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  1. 30w low ash engine oil and 80w90 in the transmission.
  2. Interesting and informative input, everyone! Thankyou all! I guess I have some research to do.
  3. I’m sure there could be a joke in there somewhere.. lol
  4. What is the actual operating temp? A properly working thermostat helps reduce wet stacking.
  5. Ok, without googling it and getting flashy promo stuff, what is that?
  6. Wife-Person keeps bugging that she wants to drive to Florida in March for a week. The boys are 17 and 11. I DO NOT see any reason at all to go to Florida! Stew's museum is gone, and truthfully, I still wouldn't be pleased about a 20 hour drive to see tractors that I see every day. We would NOT be going to the liberal, woke Disneyplace. The Kennedy Space Center was mentioned, which might be interesting. But UGH! I just can not foresee much fun about driving for 2 days straight to go to a city. and then drive for 2 days to get back. 2073 KM or 1288 miles one way. IS there anything worth seeing or doing in Florida? I would rather just go to the big aircraft museum in Dayton Ohio for a couple of days. Any thoughts?
  7. Wasn't there a pic on the FB group for TSX tractors of a full rack of those axles?
  8. ...and find those heavier front axles.
  9. He said that there is still brass in it, so I wouldn't call that "ruined"
  10. 10 and sunny in SW Ontario in the Banana Belt. It feels better than they grey dampness that we have recently had.
  11. It looks like a good way to scratch a chrome bumper.
  12. Ballast Resistor | eBay Voila! Same as original.
  13. My Starter/ Alternator rebuilder told me that the resistor is to protect the alternator in a situation where the engine is not running, but key left on. On most systems there won't be any feed to the field circuit if the bulb is burned out.
  14. W**, this forum… seriously! C-o-c-k gets censored out, but Nipple is ok?? It’s a friggin drain ****! It is listed in the parts book. On my steam engine I have two try cocks. My friend has some chickens… I could go on. Haha. Maybe Someone needs to put up a list of the forbidden words, and maybe alternatives. Better dust off the old thesaurus. I noticed that he-l l is banned too. I find that amusing considering there seems to be quite a few folks here that are into religions, and it’s their word. Rant over. edit… even abbreviations get banned now. What the??
  15. Just run the pipe tap into it and put a new **** in. If the threads become too large, you could install a nipple and a cap. I had to do that on my W9. I have been finding that a lot of hardware store brass pipe threads are on the large size.
  16. In that video it was me behind the camera for a change, and we were using Charlie’s plow that weekend!
  17. This is my favorite way to plow. This is my friends' 68 hp Sawyer Massey pulling an 8 furrow Cockshutt plow. Wen I was younger I spent a few years travelling the show circuit running a 76hp Sawyer pulling an 8 furrow deere plow for an elderly friend of mine. He would spend the weekend with his family running the 75 Case, and I had the Sawyer. Good times!
  18. 8301138 | Clutch Alignment Tool, .750" Pilot Dia., 10 and 10 Spline (hy-capacity.com)
  19. This reminds me of a story that our member Blaine Griggs wrote many years ago about a tractor pull back in the day that came down to a D21 and an 856... The 856 walked away with the sled and the packed crowd went wild! This the link that I last had for it, but is no longer working. Maybe someone can locate it. It was a great, lengthy story. http://www.toytractorshow.com/856_puller.htm
  20. Farmall Doctor


    Metric sockets are best used for smashing over a badly rusted and eroded imperial fastener!
  21. I have one that I found at a junk auction! I have been meaning to service it and try it out on my Baker Fan.
  22. Farmall Doctor


    Once in a while we will hear on the news how an American visitor will get caught trying to do 100 mph on the 401.. haha
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