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  1. TD-14 Injector Nozzle Body

    I have thought of the very same solution but am not set up (or much good at) for much machine work. The good news is, if I pull the manifold I know right where to take it do have done exactly what you've suggested. And, if I get it the manifold out where I can see things better maybe I can figure out what's wrong without pulling the nozzle body. If you'd like to send a picture of your setup, my address is: Thanks!
  2. Does anyone have any hints regarding the removal of a nozzle body? I have applied penetrating oil, heated the area with a torch, driven punches under the body with a mall and then put a floor jack under the wedged in punches while tapping on the body. It looks like it may have raised up about 1/16", comparing it to the other three nozzle bodies. I've got to get it out as something in it is preventing an injector from going all the way down into it. I have looked in the body with a light but see nothing out of the ordinary.
  3. Oil Filter

    They cut snow just fine!
  4. Oil Filter

    Thanks George, A note to myself says that my TD-14A takes a 51146 & a 51149, which I have. Come spring I can pull the one off the -14 & see if it tells me what it is. Those two tractors get used only to plow snow so I've got the rest of the year to get them ready for the following snow. By the way, I grew up in snow in upstate New York in the 40's & 50's. I love it! Vic
  5. Oil Filter

    What is the Wix part number for an oil filter for a TD-14 engine? I ask because I have a 51147 & wonder what it fits.
  6. Different looking Farmall

    You must have had them all---I never saw one growing up in the '40s & '50s around Hartwick.
  7. Different looking Farmall

    Thanks, guys! You prompted me to google it:,
  8. Different looking Farmall

    That's a shot from my front deck in the Washington State Okanogan highlands on the Canadian border. It's a portion of the 270 deg. view we have from here. This one shows Mt. Baldy in British Columbia.
  9. Different looking Farmall

    That's about what I figured. I'd never seen an extra seat but it wouldn't be a big deal to add one. It seems reasonable to assume that the decal (or hood) was replaced rather than the front end.
  10. Different looking Farmall

    I just saw a "Cultivision A" Farmall with a narrow front end and an extra seat to the left of the normal seat. My '39 "Cultivision A" came with a wide front end and one seat. My neighbor had an identical tractor except the front end was narrow. It was "B" model. Can someone tell me what I saw?
  11. Engine Stuck

    Your price scheme doesn't apply in this case---the price is set, dead or alive! The seller is supposed to get a mechanic to work on it but waiting for him to accomplish that is painful. Vic
  12. Engine Stuck

    Are you talking about anti-freeze 50/50 or the 50/50 ATF and Acetone mix mentioned above? If the latter, where does the water come from? The tractor has been sitting for 12 years, but so was the one I now have that I started up on diesel after sitting 12 years & drove it down a mountain. The problem is that it's not mine, 175 miles away & I'm not at liberty to offer much help. I'm hanging in there because a new running gear was put in it before it got parked and mine could use it. For one thing, I have to use shims to tighten the tracks as both adjustment screws are totally stripped. Vic
  13. Engine Stuck

    That sounds like good advice if the engine was torn down. I think that's the only way you could tell which piston(s) was stuck. If that was the case, it seems like a block of wood & a maul might do it. Step one for me is to soak the cylinders in some kind of solution & then maybe tow the tractor to see if anything moves. Right now I'm waiting to see what the owner is willing to do. Vic
  14. td14a hyd controls

    I have one that was on my TD-14. Its problem was that if the blade is off the ground & I wanted to raise it, it would first drop an inch or two before going up. If you think you could use it or its parts, I'll send it to you. Vic Bunn Oroville, WA
  15. Engine Stuck

    I'm told to use ATF on a froze up engine because of its detergent properties. I know everyone has their preferences so let's not go there. If I give each cylinder 3/4 squirts from an oil can, will it be necessary to replace the oil if I get it running?