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  1. bmk

    1256 Wedges

    Ill have to measure the axles, but i thank they are 3 1/4. They are the same as a 3588 because thats where i got the other tires i put on it. Axles are smaller than a 1086. The last time i was able to get a price on new tires, they were over $2000 each. The last couple of places locally I have tried lately, they couldnt get that size.
  2. bmk

    1256 Wedges

    Brahamfireman , Your correct about the rim having rivets holding the brackets on. I had forgot about that till I looked at them this evening. I liked the looks of those centers better is why i wanted to put them back on, and keep it more orginal. We use the tractor as a extra in hay season to rake or pull a trailer moving hay. Use it some if I have to disk any with cutting disk. Hard to justify the cost of a complete change over .
  3. I have a 1256 that had 23.1x 34 rear tires that are junk. Took some 18.4x38 off a parts tractor that fit axle to use for time being. I would like to put the orginal hubs(cast centers) back on the 1256. Can I get some wedges that I could go back with 38 inch wheels instead of 34? Over sized wedges. I know if it possible to so, someone on here has done it. Thanks
  4. I thank I got oring blowed on the 886, steering quits when you turn tractor up hill. So I was thanking of putting a new pump on it while I had it apart since its got a TA. Steering has quit on the 1256, hadnt had time to figure out whats wrong with it. Just wondering if they would interchange. Thanks for the replies.
  5. Would a 12 gmp pump out of a 886 work in place of a 9 gpm on a 1256? Somewhere I read it could be done but something had to be drilled out larger. I hadnt been able to find where I read it. I know someone on this forum should know. Thanks
  6. I still us a 1978 model 815 to shell about 12 acres of corn per year for cowfeed. I had a gas burner which was a older model that most of the parts are the same such as the radiator and most all the cleaning parts. It does a good job, just slow compared to the newer machines everyone uses today. .
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