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  1. Thoughts and prayers from North Dakota.
  2. We have a 276 now I am putting back together. They are handy. Where they shine is in mud and snow.
  3. Williston ND got 4 inches last night , Minot got .65 our town Rugby got .50 where we have crop seeded and pasture looks to have had .20. Just shows you how variable the rain is.
  4. I will have to take a picture of crops here. About the central 1/3 of North Dakota is in the worst drought since the 1930s. There is durum seeded in spots for 65 days in some areas and looks to be about a 5 bpa crop. Ranchers are dumping pairs as there isn’t any grass for them. Last week they had 1200 pairs in local barn, 700 the week before talking 1200 again this week. It is supposed to storm like heck tonite and there was big rains to the south yesterday so maybe hope for later emerging crops.
  5. That bolt loosens or breaks on a few combines. Years ago neighbor had a 8820 do the same thing. Elevators , cab door and bunch of stuff to replace.
  6. Boy a book like that would have been great to have years ago. Never knew there was a book about it.
  7. Here a lot of the windmills are 30 ft but you run across some 45 ft that were in built up farm stead’s.
  8. Yes they are leather cups on bottom that rods pull up and let down to move water.
  9. You guys have a bit easier way of changing leathers. It appears your leathers just run on well casing so you just need to pull rods. Up here windmill wells are between 50 to 110 ft deep. They used 1 inch or 1 1/14 pipe threaded together with a brass cylinder on bottom end the sucker rod was a bit bigger than 3/8 and slipped in middle of pipes. When pulling well every thing had to come up and you hoped sucker rod threads were some place close to pipe joints. .
  10. You really have to look at those fan sheaves also. On Dads we replaced the pulley sheaves with a better used set. The belts lasted longer and fan speed was more consistent. We ran a 815 and 915 over a lot of acres. Learned the little things to solve your headaches with them. You should be with 1 percent caps of what your rotary will do.
  11. Here are some pictures to help you in key areas. First picture gives you idea how air is supposed to go but this is 1st gen high profile machine. Second is shaker pan drive that will slip. Third is fan pic of machine with fan. Parts diagrams are key drive components to fan. Underneath combine is adjustable deflection board also you really need a operators manual to adjust combine. Also make sure back of cylinder is up so you are threshing completely for corn and coarse crops on the cylinder combines you had to lower back.
  12. Okay stop your thinking on what your doing. We ran with chopper ahead and dropped straw with a 915 a lot. Here is some advice on how to fix your problem. First thing on a 815 or 915 you have to be able to turn entire threshing system by hand when you grab on back side of your current fan. Every day when greasing machine everyday grab on backside of fan and turn. If it doesn’t turn cylinder and walkers you have problems. This is your problem. You will need to pull belts off and this is super important. Check your pulleys for fan variable speed. They wear and don’t provide grip and speed for fan
  13. Yes almost every truck was ordered with different axle , suspension or clutch options. We have a good truck owner and repair guy here in our town that will try to find you what you need.
  14. Nice job you did a lot of work on it.
  15. Look around find some cheaper but not the yellow bucket stuff. I know tsc has the yellow 303 oil for 31 dollars and the little better stuff for 40 some a 5 gal bucket. I am not telling you to leave it in just run tractor a bit with flushing oil and dump it out. Then refill with good stuff. I think case ih hytran is close to 80 a 5 gal bucket now.
  16. The town of devils lake has a car show weekend every year at this time. Lots of cars show up. Heading down the hiway on a trailer was a Ford N v8 conversion. Custom painted burgundy and darker charcoal almost with chrome headers and grill plus other chrome. I was driving the opposite way and didn’t get a picture but it was sharp. Also a lowered and altered 52 Ihc pickup was a ahead of it a ways
  17. I just suggested 85 dollars of flushing oil. The black bucket oil will work to move water and debris around and then throw it away and fill it with the 150 hytran fill. Or fill with hytran run it dump it fill again
  18. If it is milky . I would get a couple buckets of the better hydraulic transmission oil from a farm store. Dump it in run it for a hour or 2 then dump it. Then put your hytran in and change filters. Even just changing it once would be okay but that way it is flushed with cheaper oil
  19. You will have to tell them people keep eyes on good looking tractors anyplace they are.
  20. The rate on the label is 1 to two pints acre with 15 to 30 gals water per acre. Maximum is 4 to 6 pints at single application. 4 pints is 2 was per acre so figure pasture size and spray away. There is drift reducer and surfactant, conditioner that help in application
  21. In our small town a mfg company was started by two German army veterans that emigrated here from Canada in the 60s. It is rugby mfg . They are a nationally distributed hoist and truck body mfg. I a small town 35 miles away was a polish doctor who was very knowledgeable in skin diseases and allergies plus being a general family doctor. His daughter wrote a small biography of his life. He was educated in Austria at one of the best medical schools. He was forced to be a doctor for Adolph Hitler in the early to middle part of the war. He then emigrated to the USA after war. Applying at hospitals i
  22. I would guess they picked them up in Minot ND from Swenson rv and tractor. We are 60 miles East , they were stopped at a Mexican restaurant. The truck of three was parked in Devils Lake ND when we went through early this morning. I am guessing the farm name on truck bought the two loads to restore or peddle. Interestingly last week on way home from mnpls we passed a like looking truck with a load of early 60s Minnie Mo s . They were all the gold and brown .
  23. Sod and a bit of bare groundthe site is by the abandoned newer house coming in from the west. Surprisingly as you come north the land is around rugby tends to be slightly sandy but has a base under it. And as you get north to the border temps and ground temp is always cooler your neighbors with earl. His wife and my mom are 1st cousins. We used to combine for earl when he farmed up here. Been a year or so since I drove by their farms and the new house the son built. Put a head on earls case 2470 out in middle of his farmyard up here years ago. Also worked on his mta truck his 856 d
  24. I graduated high school in spring of 88. I always remember how hot it was in may . We were seeding sunflowers and we used neighbors 1086 on planter then seeded . When you walked on black worked fields it was actually hot on your feet by the end of may. We were lucky only had a few cows and got enough hay.
  25. Here is a look at temps today and the records they broke. Notice all the records were set in 1988 a terribly dry year much the same as this year up here. 105 today for the high. That is hot for up here. Although they had 116 a few years ago on the South Dakota border.
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