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  1. Vintage Ads

    A couple whites in the country here. Used to work on a 2 150 with moline engine. Overhauled a 2 155 with a Hercules engine a while ago.
  2. MX135

    Never replaced springs but allis chalmers used to carry springs for their pumps and case used to for the 4wd. You wouldn’t be lucky enough that the spring is the same.
  3. Oil Petcock to Dipstick

    We always thought moms old spinster cousin who took care of her aunt was crazy. She always talked about changing oil on H. Her brother in law thought she was insane also . Drained oil to bottom petcock refilled with oil called it good. I was about 25 years old one day looking through some old books came across operator manual for A international. Read the whole thing and learned moms cousin wasn’t a crazy old spinster.
  4. Oil Petcock to Dipstick

    There are a few with dipsticks here but most of them have combine blocks. The reason for the 2 petcocks if you read operators manual. Is not a min or max amount. You are supposed to have oil at top petcock always. The bottom petcock was to drain kerosene diluted oil that would float to top. Every morning you were to drain to bottom petcock refill to top to freshen up the diluted oil. It is all in the operators manual if you take time to read it.
  5. Fordson F Tractor project

    Did you get valves in place. The special old compressors from years ago work well. If I remember the ford 9ns I stuck keepers on screw driver with grease and grease to hold on valve stem.
  6. Windmill idea?

    Yes I think they got electricity at farm in the late 40s but the free cooling went on a long time. They milked cows into the 60s and never sold fluid milk always cream.
  7. Figuering acreage.

    Acreage measuring wheels count 6.6 ft as one wheel turn so if you know length in ft divide it by 6.6. Take other way measurement in ft divide by 6.6. Take both answers times each other it gives you acreage of a rectangle or square. Easy way though is with measuring wheel. As an example a rectangle 80 is 1/4 mile by half mile. The numbers you get from acreage wheel will be 200 x 400 times each other and move decimal by a 1000 will give you 80 acres. That is why acre wheels count funny it is supposed to be some survey width.
  8. Windmill idea?

    Since we are on windmills we dug up this piec of pipe in the yard the other day. It has been buried shallow in yard since the late 40s to mid 50s. It is galvanized pipe threaded together for about 300 ft. It ran from old windmill pump jack in yard. It was tied into a cement cream can cavern that they pumped water into to cool cream and over flow went to stock tanks. I am amazed that this is high traffic area and it has survived without getting hooked until now. The pump and wellhead were by barn and this pipe ran through yard and crossed township road
  9. Interesting 10 minutes

    Always watch sea gulls fight over a mouse or frog. The onetime the little guy won I watched a chicken hawk grape a pheasant hen whatever the pheasant did to hawks leg made it drop pheasant and ran away. Watched it from combine window.
  10. CIH 1000 Series Corn Head ????

    Yes our head is a worn out one and it still has needle bearings and they go and go. I grease about every 100 acres.
  11. My unpopular opinion.

    Dad’s had a topper on back. Don’t know if that helped mileage or not. Was pretty stripped down high gear ratio rear. Didn’t even have power brakes. 11mpg was more on the positive side I am sure it probably didn’t avg that through it lifetime. Was a chev factory package pickup the dealer had to take it with a load of vehicles he wanted. It was 2wd Scottsdale, auto , 350 with cloth bench , vinyl floor, manual window and locks air conditioner and manual brakes.
  12. My unpopular opinion.

    74 gmc pickup 350, later 400 4 bbl carb 3/4 ton fwd avg 5 to 6 mph its whole life. Dad had a 79 chevy 2 wd that probably did 11 mpg. His loadstar trucks when we used them to in town haul. One avg under 5 mpg round trip other almost identical was 4 mpg. 18 mile trip to elevator so 36 mile round trip filled cab tank every trip. Checked mpg every fill.
  13. Calif . Antique Equipment Show is here!

    I think one maybe came back from snow duty on South Pole if it is same ones they were built like that.
  14. Calif . Antique Equipment Show is here!

