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  1. I have all of the ratios in the dealer introduction to the TA. I'll scan it this evening!
  2. No hard feelings either way. It's a good brain exercise to contemplate the physics of something we don't normally think about because it just works well.
  3. Blank. The past tense of Blink.
  4. Not to discredit your theories, or testing efforts, but I think that the only true way to test torque transfer would be to somehow measure the forces between the input shaft and the clutch carrier.
  5. Most units that had them used a "Heat" position on the key switch. Sometimes turning counterclockwise, or a detent position between off and start, then when cranking, the heater still had power. When I install them on units that didn't have them originally, I add a heavy duty push button switch just for the heater. I have only once seen one stick open, but it may have been a key switch problem. That was 25 years ago. I added one to a cold blooded 686 with the German diesel this fall, and just had an update this morning that it starts very well now. Back in the day, MF 35 tractors with the (poor) 4 cylinder British diesel engine they used a plug the same size as the thermostart, but was just a heater coil with no fuel. They didn't work well, so when they went to the Perkins Diesel, they switched to the fuel-fed thermostart.
  6. Here is a video that I made about demonstrating the Lucas Thermostart plug. They work quite well.
  7. The re-man units from Wilson Electric started coming with a sticker on them saying "Alternator is only to be tested on the vehicle. Warranty is void if tested on a bench tester"... that's just dumb!
  8. In the time that it took to type this discussion I could have re-wired the whole unit.
  9. Well that simplifies things!! Buy a standard 3 wire Delco 10si. Loop the sense wire to the main battery post of the alternator and run a feed wire from the dash-feed oil pressure switch under the oil pressure gauge to the field circuit wire at the alternator. Done. I despise 1 wire alternators. they are troublesome.
  10. I just plugged in my 1952 IH Fridge in preparations for my shop party tomorrow. The rest of the year it stays carefully covered and sealed up. I made a new door seal with nice spongy foam weatherstrip sealer from the hardware store. I didn't remove the old seal, just applied the new on top of the old. Works great!
  11. Not me! I have been told more than once "go get a beer... you are grumpy".. haha
  12. Me too! I've been in that shop. I'm also a longtime good friend of the Editor in Chief.
  13. Has it been sitting a while? Has it happened more than once?
  14. Ok, after more thought and study, I understand your theory, but I wonder… if say 50% of the torque is to spin the carrier “forward” in direct, and 50% is to keep the carrier up to speed and not spin backward thru the gears, and both actions are required to be accomplished by the same 9” clutch, does that add up to being 100% of the torque load going through that clutch?
  15. George2 would have been great to join in on this topic... He was an ag engineer. Very smart guy.
  16. That’s the one! Thanks for sharing the link. I am away from home and don’t know how to share a link with my telephone…. Haha
  17. Hy-Cap has the high-low range cover update kit. It’s the best way to go.
  18. A friend of mine grows some veggies to take to a local market. he gets decent money for his "organic" stuff. He said that a lady asked him a bunch of questions about how he grows them. The final question was "do you use tractors"? Well, yes, Ma'am, of course we do! She got disgusted and said that she wouldn't buy the produce because tractors contain dangerous chemicals! He told her that she should grow her own then.... another disgusting look came back. "Um, NO, I'm not doing that! That's your job!"... some people just have NO clue. Well, alot have no clue.
  19. Even worse... this is fairly close to me. Wind turbines to blame for well water problems: hydrogeologist - Wind Concerns Ontario
  20. I have always scratched my head as to just how that tiny little direct drive clutch in there can hold as much as the 14" Flywheel clutch. But it does work at factory HP settings. I really don't think that anything in that center section is going to live very long at double or more HP output.
  21. I was all set to share until I read the body of the message and the part about “good” traditions.. haha. For me, it’s the most stressful time of the year.
  22. That’s why I buy as much as possible from Hy-Capacity.
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