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  1. Our dealer always had those maybe they were less watts but shaped the same and they work well.
  2. Yes it should we use them in Most dt engines. That one is a quick find from the web. It is for newer series so don’t use that part number. I put it up because that is the best style heater for a dt engine.
  3. i personally am not fond of the tank type heaters. They work and usually are more watts but more plumbing hoses and leaks to be had. A good soft plug heater is all you need. But make sure it’s a good one zero start I think is what dealers up here handled. The cheaper ones the fold out wings don’t grab the backside of block well and they could come out. Not a good thing when you lose all coolant because a block heater pops out. The first picture is what works well in a dt 466 that one is for a newer engine though. The second picture type is good but you have to make sure wings are deep enough behind block not just grabbing into side of plug bore.
  4. Well said. They sold 7 of those 3594 out of dealership here in town. I think the price was 35,000 to boot on any tractor and around 50,000 outright. They all did their jobs. A couple had dash problems and front axle seals but they were a good tractor also.
  5. it is actually working out pretty well. They hauled out some engines an spare old parts and stuff that were worth about 5000 for scrap but I ended up with all the machinery minus 3 pieces. When we get it off we have all the tractors and vehicles we ever wanted. I have my own line of equipment I use o m so this is all to be sold again minus 4 0r 5 things. The land and machinery are in irrevocable trust. This was to keep it from being seized back in the early 90s. I am paying 15,000 for trust machinery and am going to put another offer in on few remaining pieces to drive them skyhigh. Trustee has to try and get maximum dollar for everything. The land is staying in trust and the first right of refusal to me and my brother stands. So we have plans in place to acquire land and resell a part if need be. My mother wanted to the trust revoked but her lawyer is county states attorney so he does the welfare stuff. There is a 350,000 bill for dads nursing home care that follows mom. So any funny business with trust between the state welfare, income tax, capital gains, trustee fees and closing costs. If my mom were ever to try to revoke trust again she would have no money left , no place to live and no income . Once we found out about the bills and fees that follow her estate we don’t budge an inch. If they throw it out sisters get nothing which is what I would prefer, their lawyers understand my position well.
  6. This tractor my grandpa bought new. It runs but got overheated and ruined a piston about 15 years ago. It was inside a building until I moved it out to put other stuff inside. I am going to fix it pull the cab off and put the right fenders and platform on it. Dad had a buddy that was a thief his entire life. That is his skidsteer. This guy would go through implement parking lots and steal toolboxes off tractors, pto shafts off equipment. He stole an 1100 mower head and bar from neighbor. The look you get from him when passing is just sheer hatred he must have been counting his inheritance before it came. The other siblings are just flipping insane also.
  7. We ended up getting a court order to buy trust owned equipment. This set moms daughter and youngest son over the deep end. The trustee was supposed to take pictures of machinery the day after court. The other two must have talked him into doing it and were taking pictures as they moved equipment to a agreed upon staging area. Here are two pics off my maternal grandfathers 806 he bought new. We have the fenders to make it back right so cab isn’t a big deal. The goobers took all the side sheet metal off tractors. They had a local well known thief and 2 other dinks helping. Just the pictures they took and turned in are priceless. It was supposed to be staged that shields were stolen way before. If you look closely the international emblem is still on tractor and the picture from a bit later they turned in it is missing. The judge is surely going to just shake his head when they try to explain their way out of this.
  8. It was all moved home. You could actually get a good sized scoop in snow bucket and grab fork on farm hand. Most guys had hay feeders they filled but poorer hay just got scattered and let cows clean up.
  9. My grandpa square baled until the 70s. We would usually do about 500 to 1000 small squares. Then dad would put up about 100 jd 200 breadloaves. He would occasionally stack four or five stacks with farmhand. Or he would set three breadloaves together and top them off with hay from farmhand. Dad always bragged about hay he put up. That was until I mentioned his 100 stacks were about 3 to 3.5 bales a stack. So amounted to less than 400 bales at that time we were putting up 2500 round bales a year. The stacks actually weathered as well as hay bales out n the open In stacks.
  10. Does anyone know what factory they built the injector pumps in. I thought one time I read it was in Chicago or wherever the heavy equipment was built.
  11. Here are pictures of the common ones around here. Hay buster, John Deere and Hesston. We have a jd 200 , neighbor had a Hesston 30 we worked on a lot, couple of other people were still using a hay buster and the old style Hesston with a pickup and blower until they passed away. Also the farmhand and stack frame was common
  12. IH made their own injection pump. There weren’t a lot of issues other than I believe IH stopped or curtailed production making parts for them hard to find. The alternative was the Roosa master that was on some ih equipment over time and became standard on the last 1/2 of o6 production. If you google IH rd pump you will find information on them from here. Seems they made over 50,000 pumps for various engines. The life expectancy was twice of a roosa and they quit building them in 1965.
