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  1. I believe that the 5th photo, the 1206 NF is Dickie Sullivan.
  2. Not to Ontario Canada. I get 2 weeks wait, incoming freight, brokerage, duty, and then freight to my door.
  3. Was the flywheel machined to the correct step of 1.938"?
  4. There was a certain run of those heads that had extra meat in the casting around the spark plug holes. I have ran into that as well.
  5. How did the transmission input shaft look? Did you try the new disc on the splines to see that it moved smoothly? And lubricate the splines before assembly? If the disc splines are binding on the shaft, it may not be able to slide away from the flywheel when the clutch is released.
  6. Some people don't learn well. I did however hear about an older fellow who never went out drinking. But a friend died and he had a couple of drinks at the funeral wake. He got busted. A few years later he was driving again, and went to another funeral... a couple of drinks, and got busted again. That's more like bad luck. Then there was the time when there was a big birthday party for a Veteran at The Legion in a neighboring village. The cops came out from the city and parked across the road waiting for the first victim. Everyone was held captive in the Legion until they got booted at closing time. That's just mean.
  7. Yes, but quality control goes way down when the factory does a run for them.
  8. OK, I just had a chance to call and talk to them. Ben assured me that the gear set is definitely NOT A&I, they have been having these gear sets made overseas for over 20 years. I suppose that if they have been doing it that long, they have had good luck with them.
  9. Ok, have YOU experienced the grinding, or just the customer? Is he expecting to shift the range instantly when pushing the clutch down?
  10. The updated stamped steel bracket has been known to break or strip the rear mounting bolt that goes through the cab floor. I Have changed that bolt to a larger one.
  11. Somebody has tried to use that 784 clutch disc before without aligning the splines... then using the bolts to squeeze it together.
  12. I have never dealt with Abilene, but my usual Hy-Capacity supplier isn't keeping anything in stock anymore. I need a ring and pinion for a 1066. They are almost half the price of Hy-Cap! Is there a reason? I would be pretty ticked off to order a gear set and have it show up with an A&I sticker on it. 528707R93 - Ring Gear and Pinion Set. 120265C92, 395828R1, 528707R1 | Abilene Machine HH528707 | Ring Gear and Pinions | Brake and Rear Axle | Hy-Capacity
  13. Yea, I have to re-configure my mind around how a blower (soopacharga) configures upon a V8 gas pot. I think that our friend is having fun ship hopping. He was getting a bit stir crazy being at home on land… I could tell. I help him out as much as I can over the phone with his green and yellow tractor.. I did find someone down the road from him to help him in my 460 mile absence though.
  14. You still like power robbing blowers? Hahaha . Aren't turbos more efficient? It's an argument as to what works better, sounds cooler, and looks cooler... i'm a Detroit fan, so I think that turbos feeding a blower is the best of both worlds. NOW, the question is to run a bypass blower, or a NA blower and have the turbos spin the blower for more hp! Oohh.. The fun thinking.
  15. The invoice for my W4. The first tractor that I bought on my own. They didn't want the whole price until they found me a hood for it! Haha. Such great folks. It was always an adventure going to visit.. I sure miss Roger and his inventory!
  16. I still have the very first hand written invoice that I got from Roger! The first transaction that I ever made buying tractor parts!
  17. Thanks! No, it wasn't Ralph's, but he told me that I should buy the chassis from our friend Roger. He and I hauled it home on one of our monthly trips to Tupperville!
  18. I thought that I would share this project of mine. My dearly departed best friend and I saved it from a tractor dismantler almost 30 years ago. It sat in the barn until I gathered all of the parts needed to complete it 2 years ago. I finally got some video of it and put it on my YouTube channel. Here is a link to a photo album, and the running videos! It was a fun project that really didn't take too long to assemble. I especially enjoyed beating the tinwork back into shape and leaving the patina intact. The donor engine just happens to be from a Super W6. If I was still into tractor pulling, I bet that it would be a force to be reckoned with! Great tires, the Super engine, and slower W6 gearing would be a winning combination. Facebook This is the link to a viewable photo album, even if you aren't on FaceBox
  19. Scrap is $250 per ton here. Earlier last year it was $300. It makes it harder to buy antiques.
  20. What condition is the manifold system in? Is the heat riser working correctly? After a cold start, the portion of the intake manifold just above the carb should be hot within under a minute of idling. Sometimes the heat riser may appear to be moving properly, but the lower part of the manifold is full of carbon and the exhaust can't circulate properly to warm the intake.
  21. Blackwelder Tomato Harvesters mostly used IHC power units.
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