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  1. You could install a Radio Shack output jack for headphones. Or they might even have some sort of bluetooth device that you could wire into it.
  2. Try turning it with visegrips or a pipe wrench when the engine is not running
  3. How would that work? I'm sure that you have the model confused with something else. Corvair had a rear engine, and no rear steer.
  4. The 84 series used 2500 psi. The Orings inside the body may need changing as well. HH399858 | MCV Pumps | Tractor Hydraulic | Hy-Capacity
  5. I saw one set in a tractor that I worked on. I didn’t like them at all.
  6. The first time that I saw a complete RD I thought that it looked like a 361 or 407. Is it a coincidence that they made an RD 406?
  7. I'd buy it! I want one to make a wood chipper. hehe
  8. More like L-190 to 200 Tractor is an F-20
  9. Yes, same old 574 basically. I just had a 100 here, but didn't notice where the reservoir was.
  10. I was informed at a local IH feature show that a guy was telling everyone that his D-407 powered 856 was a German Diesel. I was going to go find him and have a discussion, but I got sidelined by a cantankerous old fellow that was quite serious about telling everyone that his W4 with bar axles was the rarest tractor ever made. Someone had an H and had put a W4 front end under it at some point.. he wouldn't listen to reason. Then there are the "White Demo" H and M. Those guys are pretty serious about trying to prove something. There was a video from a Roundup 25 years ago where a fellow went to great lengths to say that an H or M weren't built by IHC. He claimed that Farmall was a totally different company. UGH!
  11. 9 times out of 10 it is the brake piston Orings. With a cab stand and a heavy duty full size wheel cart it is a fairly easy job. Remove the axle and wheel assembly as one unit. (it is not as involved as this, of course... I just share the photo to show the wheel and axle on the wheel cart).
  12. Don't put anti-sieze on spark plugs. It can get down to the electrode and short it out. I have seen it more than once. Spray a GOOD penetrating oil around the stuck plug, put a strong socket with a good size bar and work it very little back and forth and keep spraying oil at it. Have LOTS of patience. I have only ever broken one plug, and it took so little effort to break, I think that someone had gotten too aggressive with it before I got to it.
  13. Update... Main engine-mounted steering pump was worn enough that it wouldn't pick up supply oil. Just for kicks I asked my dealer if they had one... the website showed new and reman pumps. But I was informed that there isn't stock available! Luckily my main aftermarket supplier, Fawcett Tractor, had a new one on the shelf. Only one!
  14. The Magnum that was at the University of Wisconsin (across from the archives) still had all of the original IH castings on it. I was there during Winter Convention 25 years ago.
  15. DD- I have had tractors here that would barely run, some that wouldn't run at all, and some that would run fine at idle, but not at high idle.... caused by a bad condenser. I keep a new condenser in my toolbox at all times for testing. Use "alligator" test leads to clip a new condenser onto the wire coming out of the distributor and ground the body and test. If it runs fine now, bad condenser. Easy Peasy. I also have seen points with a weak or partially broken spring. This will cause poor performance at higher RPMs as well.
  16. The problem with the new 3 rib tires is that the center rib is so high that the other 2 never touch ground... and making the overall rolling radius much higher. When the '06 and '56 series were new, the 3 ribs were pretty well flat across the face. I searched for years to find a good used set of 9.5L-15 Firestones for the front of the 560. If I had a huge lathe I could have cut the center rib down on a dozen good used modern tires. (it's a thought, anyways)
  17. Others have mentioned a high quality book re-printer, But I don't recall who it was.... besides Jensales.
  18. Regarding "autosteer, or crash intervention" or whatever it's called... there are Ford SUV models with this. I had some friends, Husband and wife, die in an accident 3 years ago. Clear and dry conditions in daylight. An F-450 dump truck crossed the line coming towards them. The damage was to the right front of the SUV as if they turned abruptly into the truck. A tow truck operator friend said that it has been seen more than once that the vehicle senses something in front of it and takes over steering. He said that our friend would not have been in control of their vehicle.
  19. A common misconception about tank type circulation heaters is that people think that it has a pump in it. It does not! It works solely on thermosyphon. They will rarely (if ever) work when hooked into a tractor cab heater hose. The thermostat will shut it down from high temp before it actually starts circulating.
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