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  1.  Hey Dale, Jim weigel here. just wanted your imput on something here. Found a real nice 856 standard with the adjustable front end, Guess I've only seen one other like it. Its also serial 7508 I believe so number 8 off the line. Do you think this tractor would be worth a little more money than most 856s? Spoke for it and plan to use it a little then maybe try to sell it. Has the big fenders but tires have been replace with 18.4 38s.thanks

    1. dale560


      I don't know how much more it would b worth with adjustable front. Not real common on the standards but I had a 806 once with one and have a 1206 farmall  the previous owner swapped a standard adjustable front onto they are a little more heavy duty. How is it going down there hope everything is good for you. I haven't kept up much on what tractors are bringing now days just trying stay on top of farming and work on a few when I have time.

    2. jimw


       Yes going good trying to keep the farm going as well. haven't really been watching the tractor market either but believe it has to down. all the older fellows are passing and the younger ones don't care. Trying canola and not really liking it. Hope you have a good year we need rain badly here.

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