  13. You might be better to just buy the later gear and adapter from a factory Roosa tractor. More work to change but not bad. We used to swap out that stuff but I don’t have any of the spare parts I kept left.
  14. There is the steel canopy part of one of those setting in a lot we drive by. Been there for years
  15. Yep 60 miles from Canada. You get brin* a tow hitch pull everything home with the 15. 30hours of road time you are home.
  16. 600 miles north of you about. We have to get access to remove stuff. Dad passed away but everything was in irrevocable trust. I got them in court and bought about 90% of the machinery but siblings are absolutely insane. They have been pulling and pushing stuff around with skidsteer before the judge gets order signed. So when we remove the stuff I will clean it up and probably have Steffes sell it online. I will put notice of it on here. We are buying a 706,806, 966 1566, super m, A B H 60 John Deere 2 8630 jd and other stuff vehicles trucks combines hay equipment. Paying 15,000 for everything going to keep a couple the rest is going
  17. When this family stuff all shakes out in a couple days we will selling one on a online auction next year sometime. 3600 hour actually a nice tight tractor, faded from being outside but it is a good one. Red cab no 3 pt though
  18. Done about everything possible with either tractor. Use your foot to apply slight pressure to clutch handle as backing up. They will pull just fine with slight pressure on handle. Way, way back the only farmhand dad had was on a 47 A jd. He bought a 54 super m to replace it but the old A got the job done for years before then it got retired to corn cultivator. I was always low person on the totem pole. Dad had himself and at times 3 hired men. During winter season they would usually find a way to go to town all 4 at around 2:30 in afternoon. Get parts or haul 2 loads of grain. This trip always involved a stop at whatever town bar was nearest. So while those 4 were getting their suds on someone actually had to do the work at home. This was feeding cows pigs and other livestock or during seasons running batch grain drier, unloading trucks, any maintenance that needed done my favorite thing was loading the two trucks again after the 4 old men came rolling home every night at around 6:30. So we always had specific tractors for specific tasks and usually the 52 Jd A was assigned to whatever I was doing that day. So I have a lot of experience on that tractor. I started driving on them so hand clutch and no power steering didn’t bother me. In the summer I cut hay with the A then pulled the rowse rake with it. The higher guys got the other super M we had and then the 4020
  19. Will offer prayers for your recovery
  20. Can I ask what type of cancer are you treating. A positive for you is a somewhat close proximity to some of the best cancer centers.
  21. Hope all goes well for your treatment Rick.
  22. Hear you about the guberment jobs. I have a full, cdl with hazmat, have actual training in welding heavy diesel and small automotive repair( college degree plus 35 years experience) licenses to run a water treatment facility for 50% of the country. In 2 years I will be certified to run any size treatment facility or distribution system. ( Los Angeles or New York City size) and my little town thinks I should be happy with a below median wage. The health insurance plan for the family is what keeps me there. Back to original subject. I hope machinery goes higher. We are in the end stages of acquiring the machinery from dads estate. It is winding way through the courts but set to be closed on dec 1 . I want a couple pieces to keep and will sell the rest on an on online auction next year so I hope prices stay high. Best part is I ended up with everything my sister insisted was hers. So she is absolutely lost what little is left of her mind.
  23. That’s the ticket. most every mfg had about that range also. I knew there was a . 50 and something with a .7 in the ratios. Way back when we used to pull used Ford gears apart and swap the 2 speed planet gears to fit IH axles if a IH unit wasn’t available. A truck wrecking yard owner gave me best advice once. He told me usually as long as nuts holding carrier into housing were the same size “ pumpkins” would interchange. Other than truck makers spec different axle shafts. The nut size was also indicative of axle weight rating. 15,16,17, 18,000 lb all had corresponded bigger bolts.
  24. dale560


    A “road ranger” transmission is basically a big 5 speed with a main shaft and two countershafts to handle gear load. Then on back of trans is the auxiliary box. A 9 or 10 speed will just a high or low synchro ,and gear set. A 13 speed will have one more set of gears. On big trucks usually it’s for splitting the top 3 gears. Giving you flywheel speed in 9th gear and overdrive in the top gears. This 6613 is the same but gives you underdrive in the low range first three gears. It is a very good transmission for vocational trucks as they were called. Later fleet trucks got by with a 10 speed and a deep range 1st gear for tough spots and then a jump of ratios to second.
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