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  1. Fair enough! I was told once that if the exhaust is on the right, it's a -14 & if it's on the left it's a -14A. Google (and quite a few posts in here, I imagine) says that the -14s were built until 1949. The radiator cap is the same as the one on my 1953 -14A. Vic
  2. That's a TD-14A, correct? Vic
  3. I have fuel pumps on both my TD-14 & -14A crawlers rebuilt by Central Fuel Injection in Estherville, IA. They have worked fine for several years. Vic
  4. The "DD" gasket fit just fine. I reassembled the motor & it fired up immediately! Vic
  5. Assuming that nobody knew the answer to my question, I went at it another way. I turned the motor, one tooth at a time by prying the clutch back plate with a bar. When the magneto clicked, I removed the distributor cap to determine which cylinder the rotor was pointing at. I adjusted the valves for that cylinder and then it was just a matter of three more clicks. Done! Vic
  6. I have to turn the engine on my TD-14 using the clutch backplate, as the hydraulic pump is in front of the crankshaft. How many teeth are on that backplate? Once I get the motor top dead center on the number one plug, I'd like to mark it and then turn the motor one half turn to mark it again. That should make it easier to set all of the valve clearances. Vic
  7. I don't remember the model, but an average John Deere with a front loader had no problem picking the tops off my TD-14 & -14A. And it put them back on. Vic
  8. Try Olson's Gaskets on (360) 871-1207. Vic
  9. The good news is that I'm not trying to go from "C" to "D", so not to worry! Vic
  10. I need a head gasket (p/n 50675 DC) for my TD-14. I have a new gasket (p/n 50675 DD) for my TD-14A. What is the difference between the C (-14) & D (-14A) in part numbers? Will the gasket fit the -14? Vic
  11. Try contacting Larry at HEI in Lebanon Oregon. He just had one made for my TD-14. Larry's Cell: (541) 401-3881 Vic
  12. OK, I've got it! That's a poorly drawn illustration. It looks like I could use it by looking only at the positions of the numbers, not the positions of the stud representations. Vic
  13. That is the exact illustration I'm talking about that is not my head. Just for starters, my head has two intake ports & three exhaust ports. It has two outside rows of 8 studs & one row down the center with 5 studs. My version is shown above. Vic
  14. The wrong torque sequence illustration in my service manual says that it is for "14 Series heads". From what I've read, going in a zig-zag pattern from the center out is the general idea. Vic
  15. It looks like I'm not going to come up with a torque pattern so I've made one. Does anyone see anything wrong with the one I made up? Vic
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