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  1. The remote lever furthest away from the seat is the priority valve, not the closest one. The furthest lever controls the 1st valve in the stack which is the true priority valve. People often say it's the closest lever to seat because that is the lever that will still allow other functions to work, it is not the priority valve.
  2. Does anyone have a pic of what the "boost valve" 342107A1 looks like. Look at the parts pics, I thought the aluminum block was it, but the parts pictures are making me thing different. It shows the aluminum block under a different part number.
  3. MX 230 is the exact same as your 8950, 8.3 with a p pump
  4. Number 3 and 4 plastic bushings will fix the play in the steering column.
  5. Anyone have sight on removing the pins keeping the sliding collar to the pto sleeve. I tried drilling to tap and I can't get brand new bits to even cut into it. Had a McCormick apart one time with same pto setup and those pins where tapped for a 10-24 bolt, made it real easy to get those pins out. Thanks in advance
  6. I tried pulling bulb out of socket, seems to be fixed in there. Local parts store, Napa and advance had nothing. It is much smaller than a 194 bulb, not sure about a mini 194, since it doesn't pull out of socket. The housing is a quarter turn that pulls it in tight to the eic board. I found a bulb kit 86503542, but doesn't say what kind of bulb it is. That Toyota one looks like it would work. I attached a few more pics of the bulb. Thanks
  7. Can any identify the model/type of this instrument panel bulb or know a part number. CHN parts site has a bulb kit part #, bulb nothing for individual bulbs. I'm sure something else out there used these. This came out of a NH 8870 instrument cluster. Thanks
  8. Was wondering is anyone had a parts breakdown for a VE injection pump on a MXU 130. Looking for the solenoid in the attached pic that is circled. Can't find anything on it. In the parts catalog online, could only find a listing for the shut off solenoid. Thanks
  9. Dealer is not installing and they are not familiar with mounting an EZ Pilot in a 5488. I thought there were some guys on the forum that added a pilot to a 5x88 tractor that knew which base kit worked with the tilt steering column 88s. Worst case he said they would get both base kits and return one.
  10. Anyone know the correct ez pilot platform kit to be used with 5488 tractors with an adjustable steering column. The literature says a 5488 is compatible, but not with an adjustable steering column. I read some older posts that a 71,72,89xx platform kit should be used on 88s with an adjustable column. These post are going on 5 plus years old, so looking to make sure what guys are currently using to make this work. Thanks
  11. I'm guessing thats what happened. Oil filter housing on IH 400 series is 1"-12 thread. I'm wondering how many cases of these filters got these wrong thread base plates.
  12. Son was changing his oil filters on his 1066 today and he told me the oil filter wouldn't go on and the hole was wrong size. I went to look figuring he was having an issue starting the threads and told him there is no way a 3316 filter could have the wrong hole. Well this is a first for me, 2 brand new 3316s straight from the dealer last Tuesday have 3/4" ´┐╝threaded holes in them rather that the 1" hole that it should have. Anyone else ever seen this?
  13. Press compensating and load sensing closed center systems are different. It may of been IH version of load sensing, but different from today's. See the Fast manual below as it has one sets thing up differently for pressure compensation or load sensing.
  14. These systems are not load sensing, so that second lever forward does make heat in the system, as it constantly sending even when not using the booms. Running a loop bybass kit on the boom remote will help with this. I am running the same setup with my 5488 and a Fast BW with hydraulics sprayer pump.
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