    Potato guy I got all my worldly knowledge from had a 69 or so needle nose Pete. It was pretty rough but issuable. It was pretty much original I think but had an aftermarket easy ride spring suspension from that time period. We were just talking to some neighbors to his home farm and they had the truck now. He also had a 72 Pete that had the hood like the one in picture.
  15. CIH 1000 Series Corn Head ????

    Yes we have a early 1083 with bushings or needle bearings yet. Was going to convert it but in the 2000 acres since we bought it only replaced one bearing. It even has a 883 early holder up front on one.
  16. Took pump off of a case 450 tier 3 because it was leaking with 700 hours. After pulling pump off carefully the first time had motor a tdc. Put pump on and had to pull it off to hook a wire up and reinstall. Got it off of timing so ran it back to pump shop to reset on number one and lock at lift spec. Question is this thing is in skid steer yet and not very accessible. There is a lock pin hole under injector pump on gear that hole lines up with at tdc. Found another manual online for a new holland hoe with same engine and they talk about setting engine at 23 * on flywheel through a window on flywheel. Anybody know anything about these? I will try to get a proper manual for engine befor second install attempt. The inj pump guy laughed when I brought it back. He said the last two pumps he fixed like this for 2 dealers. One new holland dealer brought pump back 5 times to be rechecked and retired on a no start attempt. The 2 was a big caseih dealer they brought their pump back three times kept claiming pump wouldn’t work but they finally got it in time. And don’t blame pump shop guy and his dad previously have 50 or 60 years pump and inj experience. Just wondering if anybody had access to book or had experience if the plunger lift is set at tdc or at another degree setting. There is no room to really install pump with tool to check it on skidsteer. By the way owner of skidsteer said our local case in dealer didn’t even want to touch pump.
  17. Iveco 4.5 tier 3 with Bosch pump.

    Pics of it running had to adjust timing a little more on it and been busy last week so stopped out today to finish.runs pretty smooth doesn’t even shake bad have to put bolt that rattled out of air conditioner and she is done. Got this little bugger pretty much figured out now..
  18. Dt466 camshaft

    Pretty sure one I put in my truck was like that. Worked okay.took out narrow and put wide in like that.
  19. Windmill idea?

    The third windmill from right. A old farmer had one in his yard for years and kids always had it painted red white and blue it was a real yard ornament that worked.
  20. Windmill idea?

    This was the stuff we pulled out of our well.sucker rod almost wore out from years of pumping.the threaded end fit through hole of pump arms with just a double nut at top. Gravity down pumped 6,000 gals every other day for a long time. Had a windmill on well for 80 years, a gas engine pumpjack for 15 and now solar.
  21. Anyone buy this truck/commercial?

    Stopped to put gas in at local Tesoro station a while ago. Retired auto parts store owner was working night shift in retirement. He was a good guy. Leans on counter as I was paying for gas. He said you know 95 % of fords on the road yet today. He said this as a ford pickup pulls in for gas. He asked you know what it means. I said no he says 5% actually made it home.
  22. Where did the 1456 get its extra HP?

    I guess I don’t know why you would need to lengthen jd rods. Jd dealers readily have the valves for a 404 available.most times new valves and ground seats do wonders on a 4020.at one time reliance had a raised ring piston for improved starting.Cam shaft and oil pump gear replaced on a jd or set timing right on a newer 404 ,466 jd they run well. On a 06 56 if you get valves close to spec they start well.
  23. Windmill idea?

    No metal? All up here run a 7/16 sucker rod the one we pulled out was wore from the rod hitting pipe to almost 1/8 inch.never seen wood.
  24. Windmill idea?

    We ran a pump jack for years bolt on top of arms gravity down. Worked every time.unless you have a pressure pump jack I am guessing most cylinders are wore enough the weight of water above well height will gravity settle cylinder packing. We put a high dollar solar system
  25. Windmill idea?

    The head pressure of water on cylinder will definetly push it down. Why log chain just for the ease of pulling well? We pulled our last cylinder rod well and put a solar pump down last fall. If you are setting up windmill I guess I would use new pipe and thread new rod you should be good for a long time.