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  1. I've seen some pretty silly things inside "rebuilt" carbs and mags.
  2. What makes this Mark guy the only one that can rebuild a carb? If the original poster’s carb has a cast iron bowl, it shouldn’t be warped, but if some idiot sandblasted it, that’s why it is weeping at the gasket area. It will be wicking.
  3. Either is better than just “case” when it is clearly not one. Unless you are talking about something like a 1894 that was a JUNK buzzard painted red to try and sell them.
  4. I Heard, or read recently that there are hundreds or thousands of weather stations in the upper regions of Canada. Many have been shut down. The ones shut down? The ones that are reading the coolest temps. Only ones in areas that are reading the highest temps are still being recorded.
  5. The sticker on the side of the hood says "case IH"... right?
  6. Rubber belts are not the best choice for a threshing machine. I have had to deal with them on someone else’s machine.
  7. Everyone should have an infrared thermometer! They are on sale about every month for $30 from Hobo Freight, Hardware stores, etc... the most indispensable tool to be in the shop or house!
  8. That seems a bit far fetched... just like the Flat-earthers.
  9. To Me, a 1456 is the ultimate in class and power for a farm tractor. It's what a real tractor should look like. A story: The local JI case dealer wanted to demonstrate a new 1570 and a big vari-width DMI moldboard plow to a fellow looking for a new plow. Charlie took the farmer for a few rounds in the new rig. He said "This tractor pulls pretty good, Charlie, but I wouldn't mind trying my tractor on this plow". OK, What have you got to pull this plow? They put the 1456 on it and they went for a round. Charlie said, Not bad..., but the 1570 will pull it at any speed or width. The farmer said "Hang on!". He wiped the throttle, threw the TA ahead and opened the plow up to the full 22"! Charlie took the 1570 back to the lot.... haha!
  10. Get a new one from Farmall tractor parts - Rice Equipment Inc. and then try to avoid ethanol gas.
  11. A good local friend was president of the International Cockshutt club. He had a fantastic collection, and I worked on every one of them… including the Golden Arrow. Decent tractors, and proudly built close to home.
  12. Well, best of luck, do what's best for you. I still, and have always had for years 5 or 6 cans after work. It's my reward. But it's 5pm to 6:30pm. even on weekends I bust my a$$ all day and wait until 5pm. If it's a snowy cold Sunday, I'll start with a Caesar at 4pm, but I don't get the day drinking thing. I have too much to do every day.
  13. I Had always hoped for something like what Ford did with the Boomer 8N....
  14. I’m glad that I am not my kids’ age. But maybe, hopefully, in mine or their lifetime, liberalism will run its course and we can get some common sense back and have good lives and profitability again in North America…. And without the leftist extremism on every darned subject! Ugh!
  15. It depends how you work. I can work on a steam engine for a full day and not get any grease or grime on me, but if you ask some guys to hand you the grease gun, they will look like they just climbed out of a tar pit.
  16. I am not familiar with that exact starter motor, but many pull in style solenoids and linkage units have provisions to adjust how far the bendix goes towards the nose cone. Either in the link, or sometimes the fulcrum bolt is eccentric to adjust this.
  17. Use compressed air with a long narrow blower tip down the spark plug holes. You may be surprised at what will blow out while it is still dry.
  18. That’s not uncommon. The mechanical TA units were very well built.
  19. I am rebuilding an old 100'x27' pig barn to put tractors and parts in. The 504 has been a huge help in this project! The hour meter has been ticking away! It works well with the loader and the little Triple K cultivator on the back. The Farmall 300 got put on the baler today. The upper level of the barn was full of straw that was put up there 60 years ago. It is getting baled up and moved to a customer that has livestock. 110 bales today forked out of the barn loose and stacked onto the wagon.
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