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  1. There should be a special exception made for "care and maintenance of the facilities"... in a normal world. But we are talking about the Canukistan gov't!
  2. Last week I replaced a clutch in a 1086 with similar symptoms. Clutch would not release to shift into gear... had to start in gear, but then it would stop by depressing the clutch. The driven disc torsional vibration dampner springs were falling apart and wedging between the flywheel and pressure plate. You should be able to get by with installing a new clutch and bearings. Get a new release bearing carrier too.. minimal expense when you are at the end of the earth. Hopefully the flywheel is ok, you may be best off to just order a new one and have it flown in with the clutch. All of the shifting linkage you need to replace will be readily available from a wrecking yard. The most common problem is the roll pins at the bottom of the shifter shafts. I may suggest Fawcett Tractor in St. Mary's Ontario. They ship all over North America and will have all of the parts you need on the shelf. 1-800-372-7149. Ask for Paul.
  3. ....and I always wondered what that gasoline mixture did to the rubber tubes. Also, I wonder if anyone ever had a nasty surprise to find a flammable mixture inside the tires...
  4. Hi Carl. Since you were talking about historical events at Chatham plant I thought I would share a couple of items from my large collection of Chatham Plant Memorabilia... Cheers! Darryn
  5. Gary.. that's a nice photo of the fighters. I noticed the Lockheed P-38 lightning right off...although I am preferanced to the RAF's Dehavaland Mosquito! As am I the Spitfire to the Mustang, although I duly recognise the long range capabilities of the Mustang over the venerable Spit. What an absolute thrill it must have been to get into the cockpit of any of those hotrods of the sky at such a young age and tear up the skies, even though fearing the worst! I have heard stories of the Mosquito pilots catching up to the V1 German buzz bombs and simply tipping wings and throwing them off course...haha.. showoffs! My Grandfather was tailgunner in a Halifax with the RAF, and a good friend who also has passed from our world was a wireless operator and navigator. Thanks, Darryn
  6. Oh my, Gary... some of us in the "Banana Belt" would give our eye teeth for a husker shredder like that!! drool.....haha Glad you liked my video. Darryn
  7. Well I did some threshing this weekend. I had three big loads of sheaves for my annual show, but got rained out on my weekend, so it stayed in the barn. This past Sunday was lovely, so I pulled the old McCormick 28x46 out and belted up with the 300. I was wishing I'd had a belt pulley on the Mighty Super M, but everybody else was busy in the field, so I threshed by myself and the 300 was a perfect match to one pitcher. The thresher ran absolutely flawlessy and gave a perfect sample and threw nothing over the decks... as always. I have threshed with this machine for 20 years in a row since I bought it, and it always does a nice job with only the usual maintenance of fixing the odd belt from time to time. Even though it was alot of work for one person it was enjoyable to see it run so nicely and hear the 300 perform on the belt. Here's a video.. Enjoy, Darryn
  8. P.S. This just gave me a new engineering motto. : My water glass is always half full- lots of room to make steam, and lots of room to cool down.
  9. Hey fellas. Thanks for keeping the pics coming. I spent a beautiful Canadian Thanksgiving weekend threshing wheat. No pics as I was way too busy. I helped my good friend get the big Goodison thresher into shape after sitting for 15 years or so throughout the weekend by showing him the very fine art of belt repair and "seasoning" as I now call it bacause I showed how steam cylinder oil will condition an old dry belt to run like a new one. I spent the day yesterday running my friends 18hp Waterloo steamer. That was the best part of the weekend for me as I take great pride in the challenge I give myself of running an engine from the first match into the firebox until steam has gone down in the evening without wasting steam by blowing off while staying near the pop-offf pressure. The mighty little Waterloo is a 2 speed, so the steering wheel is on the opposite side of the flywheel, but I still haven't lost my touch and backed into the belt on the first shot. In all it made for a wonderful weekend to be around good friends and great old machinery. Darryn
  10. Hello all! It's time for some real Canadian Content! Last weekend a group of us gathered in Watford Ontario for a fun filled weekend of steam engines and sawmilling. The sawmill has only ever been run with steam engines since it was new. My good friends also just purchased this 68hp Sawyer Massey plowing engine and we borrowed a Cockshutt 8 furrow plow to turn some land. The engine could have used a few more furrows on there! Here are a couple of videos that I took. Enjoy!! Darryn
  11. ALL brands of tractors have problems, but IH is by far the easiest to work on!!! I have worked on everything from Allis to Zetor.
  12. That's cute, Roger!..how true. We've been through upgrades before, so we'll figure it out..... Darryn (waiting on steam show season)!!
