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  1. Wife-Person keeps bugging that she wants to drive to Florida in March for a week. The boys are 17 and 11.  I DO NOT see any reason at all to go to Florida! Stew's museum is gone, and truthfully, I still wouldn't be pleased about a 20 hour drive to see tractors that I see every day. We would NOT be going to the liberal, woke Disneyplace.  The Kennedy Space Center was mentioned, which might be interesting. But UGH! I just can not foresee much fun about driving for 2 days straight to go to a city. and then drive for 2 days to get back. 2073 KM or 1288 miles one way. 

           IS there anything worth seeing or doing in Florida?  I would rather just go to the big aircraft museum in Dayton Ohio for a couple of days.

    Any thoughts?  

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  2. 2 hours ago, Nebraska1206 said:

    Years ago, I'd heard & read the story that there were a couple racks worth of the RABA-built front axles for the Super 70's, and that quite a few of them had made their way to Kansas.  Not sure if they're still there or not.

    Wasn't there a pic on the FB group for TSX tractors of a full rack of those axles?

  3. On 2/1/2023 at 8:22 AM, snoshoe said:

    Purpose of resistor is so that alternator still works if bulb burns out.

    My Starter/ Alternator rebuilder told me that the resistor is to protect the alternator in a situation where the engine is not running, but key left on.  On most systems there won't be any feed to the field circuit if the bulb is burned out. 

  4. W**, this forum… seriously! C-o-c-k gets censored out, but Nipple is ok?? It’s a friggin drain ****! It is listed in the parts book. On my steam engine I have two try cocks. My friend has some chickens… I could go on. Haha. Maybe Someone needs to put up a list of the forbidden words, and maybe alternatives. Better dust off the old thesaurus.  I noticed that he-l l is banned too. I find that amusing considering there seems to be quite a few folks here that are into religions, and it’s their word.
       Rant over. 
    edit… even abbreviations get banned now. What the??

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  5. This is my favorite way to plow. This is my friends' 68 hp Sawyer Massey pulling an 8 furrow Cockshutt plow. Wen I was younger I spent a few years travelling the show circuit running a 76hp Sawyer pulling an 8 furrow deere plow for an elderly friend of mine. He would spend the weekend with his family running the 75 Case, and I had the Sawyer. Good times!


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