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  1. My jd cart the pto shaft is short you must leave the drawbar on standard length
  2. Solid drawbar or 2 piece? I tried our 1066 with the 2 piece on a John Deere 500 bu cart and chickened out flexed too much for me. I put it on the 1466 with the 1 piece for a couple years until we got the 7140
  3. I got one with the combine oil pan once had to change the pick up tube. Be absolutely certain you get that correct where it bolts up or it sucks a little air. Btdt. Ruined a turbo in that learning experience
  4. My 1660 never had a problem with the tranny staying in gear. Or was this just the 1400 series?
  5. I have a 3408. The mechanical part of the head is good. The snouts are very flimsy. If you have any down corn or adverse conditions you will tear one or more off
  6. I would say a few bad agents or adjusters can ruin the whole company it’s all about the people. They are there to better themselves and get promoted or a big bonus for showing “profit “ This also makes me concerned about progressive company that’s what I use for my farm trucks they were the only company that would ensure our old 1971 straight truck I don’t have that truck anymore but they were way cheaper than anyone else.
  7. We rebuilt our 1066 one time too it wasn’t that bad. We had to get bushings for it I think it was all we really needed it helped quite a bit. Unless dad built up the shaft with brazing rod I’m not sure he was always good at doing stuff like that
  8. We are going on beans here finally. The later planted ones just would not die. Then we got a couple good freezes and that helped a bunch to kill them finally but then the weather has not been cooperative until just now I suspect a lot of beans will be cut this week they are finally getting down to the 13% mark. There’s a lot of corn yet to go in the neighborhood but a lot has been done too so maybe 50% I don’t know
  9. dumbfarmer


    Any dead deer is a good deer (e)
  10. I made a return on my 706 welded a 1” pipe fitting to the plate you take off to adjust the unloader valve. It’s right below the seat by the deck on the right side. Downside is it sticks out some so your feet hit it sometimes
  11. Yeah that is a very poor design probably the worst place for the switch
  12. He said he wanted to save the shaft and bearing
  13. I had it on my 1660. It never really worked right. Always an issue of wiring or a sensor I gave up and ran it manually. I agree with the statement find a newer combine you will like it more than you think now.
  14. We had a 3588 for a while it would pull a house down
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