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  1. Don't want to break any rules here. I mistakenly ordered a repair kit for a tractor model I don't have. It is from Steiners and is for a Cub and a Cub lowboy. It is IHS 3027. I have no use for it and I can't send it back. If it will do anyone on here any good it is yours for the shipping. Hope I am not breaking any rules. Just trying to pay it forward. Hickory
  2. hickory

    560 Clutch Shaft

    Washers where the bolts thru the yoke. Pretty thick ones
  3. Go to this link and I think it will help you a lot. It helped me solve our problem. https://talk.newagtalk.com/forums/thread-view.asp?tid=202300&posts=10&highlight=5140&highlightmode=1#M1497991
  4. hickory

    560 vs 460

    I have a Farmall 400 and a 300. The 300 is a lot more maneuverable, nimble and agile than the 400. Would the 460 be more of the same compared to a 560. They both look to be about the same length. Just wondering if anyone had any personal experience comparing the 560 and the 460. Hickory
  5. hickory

    Auger wagon

    Here is a picture when I got it home. I noticed that mine has bigger tires than those in other photos. Mine has 8.25X20 tires. I tried to load a picture but can't get the job done will have to try later. Hickory
  6. hickory

    Auger wagon

    I have purchased a number 10 IH auger wagon. It is really in good shape, always kept inside, no rust outs anywhere. The pto shaft shield is metal and one half of it is gone. I would like to kinda keep it original. any sources for metal pto shields? Thanks; Hickory
  7. hickory


    How rare are 3088"s. No cab stored inside, don't know if it will run. Hickory
  8. I have been looking for a wire tie baler. Few and far between locally. I am in Southwest Indiana, if you decide you don't want it I would be interested. Hickory
  9. I know several of you guys on here have gone on the Mackinac Bridge drive. My question is how do you return back to where you started? Are you allowed to drive the tractor back or do you have to bring your truck over and haul it back? Man it must be a heck of a big parking area to handle all the trucks and trailers. Thinking about trying it next year. Thanks; Hickory
  10. We followed these steps and cured all our problems. At the back of the tractor just ahead and to the left of the remote couplers is the shuttle valve assembly that has four solenoid valves and two pressure switches in it. The solenoid valve on the front is the forward valve, the rear one is the reverse valve and the top one on the right side is the modulating valve, the one below that is the diff lock valve. Check the soleniods to make sure they have 8 ohms of resistance across them. Also in that valve block on the left side there are two pressure switches for forward and reverse. I just went through the same problem with our 5140 and it ended up being the forward solenoid, the old one only had 6 ohms but I went ahead and replaced the reverse and modulating solenoid while I was at it as well as the two pressure switches and the new parts are all upgraded part numbers. Our's used to kick out of gear once in a while when going from forward to reverse but with the new parts it hasn't yet and I'm thinking the old solenoid must have been sticking enough the pressure switch would kick it to neutral before the valve opened all the way. Good Luck. Hickory
  11. Pretty sure i have an extra. Can check tomorrow.
  12. By the way I need a wide front for my 1206. Anybody got a spare. Or know where I could get one.
  13. Finally started cutting hay today after several rainy weeks. New to me CIH DCX 131, bigger than I need but bought it right. Using my 1206 on it. On my third round was making turn to right when right front wheel dropped in big tile hole. Picture shows the result. Broke center pin in three pieces, cracked center tube and broke center pin pivot bracket on tractor. Bright side never go hurt, dented oil pan but did not puncture. Got out the 1066 and was back mowing in about hour and a half.
  14. hickory

    auger wagon

    Thanks for the replies guys. You are torturing with those pictures. Actually drooling. We had a homemade auger wagon when I was young still have it and use it. I will post a picture of it sometime. It augered a lot of hog and cattle feed. Needs a paint job but has never sat out only has surface rust. Hickory
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