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  1. Also my 340 has spin out wheels. Don't know if that makes a difference ?
  2. Thanks to all who replied !!! I haven't yet picked up the 38" wheels and hubs, so I'm not sure on the measurements. My 340 wheel weights are the two piece type. The H weights are a one piece design. I just didnt want to buy extra weights if mine will work.
  3. Hi all, I'm planning to swap a set of H 38" wheels onto my Rowcrop 340 which has 36" wheels. My question is related to the wheel weights. Will the two piece weights on my 36" wheels work on the H wheels. My hunch is they won't. What do the experts say ?
  4. Just finished reading your entire thread. Awesome work and results. ??
  5. Oneday, I know how you feel when you say its been a long year on your project, but the payoff is gonna be awesome when you finish it! Kudo's for sticking with it, good luck the rest of the way. Brian
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