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  1. IH Tractors on Montana Farm

    I've had the same problem with loosing replies. Next time it happens to you, do the following. If you click "add reply" and you go somewhere other than your reply at the end of the thread... simply hit the backspace key on your keyboard and your browser will go back to the text box you were typing in - with all the text still there. The click "add reply" again and it should work. If not, repeat step 1 & 2.
  2. IH Tractors on Montana Farm

    John, What a picture! I breed Quarter Horses and I've always wanted to make a team, but money always seems to get in the way and I have to just break 'em to ride trails for customers instead... How much do the WD-6's weight? I know my TD-6 should be somewhere around 7800lbs. I'm not too surprised they don't pack the ground like a wheel tractor, but I figured they weighed alot more than a wheel tractor and that sort of offset it. I'm happy to be proven wrong by true experience! Thanks for the stories! I love hearing 'em. I can sit and listen to stories like these all day long... I just bought my TD-6 a month ago. I've always been fascinated with crawlers and I'm gonna be using it around my place as an ag cat too. It'll pull my heavy disc where my 2004 New Holland won't...
  3. IH Tractors on Montana Farm

    Wow, can you tell me what you used the TD-6 for instead of the WD-6, and vice versa?
  4. IH Tractors on Montana Farm

    Wow, I've seen the first couple pages of this thread, but didn't realize that it was 271 pages long! This is all great stuff from you older folks! I'm probably not far from the truth if I say I'm the youngest guy around here. I don't come from a farming family, I don't farm and hardly know anything about it except when I was 15 I worked hard for a neighbor that farmed corn, and in high school I worked even harder for a neighbor that farmed rice. I raise Quarter horses, and wish I had enough ground to put up my own alfalfa, but I don't so the only playin' I get to do on a tractor is plant my tiny pastures every year. I don't bother irrigating as it's cheaper to plant new seed than pay the water bill through the summer. I sure wish I had photos of working with them farmers as a boy. They were nice folks and sure helpful (giving me a job on their farms). My first tractor, I bought in 2001. Same year my first son was born. It was a 1941 Allis Chalmers Model B. I hated wrenching on it. I sold it and bought a new 2003 New Holland TC33 with a loader. I missed the old AC ever since. I just recently bought a 1948 IH TD-6 and it had a little more power than my New Holland and I drag a heavier disc in the spring time with it. Anyrate, seeing some of those old photos from long ago, makes me wish I had my camera out more often early on. I'm sure gonna get after my wife to take lots of candid photos of my sons and I from now on. Such good memories to look back on...