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  1. Dealer is not installing and they are not familiar with mounting an EZ Pilot in a 5488. I thought there were some guys on the forum that added a pilot to a 5x88 tractor that knew which base kit worked with the tilt steering column 88s. Worst case he said they would get both base kits and return one.
  2. Anyone know the correct ez pilot platform kit to be used with 5488 tractors with an adjustable steering column. The literature says a 5488 is compatible, but not with an adjustable steering column. I read some older posts that a 71,72,89xx platform kit should be used on 88s with an adjustable column. These post are going on 5 plus years old, so looking to make sure what guys are currently using to make this work. Thanks
  3. I'm guessing thats what happened. Oil filter housing on IH 400 series is 1"-12 thread. I'm wondering how many cases of these filters got these wrong thread base plates.
  4. Son was changing his oil filters on his 1066 today and he told me the oil filter wouldn't go on and the hole was wrong size. I went to look figuring he was having an issue starting the threads and told him there is no way a 3316 filter could have the wrong hole. Well this is a first for me, 2 brand new 3316s straight from the dealer last Tuesday have 3/4" ´┐╝threaded holes in them rather that the 1" hole that it should have. Anyone else ever seen this?
  5. Press compensating and load sensing closed center systems are different. It may of been IH version of load sensing, but different from today's. See the Fast manual below as it has one sets thing up differently for pressure compensation or load sensing.
  6. These systems are not load sensing, so that second lever forward does make heat in the system, as it constantly sending even when not using the booms. Running a loop bybass kit on the boom remote will help with this. I am running the same setup with my 5488 and a Fast BW with hydraulics sprayer pump.
  7. Yes, this tractor has always been like this since I owned it. It was even like this when the gear pump was getting weak and needing replaced. After the new pump last year it was still the same. I had a 5288 around 10 years ago and don't remember it being like this. I have grown custom to it and know how to apply them, the problem is when I have someone else in it and they are running down the road with it. In the field it's not a big issue, just traveling the roads and giant hills.
  8. Yes, always had Hytran in it. I haven't tried bleeding them as they aren't spongy at at. Will try and see if it make a difference. Should there by varing pressure sent to the brakes as more pedal travel occurs?
  9. Looking for some input on a 5488 2wd with very touch brakes. All you have to do is barely touch them and they will lock up tires. It will do this to each side individually or when they are together. I have checked the pins and linkage, all is free and the spools are returning all the way into valve. It's like they are full on or off with almost no pedal pressure. Thanks in advance
  10. The def heater and the coolant leak have nothing to do with each other on a 2016 6.7 . As someone mentioned the common leak is a oring inside the fitting that tees off the lower radiator hose, very easy fix. Also the clamps on the hoses are known to fail also. Are you still having issues with the def heater? Do you have a check engine light and the P20BA code.
  11. Anyone know the correct placement of the shims in flow divider valve. When I disassembled mine the shims where stacked on pin(11) between the head of pin and spring. The parts diagram shows the shims on the outside of pin head and the plug. Which is the correct location. Also, those shim are $22 from dealer. Is there something special about these, or can an equivalent flat washer be used. Thanks
  12. 1066 sn/ 20969, fender tractor, owned by Travis Paup, Fawn Grove, Pa 1066 sn/ 52045, fender tractor restored by Travis Paup, sold to John Rizik, Mclean, Va
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