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  1. But not the reasoning for using as a magneto drive coupler. It is just a very good material that doesn't need lubricating as a metal one might.
  2. Allen Gaines used to do something very similar with the Orange Blossom Special TWD Truck.
  3. That is the shuttle transmission that I mentioned.. they can create more parasitic loss/drag than the other transmission. Especially with cold oil, or contaminated oil. Is the Hy-tran clean?
  4. One more advantage of an old 2 stroke Detroit... they heat the fuel as it travels through the cylinder head(s)! ... unless you have one from WAY back with external fuel rails... Is there any such thing as a circulating fuel heater? If you had a steel fuel tank, I suppose a magnetic heater would work.
  5. I'm still curious as to what transmission it has. Where is reverse? A handle on the dash, or on the same shifter as high/low next to the 1-4 H pattern shifter?
  6. Um... I just got to thinking... how is the condition of the fuel? Is it new, clean, and with a good fuel additive? Also, are all of the fuel lines clean and clear? Maybe you are drawing a vacuum under higher rpm and have aerated fuel in the pump. Those fuel tanks are notorious for plugging at the outlet! Be sure to check that the fuel return circuit is clear as well. Check for any external fuel leaks, especially under the transmission cover. If there is a fuel leak, air can be pulled in.
  7. Maybe... but If I had to go the fabrication route on a large engine, I have thought about the large 12V heater coil that was used in White 2-135 and 2-155 tractors with the 478 cube Hercules engine. They were quite effective as well... except for taking a bit more battery power. I once had an IH 724 with countless hours, and it would start no matter how cold it was! It had a 12v heater coil right in the intake manifold inlet.
  8. Just about all of the local stores, for some unknown reason seem to feel obligated to have a local pop station playing loudly on the radio. It's enough to rot your socks. It sure doesn't make me want to stay and shop any longer than I really have to. Life is too short to put up with bad music! On the other hand, I had to do a big job in a customer's shop a while ago, and it was silent in there... I said "where's your radio"? He said "I hate the radio"... all I could hear for 3 days was the clock ticking on the wall...out of sync with the other clock on the other wall.. that about drove me bats!
  9. A Farmer came in to the old shop years ago and asked the old MF mechanic what he can put in his 165 to make it start better. He replied "Pistons and sleeves" haha
  10. They have trained pastries to make music now? The last song that just played on my radio was The Byrds. and now Ryan Bingham is on. (Outlaw Country, SiriusXM radio).
  11. I'm not sure... that's a big engine...lots of CFM. I found that it isn't quite as effective on a 6 cylinder Perkins as opposed to the smaller engines, but still helps. Yes! Some military applications had a thermostart unit threaded into the air box cover.
  12. I don't have any photos, but I do have an interesting video...
  13. This is the setup that I used on the 686.
  14. In all of my career I have only ever seen one set to full open.. but I am not so sure that it wasn't a bad key switch. That was 30 years ago, and have seen a thousand of them since that caused no problem. On your 385, re-arrange the fuel leakoff lines so that the injectors bleed to the fuel reservoir that I shared and then back to the return line fitting just ahead of the battery box. This will assure that the reservoir is always full. What I do is put the rearmost banjo fitting with two outlets at the front, and the one with only one outlet to deadhead at the rear injector. Leakoff fuel will then flow from the injectors starting at the rear, to the front, fill the reservoir, then in a new line back to the vertical fitting in the return circuit at the battery box.
  15. Thanks @HydroTek They work remarkably well! Hold the heat for 30 to 45 seconds and continue holding it while cranking. The latest install I did was on a 265 MF that was miserable to start at 45 degrees! When the customer picked it up I demonstrated the difference at just below freezing. It wouldn't even try to fire without the heater, but with the heater it fired off in one or two full revolutions. The only IH That I have set up this way is a 686 with the German diesel. Inherently cold blooded. It is housed in a barn without electricity, so this makes his loader tractor easily ready to go without having to haul a big generator over to the barn to run the block heater.
  16. I have installed quite a few of these thermostart units along with the reservoir on cold blooded engines. If your intake manifold has a big plug in it, it will thread right in. Minimal fuel line routing to do, and one wire operation. Heater Plug (sparex.com) Fuel Reservoir (sparex.com)
  17. What transmission does it have? Is there a drag in the driveline?... i.e: when you depress the clutch does it roll easily to a slow stop. or does it seem to stop abruptly? A local unit had the forward reverse shuttle transmission which was going out for some time. Clutch plates were warped and dragging, causing that one to be an absolute dog.
  18. I got the electric start ‘68 Ski Doo Olympique out for a rip. I had it ready to run last year, but the plastic drive sprockets disintegrated. I took the youngest for a sled ride… it was bloody cold, but fun.
  19. Your dealer can still get all of the parts.
  20. Here is your parts "book".... Search masseyferguson/819722/l | AGCO Parts (agcocorp.com)
  21. I noticed that!! I had wished years ago that I had one.
  22. ...because your weather caps are on backwards! haha! The resident 1486 got the pipe shortened and the flapper removed many years ago because of pushing snow in town under trees. It's just a bit shorter than the cab roof.
  23. Do you have anything with a full set of hoods and an exhaust that’s not bent? Haha.
  24. We shouldn't have to. they don't care what we say.. we shouldn't care about their crap.
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