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  1. WOW! That is a lot of info right there that I did not know! Some guys relucted to deal with Mary the parts lady at Can-Am, But I really enjoyed working with her. She started with Otto Schneider in Rodney, then went to Wilson in Glencoe, then to Chatham. She surprised me and shcooled me a few times! That Baxter sticker is on my 1450 Cub Cadet. Keith from Recovery Specialties was excited to see that one day at a show years ago.
  2. Here is my collection! I finally got around to scanning them all to share here. It has been a passion of mine for many years to save these examples. These are of course mostly Southern Ontario dealers. @hillman, we have a lot of friends involved in these stores! When I met Brian Geddes at his old shop I asked if I could move his coat to take a photo of his old dealer sticker on his toolbox. He said "Ugh.. you guys.. hang on.." and he brought me a stack of brand new decals from the cupboard in the back! haha!
  3. A photo of my 10" and the gear stack. A couple of shots from the threading manual too. I hardly ever cut threads on the Atlas. It's such a pain to get it all set up just to cut one thread. It does work well though once set up. Then you have to reconfigure it back for power feed when you are done.
  4. My resident female regularly goes on vacation without me. I get to play drums or any other instrument each night while having more beers than usual. Baloney sandwiches for supper, or steak at 9pm. Work out In The shop, or crash on the couch and spend 5 evenings trying to watch The Good, Bad, and The Ugly in one sitting before falling asleep! Haha. Good times.
  5. "We look pretty sharp in these clothes Unless we get sprayed with a hose.. It ain't bad in your day When they squirt it your way 'Cept in the winter, when it's froze... And it's hard when it hits on your nose...." -Frank Zappa- "Uncle Remus"
  6. If there wasn’t any blow by, you could remove pistons and sleeves as an assembly, and reduce the risk of breaking piston rings….
  7. Preliminary test crashes indicate the nation's guardrail system can't handle heavy electric vehicles (msn.com)
  8. If I had one with a single front I would trade you for a tricycle front. They are rare in these parts and I don't like the look of them.
  9. This was in my W6. I was told that it did mostly stationary belt work.
  10. The same reason why stationary tractors on belt work have bad thrust bearings in the front end, and those that did mostly field work have bad belt pulley bearings.
  11. Yes! My '79 Chev Scottsdale 20 has full time 4x4. No hubs to screw up. Just be sure to grease the constant velocity joint in the front driveshaft regularly. I always hear lots of complaining on the internet about the NP 203 cast iron T-case, but i drove the snot out of that truck for 30 years, and used it this past Saturday to drive through a swampy yard to get firewood. 565000 km (351075 Miles) on that driveline so far with only regular maintenance needed. But I never abused it, just used it.
  12. Awesome! I like the White 2-180 as well! We don't see many around here.
  13. Fantastic! That’s something that I never even thought of!
  14. Set your floats so that you can just roll a 1/4” drill bit between the gasket and float while inverted.
  15. The rear handler is the IHC design, But i'm not sure who came up with the rolling stands or the wheel cart design originally. I just copied what I used at the first shop. IHC used the railroad track splitting stands. We had them at the old shop and I really didn't like them.
  16. I wish that we could still buy 3 rib front tires like that!! Flat across the face. New tires have a center rib that is 2" higher!
  17. Here is another ultra cool photo with the same sled/truck
  18. The other one looks like what you need to install an F4 in place of an E4. I had to make one once for a fellow out of nylon. Engines that were factory equipped with an F4 had a much thinner disc.
  19. Oh, ok. Well, I will say that I have poor expectations for any pickup since I'm not driving the '79 Chevrolet 3/4 ton with full time 4x4 at this time.. I ran Sport KIng A/T tires on it for 30 years. I went through 3 sets in that time.
  20. I bought a set of these in load range E. Best price, and I like the tread pattern and smooth sidewalls. So many truck tires have tread wrapped all the way to the bead anymore. They were the best price with the best warranty and best ice rating. Local trucking company uses Sumitomos on their trucks and trailers and the salesman talked them into a set for the pickup. Eventually they all had them. The review says "may be noisy" but mine are quiet. Sumitomo Encounter AT Review & Ratings | RadialZone.com
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