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  1. That wasn't me that posted that!! good grief.
  2. So then by your thoughts, should the logo have remained unchanged since the early 1900s? Because it's a stupid waste of time to update the corporate logo? Every company has updated logos. I bet you loved it when deere changed their stupid leaping antelope every few years.
  3. Another case lover here, huh?
  4. It's still better than that ugly 4 letter word in front of it though.
  5. You would like that.. I haven't seen you say anything nice about International Harvester since you showed up here..
  6. What?? How is that stupid??
  7. Yes. It's available online. https://www.mycnhistore.com/us/en/caseih
  8. .....Yes, those transmissions jerk and will actually want to reverse the tractor when the "clutch" is released. (depressed). The clutch pedal cannot be operated within the 2nd and 3rd powershift gears. There is an interlock that makes it go to 1st powershift when the clutch pedal is depressed.
  9. The viscosity oil also has better anti-corrosion properties than the new CIH blend.
  10. Keep wiggling and prying. There is a rubber boot over the end of the shaft and the large roll pin. It could be just sticking on the tube in he dash or something. I will come out, but I think it has to be pretty straight in line as it is removed.
  11. ??? What do you think? Plug them in and use them! Preserve them. Save them from a certain member here who would like to destroy them. My 1952 fridge is quieter running than my 5 year old GE. And I don't notice any difference on the power bill when I have it plugged in for a month during the holiday season.
  12. The part of the manifold that surrounds the intake also tend to get full of carbon and ash. if that happens, it doesn't matter if it is operating correctly, there won't be any heat getting to the intake.
  13. That Glowbull News will rot your brain. Don't wait for the livestream to return.
  14. No they do not! Some folks just don't feel like fixing the heat riser, or are too cheap to buy the proper spring. On one unit, I was tired of hearing the constant complaining about a 656 being cold blooded every time I had to go out and change spark plugs that they ruined, I wired the manifold into the hot position and left it there. That's not a good idea to leave it like that, but at that point I didn't care.
  15. Sorry that I am late to the party.... put the bolt back in the lower shaft without the heavy washer. put two small pieces of wood in behind the lower gear, and hit the bolt with a heavy punch and good hammer. That will loosen the tapered ring. Remove the ring and bolt, the gear will slide ahead far enough and (I think drop down) and allow proper clearance to remove and install the top shaft. This is how I replace the input seals.
  16. I doesn't mater which powershift gear you use, you are still using a clutch pack....
  17. I still use the '79 around the property (Magnaflow mufflers) and the occasional run to town, and it "launches" way better than the new trucks though... full time 4x4 and 4:11 gears make a difference... I do enjoy not having to fuel up every time I leave the property though! haha
  18. I just upgraded from the '79 Scottsdale 20 to a '95 Z71.... and it's still a shock to my system! haha
  19. They didn't really need to be that "hot". Compression was relatively low back then, so it doesn't take all that much power to jump the spark plug gap even at full load. When I rebuild magnetos for customers I always test them first, and it is surprising how weak some of them are before the repair and the unit still ran. The J4 Magneto is of similar design to the H4, the biggest difference being the output drive and cap to allow for more room on the Cub units. Here is a good strong H4 that I built for a customer's M.
  20. That's the way the weather cap is supposed to be! So that it is less likely to grab a tree branch when working next to the bush.
  21. Chatham Ontario reported $2.00/L last night... yea, that's $7.57 per gallon. Where is the outrage?? Why isn't everyone freaking out and making politicians fix this crap? (oops, is that too "political"?)
  22. I overhauled an 856 gas 15 years ago that still had the original 1969 air filter in it... you could see right through it! They demanded their old air filter back when they picked it up stating "there's nothing wrong with it, we blow it out every day"
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