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  1. Here is a copy of a post on a different forum
  2. Check oil pressure sender. It controls some features but can’t remember now.
  3. Those rear pto are a pain. I have had to swap a few around for this guy. He had a couple l10s blow up and I had to swap parts for him and like yours a couple bearing failures. If I remember right he even had a gear break on one. Next week I will post more pictures going back together. He is getting a kit from Peterbilt dealer so I am sure it is genuine Cummins.
  4. Concrete buddy had a truck start missing. It had blue smoke for a bit before. The injector tip was burned off then piston scuffed up and stuck rings. This is the newer version of M11. A 99 model I think in a kenworth. Got a couple of pistons out tomorrow morning before regular job I will knock out remaining pistons then hopefully go back together next week in my off time. Always fun to work on engines I actually enjoy it.
  5. I really wouldn’t just put that oring in. The pump needs to come off and be rebuilt. There is a timing mark on the head drive gear. Cleanliness is pretty hard to achieve on the combine . I would at very least pull pump off replace oring on a bench if that’s what you want to do. The pump isn’t bad to get off. Just ackward.
  6. Removing the head isn’t easy either. To locate timing mark. Remove front timing gear cover. Stick your head up through bottom of combine and look behind gear to assure alignment. You can get a glimpse of it laying on your side up there also. Not hard to remove those pumps but ackward. When you put its back on you can be a Turn out of time. Usually you have to align internal pump mark. We had a superb pump shop that would set pump back to timing mark it came in on. About 90% of time you were on right stroke.
  7. Yes it works weld around the inside of race it will shrink it and fall out.
  8. Up here they will sell those tractors they consider stale inventory ( older not selling quickly ) to jockeys that will buy a few pieces off of them. Usually at a discounted price and usually leaving the area. Local dealer would package up all the older combines 9650 JD and earlier especially high housed. They got sent to Mexico. Tractors the same way anything odd got priced out to other tractor dealers way cheaper than general public just to move them and get rid of a cheap sale making newer inventory more attractive.
  9. This 1586 has been for sale a while at a JD dealer 145 miles away. I looked at it last March it is a fair tractor. Surprised some jockey hasn’t bought it yet. This tractor would be same month serial number as the one you are looking at. Gives you idea of prices in other parts of United States
  10. It is a red power demo so it is worth a little more , not much but it is worth saving. Tractors have almost doubled in value this last year.
  11. You need matching motor and pump makes. They made the pipes different to keep both types together. The general consensus is if pump needs work so does motor. I have replaced driveshafts in lots of pumps and left motor alone though. Again Eaton pump and motor together or sundstrand units together. The motors mount at different angles if single speed to keep everything right.
  12. It is probably adjusted wrong way. You need to turn them so there is a solid snap going over center. To tight and the won’t release. If you have or can find a operators manual it will explain it.
  13. No a little bit of slipping wil wear clutch enough. Being they are over center there is not much between being loose and then to tight. A fine bit of warning. Do not get flywheel depth wrong or if you take pp apart do not surface pp wear plate. We used to put clutches in those 15 series combine and the darndest things you would find.
  14. dale560

    My SA

    They are pretty basic trans and steering box will be covered in service manual. A cheap I T manual is good enough for a A. Fix it and then you know you have a sound tractor. I learned by doing years and still am learning
  15. I need that magnifying lens to. Did some welding on creep feeder for calves the other day and my sight is going away slowly.
  16. It goes about half way back under top sieve channel with countersunk bolts
  17. Keep posting your blacksmith and anvil pictures I really enjoy them.
  18. My dad used to talk about hammering plow shares to be reused. A coal forge and a trip hammer. I don’t know how many times they were remade but used to be big business up until late 60s
  19. Talked to the Son of the owner of IHC dealer from the time our second red power 1486 was sold new. He gave me the original buyers name. It was sold local in the area and moved 40 miles north and now back when we get it. He also told me the dealership got 2 red power 1486s in during the promotion. He bought one of them himself to farm with and the one we are getting was their second one. He also told me they were only 79 model year none were 80. The son is a bit older than me but probably was 18 when he bought that red power 1486 new. He was interested in the one we bought just because of the history. Will post more pics of our 2 bueaties when they are together.
  20. 4 Fire Crews from Williston and Mandan ND left yesterday for Baton Rouge. They are driving down two water tanker trucks , fire engines. The kind they haul water to rural fires with. They will transport water and help whatever they can according to news reports. On a 14 day deployment plus travel time.
  21. Yes standard used to offer a switch with a magneto option for ground. Put a few in witching to 12 volt and left magneto on. I would just drill on off switch hole bigger and mount switch there. Did about a 100 farmall 12 volt alt change over with key added.
  22. Years ago I know there was an article about it in farm magazine. He found it in a tree row. I thought it was Minnesota or the man was from Minnesota.
  23. That is interesting. Because in one of the farmall history books International was having problems at one factory with sand from casting ruining engines, that factory had a high failure rate. I want to say it was in the south if I remember. History repeats itself, and those that don’t study history are doomed to fail they say.
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