  13. Gary! I sure wish I could have gone to the music night with you! I'm only musically fluent on the drumkit these days, but I have been known to hold my own with a good guitar. Last year in Perrysburgh Ohio at 5 Points Threshers Reunion I played guitar alongside a great Mandolin player. I was pickin' "Dust in the Wind" Bluegrass style with him and it was one of the most rewarding experiences I've had. I think that a music course should be mandatory for all highschool students...I took it so that I didn't have to take an art course, and it was absolutely the best thing I could have done! I look forward to our summer jambories all year long. And of course you know all of the other characters that might get to singing in the background in Perrysburg late at night!! HEE HEE... take care! Darryn
  14. Hi, Chub! The top part of the bin is an extension that Dad made for it when we got it. I'll share a couple more pictures.. it doesn't look so out of place when you see the rest of the combine. To me, combines look kind of odd without bin extensions...it seems that everybody has them. And here Cameron and I are heading out to combine oats last summer. I carry a 20' 820 header. The old cable controlled floating cutter bar with SCH knife works absolultely wonderful in soys and does a better job than the newer headers for some reason. (pay no attention to the poly skid that has come undone underneath, or the bird crap on the reel..ugh..) Thanks, Darryn
  15. WOW!!! That's a great picture, Ray! The engine looks to be a very early Waterloo 14hp. Thanks! Darryn
  16. WOW!! Thanks for the Gaar Scott picture Roger! That sure is a cutie pie!! I could just cuddle right up with it..haha. It's very similar to the one that's a little newer which I have had the pleasure to spend time running at the National Threshers in Wauseon Ohio. Darryn
  17. ...Maybe that's the lore of a Case that I missed.. the adjustable Wife! ...-NUTS-..! haha
  18. That's fine James... but that's why I put it on the IH side...for IH enthuiasts.. we can't post negative stuff on the coffe shop about green any more so I put it over there. I guess nowhere is safe for ALL IH guys anymore. Anyhoo, back to the subject at hand, ROGER, please keep contributing to this thread! Way to go, Hoot! You could have just not read the thread! Darryn
  19. The thread stays open! The "off topic bull" doesn't wash with me anymore. I posted one of my videos on the all IH side- "IH control center vs. jd cab" and boy did I get ripped a new one. All of the green lovers came out of the woodwork.. on the ALL IH SIDE of the site nonetheless. I am still mad as heck about that. This the one thread that I can be guaranteed to find great info, amazing pictures, and the best of folks. Darryn
  20. Hello all! I held my 9'th annual "Shabfest"... my threshing, sawing, plowing weekend on the final weekend in September a few weeks ago with great success. Here are a few pictures. My buddy from Windsor brought a truckload of tractors including this really nifty Shop Mule. My good friends brought this 20HP Sawyer Massey from Watford Ontario. Take special note that this is a factory built cab!! This engine runs and handles like new and the boiler is perfect! They just found this one last year. We affectionately call it "The Henhouse" I might give a shameless plug that it is for sale, as they are looking for a big rear-mounted SM plowing engine in the 68 or 75 size. Here's the spark show with the Henhouse. My good buddy Tim brought his 40 Case engine all the way from Ohio to join in the festivities! His old unstyled green "D" was also on the float. Where was the last time you saw two L-180 IH trucks side by side!! And of course my love....the 25 Waterloo... Hope you all enjoy the pics. Darryn
  21. LOVE the pictures, Gary! I am still so glad that you joined us here especially since the demise of our poor old Iron Man Album... Darryn
  22. Hello all! I had a great weekend treasure hunting! I went to a place two concessions south of here looking for a 6V53 Detroit engine, but found this instead!! It's what we call a Locomobile! It would have been sent to the melting pot if I hadn't dragged it home! I have already spent some time washing it out, cleaning, un-siezing, and got that darned boiler jacket off of there. I already have the 2 cylinder engine and driveline unsiezed, and figuring out what all the boiler needs for repairs. The outer shell is perfect, but much to my dismay, they had been burning garbage in it, and all of the ashes were still there.. full to the rear door. The firebox and tube sheets need repairs. At least the engine is in good condition! For now, I will get the engine all cleaned up and tuned, and I can run it with a steam hose off of the Waterloo just to hear it run. I don't know what make the boiler is, but it was a traction engine at one time.. and is very old. I'm not complaining... I got it for scrap price! While at the same place I found two brand new 7.50x 16 truck tires for the R-120!! I got them for $5.00 a piece!! Here's a link to the photobucket page to browse.... http://s100.photobucket.com/albums/m33/Far...tor/Locomobile/ It was a good weekend for sure! Darryn
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