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  1. Thanks, DD! Truth be told, I'd rather do 10 clutch jobs in a row. It is so very time consuming. This 10 has had a rough life. I think that it spent most of it's time sitting outside. Every bolt has to be polished, every threaded hole needs tapped to clean, even all of the bull pinion shims were rusty. Someone put the diff lock seal in backwards, so the right brakes were oily and grimy... stuff like that. It's getting there though. There is much more room to set up and repair the shifting linkage without the axles installed though!
  2. Ok, I got curious and checked... The sprag is a dead item.. even though it subs to a kit, and did price at $560 CAD. but that is also dead. But I wonder if I talked nice to the folks at Hy-Cap if they wouldn't have an original size sprag available. I did talk to them a number of years ago about wanting to keep my original ratio unit, and they said that they could either build me one, or help me out.
  3. I don’t know… I never looked into it.
  4. It seems to me that the horizontal shaft end is rotated upwards much more than usual. Best remove it and check the retaining pin, hole in the shaft and drive tang at the carb end. Compare it with another if possible.
  5. If I ever get around to replacing the sprag in my 15,000 hour 706, I'll do it myself so that I can retain the original gear ratio. The re-man units all use the newer ratio, which is less of a speed change.
  6. I just swept my chimney.. Almost 60 degrees here and the fire is out for once. It was mostly fluff. My Pacific Energy stove with the re-burner is very easy to clean. Just remove the re-burner through the firebox, and the upper structure can be scraped out. I like to clean it mid-season because of the constant small smoldering fires, and only the occasional hot roaring fire. Good peace of mind.
  7. Can you just open the door and put the stove out with a fire extinguisher for starters? And if heat is rising, wouldn’t the extinguisher go up the pipe as well?
  8. Ok, so how did you stop the chimney fire? When I asked the installer of my wood stove 13 years ago about chimney fires he told me “by then it’s too late”. I asked a guy on the local fire dept. and he laughed at me. Someone else said “Haha, it will be exciting”. My chimney is straight up and out the roof. total pipe. The sections above the ceiling and through the roof are the big insulated stainless ones. Double wall from the ceiling down. Less than 15’ total of pipe. I burn whatever I can get my hands on, and also try to sweep the chimney again by March… I just wish that I could have gotten a straight answer.
  9. ...maybe hold an ice pack to the inside of the panel to try and keep the original decal adhesive from softening while warming the new one.... Just a thought.
  10. This 1066 is going back together. I thought i would share what you will be getting into.
  11. Wider bull gears and pinions.... Turbo decals Gold "1206" badges
  12. I hope that they keep lots of unloading augers in stock... maybe they should sell utility pole insurance with it.
  13. OK, here is the bulletin from them- 830462 (hy-capacity.com) It doesn't say that the 14 needs the extra washer, but I do need it for the 10. In doing a where used search on the 380300R1 spacer, I found that it is the same as the thrust washers on the reverse idler shaft. Luckily I had some in the archives. The reason for the change is that they are supplying the newest pinion. The 3688 book shows it being used on the pinion.
  14. Looks good so far. I just ran into an issue with the updated pinion. and thrust washers... stay tuned!
  15. I just received a new Hy-Capacity ring and pinion kit, and it says "Made in Italy"
  16. Yes! I bought a set for my '95 Silverado a couple of years ago and really like them. They were suggested to me by some friends that use them exclusively on big trucks, and they started putting them on pickups. They have a 100,000km tread life warranty and I was told that they were the only tire in the class with an ice rating. The price was great, and they look good. I hate all of the new A/T tires that have tread halfway up the sidewall.
  17. Best to talk to the dealer. The 1494 that I used to try to keep running for a customer used regular old DOT 3 brake fluid, but best not to screw that up!
  18. Jim Siebert from Iowa weighing in at 15,000lbs. They also had a gas tractor that was called "Power without smoke". I really like the old Farmall decals on the fender sides!
  19. Have you shared this on other platforms like the Facebook tractor and IHC pages?
  20. Absolutely fantastic! The things that can be done with modern LEGO are amazing compared to the square blocks that I used to build from in the 70s and 80s! I will support your endeavor and share the word. I have no issues with it not being a 1066... but being an IH guy, I would want "International" 384 decals.. haha. Well done, sir!!
  21. It is likely a "SRC" Re-Manufactured engine. They would use whatever block they had and build a DT-414, 436, etc. There is a 1486 that I service which has a SRC (Case-IH sold reman engine) which is a proper DT436 but the block says DT466. If everything works well, it sounds like a good deal.
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