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  1. I always put two 31s in them. Yes, they fit just fine. They aren’t much more money than a 24.
  2. The 86 series all had 12V batteries from new.
  3. For future reference, the Puma is made by case IH.
  4. Cats were always direct start diesels though. Whether electric, or pony engine. The only bonus was that IF you kept the pony running long enough to run a couple of tanks of gas through it, the block would be a bit warmer.
  5. @Dzldenny Do you have any videos of the V8 powered W9??
  6. JCB (Junk Comes Big) has been doing that for a long time as well... but also without a bearing locator tang!
  7. Speaking of boats, our buddy is back sailing again.. lol. on the Strongfield. he sent me videos of the engine room. It's still clean, and the big 5 cylinder chugs along smoothly. Lots of turbo whine though. I'd love to visit the engine room of the John D. Leitch. Big antiquated looking 5 cylinder with open rocker arms. Pretty cool engine. It has a nice cha-cha-cha exhaust note when ramping up for maneuvers.
  8. The top seal is easy. and for those that mention the 540 shaft, in case you didn't know about it, here is a quick and easy solution for that! 830470 | IPTO Shafts/Components | PTO Components | Hy-Capacity
  9. Another reason for bent walkers is worn and rounded over chopper knives. Instead of pulling and chopping the crop, they beat on it and slow down the progress of material. Job one every year was to check the paddles over the walkers to be sure that the alarm would sound!
  10. There was a 915 here until we stopped farming. I really liked it. Mostly for the sound of the straight piped DT414 and the look of it. The cleaning fan was not the best design, it wasn't as easy to work on compared to a 1460, but it did well with a 20' 820 header in beans, wheat, or oats, and would eat corn well with the 4 row 844. Just don't overload it and fill the air plenum with grain. It replaced a turned up 815 when it plugged and ruined the straw walkers and cranks. The 815 was easier to set, and the straw spreader did a better job than the 9. Both were awesome in muddy conditions! The treaded rear tires would keep turning and keep from getting buried when backing out of some ruts, and made for better steering.
  11. Yes, approached from the front. But held the 5/8 and turned the 11/16 nut on the JIC fitting as intended. There is a bracket to hold both lines from vibrating which i removed temporarily.
  12. I just replaced both front steering lines on a customer's 856 last month! I was able to change them without removing the rear pivot casting, but had to use crowfoot wrenches with extension on a ratchet. It was tricky, but I did it. Radiator has to come out... hindsight, eh? bummer. The good news is that both lines, banjo bolts, and Orings are still available. The special washer for the top side under the banjo fitting are not though. Maybe your bolts and washers will be ok. I had to remove the Radiator for a repair anyways... but has anyone replaced the lines without removing the rad by removing the rear pivot casting?
  13. Sweet Narrow tread F-20! The round spoke rear was a factory issue rim. The flat spoke rim was originally a steel wheel cut down to accept a rim for the rubber tire. Once in a while either style will show up for sale, but it is advised to stick with the 28" rubber. And as I mentioned, Allis WC wheels will fit. That's what came on my '35 F-20. My '37 is on factory steel.
  14. I do not recall ever having any issues removing the PTO shaft after loosening the lower gear. Be sure to change the seals. The rear one keeps oil out of the dry part of TA housing. Lip facing front.
  15. The Canadian liberals are shelling out $28.2 Billion for two battery factories. People are cold and starving and can’t afford rent or mortgage here, but we can go broke (er) to subsidize electric cars that nobody wants?
  16. If the horn has a motor housing on the back, it is an OOOGA. if it has more of a flat back, it's a MEEP. A MEEP on 12v really talks! I have one on the '79 Chev... hehe
  17. New Holland dealers get their parts from the same new warehouse as the IH dealers. Just make sure that you have your part numbers ready. I buy all of my Ford parts from my IH dealer.
  18. Does the lube tellite work on the dash? Is it on constantly? If the dump valve linkage gets sticky it will hang up and stay dumped and it will be like being in TA all the time. Check the linkage, check all adjustments.
  19. There were many! Small diameter on round spokes, factory IHC cast centers, F&H cast centers, many were originally steel, but cut downs to rims for rubber.
  20. I always wanted a pet Duck... They are cool. I worked at the Golf Course when I was young and we raised them in the ponds .Hold out two handfuls of cracked corn and 30 little ones would al come waddling! Cute little rascals.
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