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  1. Is this a Fiat? Or is it just a case?
  2. Check out this Allis Chalmers 30-60
  3. Hey, if I can break up your deere and buzzard love-in, I wonder if one of you should call the owner of this Nichols and Shepard and tell him that it should be referred to as an AGCO.
  4. The other caps are for priming with gasoline on a distillate tractor.
  5. They had spring loaded weather caps. You used an oil can daily.
  6. Have you ever heard the name Brooks McCormick?
  7. I just made it.. haha. Had my son do the photoshop work.. lol
  8. And no more “d in 23” posts! The green and yellow boys were frothing at the mouth over that ridiculousness.
  9. Once again, the buzzard lovers failed to grasp the simple point of the original post. Again, a Magnum is not a "case". It clearly says "case International" or "case IH" right on the side. There are many of us who have a disliking for the orange and white equipment from poor experiences of either ownership, or having to rebuild a 1370 powershift, engine, axles, rear end, transmission, pto, etc, so referring to what we believe to be a superior product from our beloved IHC as being from J.I. in Racine, is an insult. Like or hate the fact that we have an emotional attachment to IHC, but go ahead and read the title page of this forum that we are on, and take a guess what company brought us all here, and scratch your head and wonder why we all (most) defend IHC.
  10. Yep, the amount of fuel left in the tank comes into the deal on a case.
  11. Well, those of us dealing with them everyday have to refer to them As “Farmall” or “International”, depending on the model. Otherwise, bad parts choices are made. We have always referred to that tractor of yours or other models as “Farmall 1206 D” or more appropriately “806 D” as in diesel. Kind of an old carryover from the MD days that I picked up from the old boys in the business.
  12. HARDLY! have you ever looked at either besides a side shot photo on the internet?
  13. No such thing as a "nice looking case".. except for Steam Engines. They were laid out in a way that they look good.. those contractors bunkers on the back are a royal pain though. Skinned and muddy knees, and sore backs firing them.
  14. If it's pre-85... it is a case or International. Around here, the only AG Techs that get excited about a buzzard showing up at the shop are OLD case guys. Everyone else is disgusted by the darned things. I despise them almost as the green with yellow wheels brand. I will not stand for a 1066 being called a case!
  15. I finally made a meme to give to all of the ignorant sellers on marketplace, kijiji, etc, or the oblivious millennials that think that they are saving time by not typing "IH". Read the decal on the side. Sound it out.. take your time. If you think that this is being silly, then start describing your '69 Charger as a Stellantis.
  16. Put the big air gun on forward and twist them off. I too, have had frustrating moments trying to get panels off.
  17. That would be sweet! Ralph and I used to listen to tapes of Jack Benny.
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