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  1. Do the row units interchange with the 1200 planters?
  2. This isn’t a restoration its a masterpiece wow
  3. Made some progress I think. Drilled it out and got a bushing from the local welding shop. It’s a little tight but that’s good. I’ll weld it in tomorrow and put the new ball in. And no it’s not a fwa just some bigger front tires to roll through the poop feedin cows
  4. Prayers sent we will all be there, someday
  5. New ball is loose. We’ve welded it up before and it’s loose again
  6. Need to ream and put a bushing in the casting for the pivot ball. What is the best way to do this? Is there a certain bushing you recommend ?
  7. Just another case of something great ruined by a few
  8. dumbfarmer

    Who did it?

    A Democrat walked into a bar?
  9. Replied to my own post to show the same tractor a few years earlier before dad put the cab on it. it was before my time
  10. Just went through this with my 1066 hydro. O rings were leaking (48 years old probably never been apart). Everything was froze up. the guy that was working on it had to cut the pins beside the arms then drive the pieces out. He also had to cut the left side crank arm and split it off the splined torsion tube. 77$ for a good used one so not so bad. New pins were reasonable as well but the dang bushings were kinda pricey. It doesn’t leak now so I’m happy 😊
  11. This is why I love this red power website pictures like this showing things that most of us never knew existed
  12. Some look very painful and hard to watch but some are idiots and deserve it
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