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  1. bmk

    PFC 1086 Hydraulics intermittent

    Have you checked pressures or relief valves?
  2. bmk

    Alabama & Mississippi Cotton

    Thats great. Its good to be able to pass along that customers like you and others got the service they needed while in the area. Theres a bunch of different little businesses that help service the motorhomes that come thru, either for warranty work or something that just needs a little attention.
  3. bmk

    Alabama & Mississippi Cotton

    Tony, I hope your visit for your repairs at Tiffins was short. I know quiet a few that works in repair. Im located about 15 minutes south of Red Bay.
  4. bmk


    Got a buddy who recently bought an 884. Where will the serial # plate be located on these tractors? Do they have any problems other than normal everday issues to look out for? Thanks.
  5. bmk

    826 Engine Swap

    The guy that owned the 1256 died, i traded for from his son. He said it had some hydralic leaks was the only thing he knew was wrong with it when his dad died. The PTO assembly has been taken out and put in a 1466 they had. It will need a PTO assembly which i am looking for while i try to get arrangements made to move the tractor. Matt, that was the main reason i asked here about the difference. I dont have a whole lot tied up in either tractor at the present time. I had already found that the clutches were different in size. Most of the time I tend to fix whats on a machine instead of changing to something else anyway. If i dont find a PTO unit , I have been thinking i could possiblely take the PTO out of the 826 and put in the 1256 to see what happens if dont find one by the time i get it home.
  6. bmk

    826 Engine Swap

    Thanks guys for the replys. I have never got to use either of these tractors, so im not leaning toward one over the other. In my mind, i thank the hydro would be great for hay and loader chores. The 826 was not running when i traded for it, and i seen the 1256 being used. When i can afford it, i want to completely restore the 826. When i get a chance to pick up the 1256, i may use it like it is and not even consider the swap. Hopefully i can get the 1256 home within the next week or so then i can decide which way i want to go. I know ill enjoy using either one because they were made to use and keep lasting with just a little attention. There used to be a dealer close back when these tractors where new and a lot of IH stuff in this area. Now the nearest dealer is about an hour and half drive. Eason, there is stil a few old cotton pickers around, but scrap yards got many of them as well as old tractors like these a couple years back, so there are getting harder to find. If you happen to run across one, people dont want to get rid of them or they want the price of an fully operating machine. Thanks again for the replies, I knew i could get some good feed back here. Ill post when i decide what im gone to do.
  7. bmk

    826 Engine Swap

    Thats a good looking 1256
  8. bmk

    826 Engine Swap

    Lars, your correct, I dont really need that much power to do either. I got a 7 wheel disk mower and a 10 wheel v-rake. We normally use either a gas 504 farmall, a 3910 Ford, or a 35 hp Kubato to do the raking. My plan would be to put the mower on that tractor and not take it off till season is over. I had a 1086 that i used till i traded for a CX90 Caseinternational where i would have a cab to get out of the hay dust. The 1086 was a longer wheelbase and rode much better than the CX. Both these tractors are open platform tractors. I hope to be able to restore the 826 back to orginal when i can afford it.The 358 will have to be totally rebuilt thats in the 826.
  9. bmk

    826 Engine Swap

    Tractor would be used for cutting or raking hay.
  10. bmk

    826 Engine Swap

    I have a 826 Hydro with a 358 engine needing a overhaul. I recently traded for a 1256 that was suppose to run. Was wondering what would have to be changed to put the engine out of the 1256 into the 826 Hydro. I understand im going to an older and smaller engine, but needing another tractor for hay season. Hoping to do a complete restoration on the 826 when i can afford it. Both tractors are complete. Thanks for any help. I have not picked up the 1256, so i have not looked at them side by side to see any differences.Im just looking any possible options. I know this group of Ih folks already has the answers. Thanks again.
  11. bmk

    CX 100 won't start

    I have got a CX90, had starting problem same as you, turned out to be a relay located just just above the starter .
  12. bmk

    1086 lower hitch seals

    Thanks, thats the only part of one of these tractor i hadnt worked on. Its leaking pretty bad. Dont know the history of the tractor, was recently bought.
  13. bmk

    1086 lower hitch seals

    How much trouble is it to change the seals and bushings on the lower shaft that holds the lift arms? I was told the bushings have to be pressed out and new ones presed back in. Its leaking oil where the shaft comes out the side of the rear end housing.
  14. bmk

    5410JD Brakes

    CIHTECH, thats what i had to put in my CX90 CI when my left brake completely quit. Thanks for the information.
  15. bmk

    5410JD Brakes

    Its not the same as a clutch brake, it does it with the clutch pressed down just enough to stop the tractor just like where a parking brake was used and not totally released or pushed off.