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  1. Where did you get the bearings and seals? I am trying to resurrect a 982 now that was parked because of steering gear failure. I don't have nor can I find a parts lookup for them.
  2. I stole it fair and square!
  3. A and I stand for Almost Installable.
  4. Yes, I know that he said it… that’s why I said that he must have been in a hurry.
  5. She's a beauty! I noticed that they cut the fuel oil back for photo ops.. haha. If it was up to me, we would be firing coal! I bet that it is a learning experience trying to fire a boiler on oil. I learned to fire on wood.. firing coal was new to me when I started running engines in Ohio, but I soon learned how wonderful it is!
  6. I always have painted my bottoms. Royal Blue was the same price as any other color. They shine up nice if they have to sit outside. @Chester5732 Canadian built plows are adjustable from 8" to 14" and have adjustable handle height, and finer adjustment for depth control. The single furrow shown is an American plow though. We didn't build such an animal. It is a single 18". We sold 2 furrows and up.
  7. A TD6 is my favorite crawler! I'll have one someday.. I don't know what I would do with it besides tear up the yard, but my old buddy Ralph had one that we got running, and it was quite fun!
  8. You must have been in a hurry to forget to open the tank valve and bleed the filters first. It happens.
  9. Try a different implement to see how it acts. It could be as simple as bad tip on the hydraulic hoses.
  10. Smear white lithium grease on both sides by hand.
  11. The 86 series are easy to work on, easy to get parts, and it's nice to find one in great condition. I have lots of them in my customer base still.
  12. The union killed the IH truck plant in Chatham. Nobody deserves $35/hr to put bolts in bumpers.
  13. What’s with the balance pole on the weight bracket?
  14. Do you have one shaft or two coming out of the PTO?
  15. Try proofreading and re-phrasing your post. It doesn’t make sense. And besides, why would that shaft in the photo be on the 540 shaft of the PTO? Did someone weld it on for fun?
  16. Make sure that the 3pt hitch control lever isn't pushed all the way down... this "shuts off" the remotes. Lift the 3pt hitch a bit.
  17. Choke shaft. Seen on crank start models from the 30s. I.E. Farmall F20
  18. case IH is a better source, they probably stock them.. j.I. Case construction dealers are pretty limited on IH parts.
  19. Another feature that I added was a weight bracket on both sides at the very back to hang suitcase weights to take some more weight off of the pan to help small tractors get it going.
  20. I bet that it was great! it looks great!. But I don’t know the first thing about cooking, and the last thing I want to do is babysit a bbq for 2 days. 8 hours of work, 6 beers after 5, and some pizza pockets and I’m good… hahaha.
  21. I built a sled in 2016/17 with some friends in the local club. Matt Willson went cukoo for cocoa puffs and stole it from us.. we quit. But anyhoo, a couple of nice features that we did was to use a couple of small cab air ride bags at the back so that the weight box didn't slam home every time. My genious invention was the pull back hitch with a 6" slot in it... and a cable attached and ran over a pulley to the back of the sled pan. As the pullback tractor pulled on the hitch, the back of the pan raised, and made it easy to bring it back to the starting line.
  22. I really enjoyed this. I would always rather watch a documentary, and this one includes a good story.
  23. …and you still don’t have a cab tractor…. Hehe
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