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  1. Probably Rochester dual jet. That is what the autos used. A good cleaning will usually fix them. There are aftermarket fuel injection systems that run around 1500 for many makes of engines. I know all the older muscle car guys around here are carefully swapping to fuel injection but saving their original parts. The cars are just so much easier to take out and drive with fuel injection. Myself I know the pain of pumping a carburetor hoping they will fre or flooding one.
  2. Keep posting pictures of your Herefords . I like the way they look, cute and cuddly set of nice looking cows and calves you have.
  3. We have had some that took a couple weeks or more of training in the head gate. Some never accept the valve though. We have had some be okay as second calvers and some never want their calves.
  4. Big cenex or coop refinery in Montana supplies fuel here. We also have a Tesoro (old amoco) refinery in Bismarck. Lots of tractors run on cenex fuel and gas and also Tesoro fuels.
  5. Yes I know that. I have put more than a few miles on a semi pulling trailers. All farm plated though never needed the cdl or wanted it. I still farm some also. Plus I had a career of fixing many trucks big to small. Just put that out there so what the law wants you to do is clear. We used to test what you guys call bull haulers every year. When we loaded cattle they had to back in off township road. Right angle alley dock to the left side. This got them into farm driveway on opposite side was the mailbox. It could be done with ease by some with 53 ft big spread pots and long nose big sleeper Pete’s. It all was how they set truck up on road first. Once they got the turn negotiated they had to back up hill next to the barn to the loading chute. The hill was either greasy or icey snow covered in late March When we usually sold calves. Some drivers didn’t have a problem and the next guys really had to maneuver around. The final problem was approach had a big crown onto road. We always had driveway really clean and delineated. Tell drivers to really pull over and be careful. Watched many loads we thought were going to flop over
  6. I would never want to drive truck either but there has to be a little share the road also. Being they are speaking of Minnesota every time we go down there. Always a lot of truck traffic on I 94 and always two trucks holding up a line of 20 cars. One truck going 66 and one going 67 mph so it takes about 5 miles for the faster truck to get by. It is always the same instead of one guy being courteous and slowing or both staying single file. They create a wad of traffic.
  7. I know its not practical or feasible in most cases. Just what the book tells you. I never want to drive truck professionally just needed a b license so I went and got it all done. Need to do the double triple endorsement yet then I have them all.
  8. That’s what I thought also. But if it comes down to a lawsuit you would probably be at fault because you left space on the right side for them to enter. Best to just rip the curbs and signs down and follow the law. Here are pics out of test manual. Just a added tidbit got a newly minted class a cdl license yesterday so I had to study this stuff.
  9. That is right in cdl training not to move over on a right hand turn. The proper way is to encroach on opposite or oncoming lane in the turn. Or the button hook technique. I know it isn’t always practical or doable. They warn not to pull to the left to turn right or somebody will try to pass.
  10. From what I have read most were in for the duration. Some of the bomber crews had a 25 mission and then home but later on that got raised to a higher number.
  11. It includes load rating of binders and chains. Basically most chains and binders in the eyes of dot are 6000 lb rating. So a 48000 lb load would need 8 chains and binders. Plus any extras for added equipment. Laws do not vary much state to state. All DOT laws are federal than state adopted. They cannot make them less than federal but can be more stringent. They want load tight and secure and on trailer if a wreck happens. Minimum four point secured and then added for amount of weight.
  12. You are m hero today. A man can dream.
  13. If you bought the other brands in red also it would be a collection
  14. Here are a couple pics to complete collection.
  15. Being a Chevy guy. I have always liked this body style. I remember the first 81 style I had seen parked in a small town driveway way back when. I would love to have a 80 Chevy and a 87 just to have them. I would complete the collection with a 87 Buick Regal then I could die a happy man.
  16. I would check the milliamp signal also instead of voltage. Also do not apply 12 volts to any part of out to trans it will damage solenoid I know it says to check voltage but the milliamp is the range the computer puts out to shift solenoid.
  17. Like SD posted the seat switch controls the shifter also. So a thorough testing of the entire system as the manual shows would be needed to be followed.
  18. Just the early ones. The early ones up to 9030s were basic hydro components. The tv140, 145 and 6070s were newer. They have the pump and motor on same transfer case. I have seen same hydro pump on smaller Volvo payloaders so a dealer there might be able to help. The hydro pump just changes ramp angle for speeds so like sd man mentioned it could either be electrical or in the pump circuit. I feel for you most service guys laugh at the bidi tractors because their different and they don’t have any experience on them.
  19. Has the super m hydraulic under the tank also.
  20. There is a orifice in fitting. Supply pressure fitting that plugs.
  21. Here is a picture of one off the web and the guy built his own steering control and trans controller.
  22. Up here the big 60 or 70 wide buildings loose their roof when just the trusses and purloins are up. A big wind comes up and blows them off. After they get the tin on it seems to stay together
  23. See it every so often. Some valve springs have more coils on one end and they get installed upside down.
  24. It’s the 10000 lbs on trailer that makes you need cdl.
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