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  1. I’ve spent my life on them and didn’t know that the throttle was “out of reach” until the internet came along.
  2. Looks like a nice calm morning so far from what I can see from the couch.
  3. Even when those engines are worn out, they will start well with good working glow plugs. Are you letting go of the glow plug switch while cranking, or do you continue the glow plugs until it starts? You should always continue to run the glow plugs until it starts. They cool off much faster than they heat up. How did the engine sound when it was running? it should have a dull diesel "rattle". not a sharp hammering "ping". have you ever checked injection timing?
  4. It just depends on the loader valve. some are easy to feather the speed, others seem to act like all or nothing. I need to get around to putting a fitting in the lift circuit on my 504. The dump circuits rarely need them, unless you are using long forks on the end and don't want it to tip too fast.
  5. Maybe check the oil pump pickup screen/tube. If it has a crack and is sucking air, maybe the oil is become aerated and "foamy" reducing the effectiveness of the lubrication properties.
  6. Here is an example of a restrictive fitting. They are available in different sizes and fitting styles. Only one is needed on top of the loader valve in the lift hose. It controls the lowering speed under load. They don't affect lift speed when sized correctly. If that is a concern, some are designed like a check valve. Full flow to raise, and restricted lower.
  7. Right here. Unhook this fitting. Run the loader valve feed hose from the pump outlet on the tractor at the JIC fitting. Return from loader valve goes into the vertical line feeding the flow divider valve under the dash. The loader lift hose should always have a restrictive fitting in ANY setup to control the drop under load anyways, so there won't be a sudden rush of fluid which you describe.
  8. OK, i have been thinking about this... allow me to add that my method won't work well if you only have single acting loader cylinders. With double acting cylinders, you have oil returning to feed the steering circuit and it works fine. Sorry if that's what you were concerned about.
  9. You really don’t want to be messing with the flow circuits on a 656. They made the return oil go back to the “suction” side for a reason. Don’t be putting your return from any valve simply back to sump at a random point. Just do a quick search on here for 656 hydraulics and you will see that although when working, they are a near perfect setup, but when it starts starving for return oil, they get very cranky!
  10. Nope, it still does not work that way. You could have a hundred 2000psi relief valves in one circuit, and the pressure required to go through them all would be 2000 psi.
  11. It is not “bleeding off” of steering function. Every bit of GPM that comes from the pump is going through the loader valve and functions, then returning to the flow divider for steering and remotes. There is not one ounce of oil lost or dumped back to tank. Using the loader will not affect steering in any way if using my simple method.
  12. It doesn’t work that way. Max pressure will still only be as high as the highest relief.
  13. Two hydraulic hoses. One to, and from the loader valve. That’s it. JIC fittings at that!
  14. I just has a 686 here that is plumbed in that way and it works great.
  15. The easiest way is to simply hook up the loader valve in series with the existing system at the pump outlet line.
  16. Nice weather we are having these days. It was 45 here again today, and no damned wind. A bit of sunshine would be nice though.
  17. I use Lith-ease on every paper gasket except for water pump gaskets. Those get a spray coating of Permatex High Tack. The veteran mechanics i learned from smeared the lith-ease on paper gaskets. So i have always done the same. It softens them, and holds them in place during re-assembly.
  18. Jeepers Creepers! Where did you find that? I am worried. How can we stop the madness??
  19. I agree fully and completely. When I was still involved with farming I wanted one just to look cool hauling wagons to ADM.
  20. Why not? Everyone brags about how “awesome” the prices are on a green and yellow 4440 piece of scrap iron.
  21. I wouldn't want the aggrivation of going to the post office 1000 times... ask a local online auction how much they would charge.
  22. Canada is trying to regulate our use of fertilizer as well. I have read stories from the praries of government types sneaking onto farmland to collect water samples in drainage systems without prior permission. Some landowners have even witnessed these folks introducing a substance into the water system that was being sampled. When confronted, they swiftly buggered off. The Canola growers' association is quite concerned, because if fertilizer rates are regulated as heavily as proposed, Canola growing will then become hardly ecenomically feasible. Yields will suffer bad enough that Canada will no longer have enough product leftover to export after satisfying our own needs. If the viewer is not triggered by humor, sarcasm, political commentary, and the odd curse word, go to YouTube and check out Quick Dick McDick. he is a Prarie farmer and provides good commentary on these issues from his perspective.
  23. Sad but true. Rural residents are the sworn enemy of urbanites, and now they have legislation to dispose of us "legally". Just this week here in Ontario Canada, the Provincial gov't just passed a bill to open up lands to housing development that were previously protected as "green space" and farm land. We are currently losing over 300 acres per day due to urban sprawl, and now it will get worse. Bill 23 - Ontario Farmland Trust
  24. Lots of us have pre-lube canisters for fresh engines. Fill the can and apply air pressure to force the oil in.
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