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  1. I thank I got oring blowed on the 886, steering quits when you turn tractor up hill. So I was thanking of putting a new pump on it while I had it apart since its got a TA. Steering has quit on the 1256, hadnt had time to figure out whats wrong with it. Just wondering if they would interchange. Thanks for the replies.
  2. Would a 12 gmp pump out of a 886 work in place of a 9 gpm on a 1256? Somewhere I read it could be done but something had to be drilled out larger. I hadnt been able to find where I read it. I know someone on this forum should know. Thanks
  3. Tractor would die just like you cut the switch off. Wait about 15 seconds and it would crank back up, run again for just a few seconds and die again. No priming or anything. We finally found the return line on top of filter base had a banjo fitting that was plugged stopping the return. Cleaned it out and running great again. Thanks again for the replies.
  4. Tractor will start, runs for only 15 to 20 seconds and dies. Changed the fuel filter, primer pump, electric selonid on injector pump. Still doing the same thing. Any suggestions before we take the injector pump off? Thanks
  5. I noticed a clicking noise in transmission pulling a load of hay up a hill. I had noticed it before just a little while backing up but never going forward. Now its doing it going forward, the higher gear, the better you can hear it. We thank the clicking is coming from the range transmission. Anything we might could check to help pinpoint the problem . My TA shifts like it should going up, but shifting down it hesitates and it will not hold back when going down a grade. I have adjusted it according to the manual i got. I may have 2 different problems. Any help would be apprecated.
  6. bmk

    1256 remotes

    I changed the female couplers on the left side, it solved my problem. Will get a set for the other side when i get a chance. Thanks for the help.
  7. bmk

    1256 remotes

    Thanks for the replies. We will change the couplers and go from there.
  8. bmk

    1256 remotes

    My blocks looks just like what you have circled with the lines going from the block back up under the seat, on both sides. I can take the one on the right loose from the lines, but the one on the left has the lines made directly in the back. Can i take the check valve out of the block or will it have to be completely changed?
  9. bmk

    1256 remotes

    I thank its setup just like this, Ill look tomorrow to make sure. Lines come down and have couplings, not like the couplings on the right side of your picture.
  10. When we use the remotes on the 1256, you have to be very easy and move the lever very little to let anything hooked to it down or it will lock the cylinder. Only way to unlock it is to raise it back just a little and try to go down again. My help said something about it last year with the rake, and I forgot about it till I hooked the disk to it yesterday. I tried the other remote and its the same way. Is something out of adjustment in the valve? No problems raising up. This is the only tractor we got that does this.
  11. Thanks Guys. Tractor engines would be what i want one for. Im sure it will be used for other jobs. From what I have looked at online, I will probably build one myself.
  12. I am looking for a engine stand for my shop. What is the weight of a 466 complete engine? Would use it for other things, but if i get one, i want one big enough to handle big 6 cylinder engine. Thanks
  13. bmk

    884 PTO

    Thanks guys for the information. I hadnt got back to the shop to work on the tractor this week so far.
  14. bmk

    884 PTO

    We had about decided it was mcv. Does these cause a lot of problems on this series of tractors?
  15. bmk

    884 PTO

    Got a 884 in shop thats had hydraulic problems. When it started, the hitch would go up and wouldnt come down. We found metal in the draft control valve, found the pump was going down. Cleaned all the valves and checked everything. A few days later, same problems. We checked the unloading valve and flow valve under the seat, went back to working. The last time it quit, no hitch, no steering, and pto will not come on. We replace the complete valve under the seat and the hitch and steering works. Pto still will not come on. Put gauge on the remote and got 2200 # . I found a service manual, got a gauge on the multiple control, says i need 200-220 #, but only got about 30#. It already has 3 shims to increase the pressure according to how the manual says to raise it. New oil, new filter. Could the seals internal be letting the pressure off before it engages the pto? Or have i overlooked something else?
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