guy took an old combine like a 915 turned it into a wide space tractor to pull his windrower
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