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  1. A common misconception about tank type circulation heaters is that people think that it has a pump in it. It does not! It works solely on thermosyphon. They will rarely (if ever) work when hooked into a tractor cab heater hose. The thermostat will shut it down from high temp before it actually starts circulating.
  2. I will say, that all of the changes that the buzzard people did, made them harder to work on! The only hood that is harder to remove is a 3545 Massey. That Massey is easier to split though!
  3. That program hasn’t been bought out at least… You know where sponsor money is spent when you see a TV program blur out every brand name and logo except for the retarded leaping deer. Piss be upon anything green with yellow wheels.
  4. I have this one, but I would like to find a user's manual for it.
  5. I modeled my spacers after the ones described in the Fairbanks Magneto manual, except that theirs were one piece. . They work very well.
  6. A CX100 was dropped off here with multiple problems. I haven't brought it into the shop yet, just brainstorming about it. 1- no power steering 2- Hi-Lo- (TA) not shifting 3- PTO Not working Remotes do work. Not sure about 3pt hitch. The engine mounted pump is referred to as "steering pump" by Hy-Capacity. Is that all it does? It still has an MCV like the old Doncaster tractors. Does it still have a small separate pump for the TA besides the MCV pump? The customer changed the main hydraulic filter, found some fine filings, but not alot. My first thought is that the steering pump has failed, and the filings have entered the flow divider valve in the MCV. Any thoughts? I don't feel like buying a book on this model ...yet Thanks!
  7. The H4 magneto uses a rotor magnet. The outer poles, fastened to the housing are not magnets. A special re charging adapter is needed to recharge the rotor. H4 magnetos rarely need re charging, but since I made the charging apparatus and all of the tools, I do give them a boost.
  8. The worst mess that I ever had to deal with was when a customer tried power washing a combine, and quit halfway through because he wasn't gaining.
  9. I'm glad that I never took a job at a big dealer. This new iron is huge, and everything is heavy. The biggest Iron that I work on is a 71-89 series Magnum or 2+2. Most of my work is on older, smaller tractors, which I enjoy, and the big dealers don't want to mess with, and I never have a slack day looking for the next one to come in!
  10. Farmall 656 Diesel. The most ambitious tractor in it's class.
  11. Good! Very nice specimen!
  12. I especially despise the "new generation" if you are meaning the farty-twennys. World's most over-rated piece of machinery. I'd rather farm with mules.
  13. What is this? Green power mag? Yuck! What is it worth? It depends on what it weighs and how much fuel is in it. I would take great pleasure in watching any piece of green and yellow scrap iron go through the shredder.
  14. Most green and yellow owners don’t need a forum to learn from. They already know everything.
  15. An update on the multi-billion $$ battery plant that we are being forced to pay for.... It has recently been let out that the company is bringing in foreign workers to built it. Lovely.
  16. I don't mind breaded shrimp, and just tried crab last New Year... it was really good. I don't often step out of my usual eating habits.. I like hamburgers.. haha
  17. Eew! Water cockroaches? What does it taste like? But then you serve it with corn… I hate corn!
  18. Don’t remove the relief valve to test the pressure! Only the plug to install the test fitting.
  19. Disgusting creatures! Yuck!! You won’t ever catch me anywhere closer than a shovel handle length away from a dead one!
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