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  1. Didn’t know Borghoff owned 501. I’m pretty sure he and Larry Eipers owned #502 together, the first 806 diesel.
  2. Unfortunately that seal is impossible to find. From what I was told, Bates was going to have someone remake them but that was years ago now and I don’t know if they ever found anyone to do them. Is the crank grooved or smooth? Heard stories of guys putting in neoprene seals back in the day on the grooved cranks. They would leak pretty quick. If it’s grooved you can find a seal retainer set for the felt seal and use those with the felt. MD would have originally had the felt/grooved crank. Afraid if you put felt in on a smooth crank, it would leak. Good luck.
  3. Red 56 Turbo

    Mez 4300

    At least the weather has been decent. Hate to buy a tractor then haul it on a wet, salty road. Nothing but headaches, LOL. The collection is slowly dispersing. Sad I never got there to see it.
  4. It’s an early one being the 90th one built. So yes, a decal 1206. The ‘65’s tend to be more desirable. Solar turbo? Original oil cooler? Hand hole in the right side fender? Tires hurt. We’ll have to let Kristin know the serial number. @red_reaper
  5. Yep, I totally agree with Sheik on price. Sounds like she needs some work. It does look pretty darned straight other than being rusty. Tires don't look too bad. Does look like the right rad shield panel has been cut. Pretty common, though hard to find a replacement. Good sheet metal guy can fix that. It's a 1206, so ?? Good luck and keep us posted if ya snag her or not.
  6. Nice find and buy on the H T-Mo. The first tractor I bought was an H followed by a 350 in the early 90's. Those are long gone now, but miss them to this day. And I'm a Farmall guy through and through, but I really like to run Dad's Ford 961 and his JD 730 diesel, too. I don't own anything but red, but maybe someday different colors will reside here. Did you get your new tractor home yet?
  7. Nice, straight old M. Congrats. She sounds good, too. Always liked the look of the rear cast dished out. And she has a factory wide front to boot. And yes, welcome to the forum.
  8. IHRed, absolutely! If you’re happy with it, stick with what you have. Sounds like it works and may or may not be accurate. Just throwing it out for future needs or purchases. Precision has an easy to use website. You’ll have to check it out sometime. Other good parts there as well, not just gauges.
  9. Don’t waste your time with Steiner. Cheap gauges and junk. Precision Tractor Parts is where I buy my gauges. They use Rochester gauges which are correct. Metal not plastic. They even supply CNH with gauges. They may cost more than Steiner but it’s worth it to me for a correct, accurate gauge. My 400 diesel at idle not being worked runs on the low end of RUN. Rust red is correct on where they should run.
  10. Kinda wished you would have bid on the Super MD. Then I wouldn’t have had to bring it home. My better half wasn’t too happy with me, LOL. Was only supposed to buy one. We all know how that is.... Bill was a good guy. I ended up buying an MD off of him last summer. Always ran into him at auctions or he’d stop by my place if he saw a tractor out.
  11. You must have been there Friday? Looks pretty empty out front. I ended up snagging the Super WD6 and Super MD. We went Friday morning with a rollback. Very impressed with the loading process. Got first one loaded. Went and dropped it off. Second one was pulled out and ready to go when we got back. Only live 20 miles from Bill’s so it was easier. You guys got some nice buys. Was that the high serial number Super M propane on day two? I would have loved to buy the Super MTA diesel but it went for just a tad more than I wanted to spend, LOL.
  12. Here’s an original I pulled off the web. You can just make out the “SMTA” scripting and for diesels, the “D” is stamped after that. The one from NewAg Talk is not correct. They never made an MDTA. They are Super MTA diesels.
  13. And the “D” stands for diesel. It would have said MTA before the D but a lot of serial tags have worn over the years and the scripting is gone. An MTA diesel is a bucket list tractor for me. Someday........LOL.
  14. I second Porch Electric. Great harnesses. Never used Brillman, but heard good things about them as well. Porch is fairly local for me and I like using local vendors.
  15. Unfortunately, those engines can be money pits. If you're looking for something to tinker around with, money's not an object, and you're not looking to resell/make money on it go for it. In the condition you describe without any pics, it's a $500 tractor or less. Worse case scenario, you can part it out and make your money back. Injection pumps run $1200+ to rebuild. Injectors $100+ per injector. Full engine rebuild including sleeves/pistons/rings/gaskets/bearings, etc. will run $3500+, not including any machine work needed. And that's if the head is not cracked or the blocks not broken
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