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  1. Mine is a ‘49 also…a honest to goodness Blue Ribbon Reconditioned Tractor
  2. Very nice! I’ve got a lot of tractors but always have a soft spot for those honest little Cubs.
  3. We have three Fords on the farm. A 640, a 4000SU gas, and a 4000 diesel. We had a 3000 for a while. I’m thinking yours looks like a 3000 platform from early 70’s. Good supply of used and reproduction parts for the old Fords. Neat looking piece you gave there
  4. For what it’s worth around here my 4:30 geared 6.2 F350 DRW will get better fuel mileage than a couple of buddies of mine with 3:73 geared 250’s. Most of the time I shift mine in manual mode. It keeps the engine from lugging. I get about 11 around town. 14 to 15 on a trip and usually around eight or nine towing my loaded gooseneck at about 16,000.
  5. I have a ‘18 F350 DRW gasser. I ordered mine in February of 18 about 8 weeks later. Mines an XLT, with the chrome package. Cloth seats, vinyl floor and minimal creature comforts really. I ordered mine with snowplow and camper package, which gives you the heavy front axle. Mine also has a factory gooseneck. 4:30 gears and an electronic limited slip rear, as the locker isn’t an option on the dually. Manual hubs can be left turned to auto or locked manually. Rear seat is a 60/40 deal but folds and locks up. The optional under seat storage compartment in mine can be folded flat to the floor. I had a fit with my tire pressure sensor valve stems leaking due to corrosion, but after several attempts they finally got an upgraded set that didn’t leak and haven’t for over three years. Mine has camera system and blind spot radar. The cameras are handy, the blind spot radar was a waste of $500 and is useless when towing my gooseneck or any other trailer.
  6. I really like it, thanks for sharing. My Dad had a ‘76 F250 when I was a boy, ragoon red and white. It was a Ranger. It was his work truck. I had a blue & silver ‘79 Lariat F150 when I graduated high school. I miss those type of trucks, maybe one day I’ll have one of my own.
  7. IHCC Chapter 37 posted the news yesterday. Hated to hear it. Met him a few years ago at the Got To Be NC Festival in Raleigh NC. We talked briefly about my Blue Ribbon Cub.
  8. In short yes. It was a very common upgrade back in the day. My Super A Industrial has a later model 100 style seat. The slide rails bolt right in place.
  9. Another of my 3 year old grandson’s favorites. He got so mad at my daughter a few months ago when she did not know what song “convoy” was. He loves that song. I’m so proud of him lol
  10. This first song I can remember as a little boy, and my now three year old grandson loves seeing it along with me. He tells me frequently “Step aside Paw” 😂
  11. In keeping with the theme of my earlier comment… ”Hello Darlin’…” Released 52 years ago next month by the late, great Conway Twitty
  12. “Hello, I’m Johnny Cash”… From his live recording of Folsom Prison Blues, exactly one week before I was born.
  13. I like a few nice little details, unpainted hoses, clear coated governor tube, and carburetor. A few plated or stainless bolts here and there, like on the grille bolts. I painted my radiator fan shroud black. Mine also has reproduced dealer decals from my great uncle’s dealership. Neatly done cloth wiring also sets on off nicely.
  14. I have a ‘34 F12 myself with the newer style solid bolster. It’s never bothered me not being “original”. Hard to tell what all can happen in 88 years. I figure It’s just lucky to still be here.
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