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  1. Thanks for all the replies. It is nice to know my memory works at least part of the time. Hickory
  2. i wasn't asking how to switch hoses. i was asking if any one remembered their new 300- 400 series tractors coming from the factory with the levers, forward for up and back for down. hickory
  3. Okay, a question for the old guys on here. My neighbor fixed up an old Farmall 300. I bought it off of him and noticed the hyd. levers were, what I think are backwards. He has it so when you pull back on the lever the fast hitch raises, he said all tractor hyds. are that way. I was ten years old when my dad bought a new 300, I distinctly remember that on it you push the lever forward for up and pulled back for down. We had a fast hitch sickle bar more for it and I mowed a lot of hay, clipped a lot of pastures and mowed a lot of straw stubble with it. I know the new 560 he bought late
  4. hickory


    Found this behind building after the IH dealer had moved.
  5. Success! I loosened the big line out of the pump. Pulled the coil wire, put a little pressure on the hyd. tank and away she went. i had the fast hitch cylinder repaired so it took quite a bit of oil to get back to full. Thanks for the help. Hickory
  6. That is the original seat mechanism. We have owned the tractor since new. We had three 560's at one time, all had this type seat. Growing up never really knew any different. Drove an F-30 a little bit so I thought these were pretty nice seats. Hickory
  7. this is the type seat I want.
  8. I just installed a rebuild hyd pump om my Farmall 300. I can't get anything to work fast hitch or power steering. Loosened the big pressure line coming off of the pump just drips a little oil. loosened the clamp on the supply line right before the pump, can't really get to it to wiggle it, nothing there so far. Reservoir is full. Any tips or ideas would really be appreciated. Hickory
  9. I am looking for a seat for a Farmall 560. My cousin needs one. He has a tractor with the deluxe seat that is a complete wreck. i just want a standard seat. I believe one from a 400 series to 560 series will work. I need from the top of the battery box on up. I have a pan and can get a new spring if need be. I can't find one locally anywhere. I hate to pay $75.00 freight on a $50.00 dollar seat. I am in SW Indiana. Any tips or leads would be appreciated. Hickory
  10. I have operators manual for a CASEIH 86,96 and 97 rakes and a manual for a International 35 side delivery rake. I no longer own these rakes. If anyone one needs either one, let me know and we can work on shipping. I don't want any thing for them just would like to cover shipping. The one for the 35 has a little damage at the bottom but it doesn't affect the lettering. Just let me know. Hickory
  11. My 300 leaks oil from the valve block. I want to try and find a gasket set before I tear it apart. The CaseIH web site is useless. Are there gaskets between the valve bodies or just orings sandwiched in there. Any help would be much appreicated. Hickory
  12. What size engine is in a 4500 forklift. Better yet is what carburetor is used on this engine. I need a new venturi for mine and I am coming up blank looking for parts. The older parts guy at my local dealer is willing to help but my carb. has no tags or any numbers on it. Thanks for any help. Hickory
  13. Don't want to break any rules here. I mistakenly ordered a repair kit for a tractor model I don't have. It is from Steiners and is for a Cub and a Cub lowboy. It is IHS 3027. I have no use for it and I can't send it back. If it will do anyone on here any good it is yours for the shipping. Hope I am not breaking any rules. Just trying to pay it forward. Hickory
  14. Washers where the bolts thru the yoke. Pretty thick ones
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