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  1. Got to haul manure with the mx 230 and 4600 gallon tanker. We have custom manure haulers here with Fent 930s with 6300 gallon houl tanks. There hauling as much as me even though there going twice as far as me even though I can only get 23 mph at like 2160 rpm even though it's supposed to go 27 (it's a European tractor) its not hitting quite full rpm it only can if you have the clutch pushed in and no load on motor. But it also could be the tires on it after we put tall tires on the 270 now it looks like it has under sized tires. I think I got 15 loads today before the rain came, the tractor also rides super rough I feel like it's going to snap something going 10 mph on a 2 lane road maintained by penndot. the 270 makes the 230 look like a joke when it comes to ride quality and the 270 goes 28 mph with the tall tires even though I was hoping for it to go 30. I did figure out I only burn 4 gallon per hour over 14 hours I have half a tank at 65 gallons of a 130 tank.
  2. I think it would be cool to do a swap in a older magnum with a 8.9 or a 400 big cam
  3. Wondering if Cummins stopped making motors for case IH. And why they are called FPT motors now. I just learned that when they went from the 8.3 Cummins to 8.9 I thought it went from a Cummins to a Fiat motor. But I had looked and saw that it was just a larger Cummins motor in the next gen magnums after the Mxs. And I think now the magnums still use a 8.9 but they must have changed because of emissions. Also are the 8.9s good motors compared to the 8.3 and do they make a lot more power.
  4. So we had messed with the aneroid and I don't think it had done anything it did run better but when weren't going as far with the drag
  5. I'm not sure but we pump 1400 around the pit but I think that is the most we will do
  6. We are pumping 1100 right now we have 5288 on pump in pit and then we have our 7250 pro on booster right next to it that I think we were doing 1700 rpm but that was pushing manure 3× as far as the mx 230 that was sitting in field by where we where spreading. Im not sure how far we where pumping I think the field was half a mile long so the 230 was probably moving manure for a mile and not sure on the 7250 pro
  7. Thanks for the correction we just got done pumping for today I had thought the mx magnums where all 24 valve
  8. I don't know if anything in the pump is different than older magnums though.
  9. It has a bosh p pump which is the same as boxcar magnum so it is mechanical. But it is 24 valve vs 12 which means it should make more power.
  10. Today we where dragging manure an we had our 5488 on the booster pump and that did 1800 rpm but that had overheated. It was also leaking coolant so we put our mx 230 on it. But I can't do more than 1600 rpm. Also when I had started to pump I had got it running at an idle and pushed throttle all the way forward and it took like 20 seconds to get to 1200 rpm and then it slowly increased to 1600. Anyways my dad just says that Mxs have less power than boxcar magnums even though this has same p pump and 24 value which should make more power.
  11. I could also do a Cummins swap out old doge pickup is what my grandfather drove it has half a million miles on it the thing is shot other than the five speed trans and it has a Cummins that fired right up after 4 years of sitting out back all it needed was a battery. My guess is that would get better miles maybe more power but the fuel is more expensive. Another problem is that we are selling it in our sale. They will buy it back if it goes cheep (which I hope) because I don't have the financials right now because I bought a mini baler but my dad is to afraid to work on and I started to restore my tractor. Also I need to buy the truck to do the swap.
  12. I can't really afford a truck but I want one do I might need to do an iou for my dad for a little. The truck I'm looking at is in PA but if it's like the guy says it shouldn't have much rust. And I will try to prevent rust with oil on the frame
  13. I still have to find a square body. I did find a 1987 3500 dully but it needs tires which would be like at least a grand. Needs a carb they had stolen it for other truck guy says (unlike my dad will admit) that he has to many projects so he doesn't want it to sit and rust. Also said it has good frame needs body work.
  14. My question is what does the 750 holly do compared to the other carburetors
  15. Looking into a square body Chevy that has a 454 missing. The carburetor and dad walked over to the shelf and picked up something and blew the dust off of it and he's pretty sure it's a 750 double pumper Holly and I said what's that? My dad's comment is what that is is 4 Mile to the gallon.
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