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  1. Try "Binderbooks.com". Vic
  2. I had the same problem with a rotor on my TD-14. Get a rotor that fits easily so the cap fits properly. You said that you read 12+ volts on the negative side of the coil. Is that the case with the points closed? If so, that's not good. Vic
  3. If Olsen's Gaskets don't have them, they'll make them! Vic
  4. Ouch! I'd fill those spark plug or injector holes full of something slick. Then tow it and see if you can pop it loose. How about the steering clutches? Have they been tied back? If not it may be time to run it into a tree after you get the engine going in an attempt to get them working. Just a thought. Vic
  5. I totally agree! It's going to wait until spring unless I get desperate & need it. Even then, I'll run it as is & watch for the problem to get worse so I don't have to tear it down unless it's necessary below freezing around here. I'm getting too old to wrestle with much of anything so I'll have to winch the hood off, get it out of the way and then winch the head off, a fair amount of work. I've got the gaskets so am ready to do it when I feel like it (or have to). Vic
  6. Here are our main go to town (16 miles) vehicles---a '69 VW Bug & a '80 Jeep CJ-5.
  7. Apparently I'm older than you---I want no part of that "loud & crude" stuff you're showing in the picture. Vic
  8. Your outside work sounds a bit like mine growing up in the 40's & 50's up in New York State. Temperatures in winter rarely got to -40 but -25 to -30 was pretty common. Getting old, I guess. I'll never see my 70's again. Vic
  9. Got it! I was about to ask you if your -40 was F. or C. when I realized that it's the number that fits both scales. Vic
  10. Thanks, guys! I suspected this answer as any mention of rocker assy. torque was ignored in the section you're showing me. I will check the torque on the bolts on the way to pulling the head and if any of them move I'll quit and see if I did any good. It may be awhile as it's -10 deg. here today so I'm in no hurry to tear into it. When this all happens I'll let you know! Vic
  11. Thanks Redwood---I have that manual. Now, if anyone could give me the torque pattern & values for the rocker assembly, I'd be happy! Vic
  12. I think you're confused---thread size has nothing to do with the size wrench needed to pull or install the plug! And vice versa! While I appreciate all of your answers to my original question, I have decided in the future if the occasion arises again I'll use my finger (or thumb). Vic
  13. I'm still looking for answers to my original request. If you read through this topic, you'll see that I'm being told not to bother torquing the head nuts. While I do have a new head gasket (along with the valve cover & housing gaskets) I see nothing wrong with putting a wrench to the nuts before I remove the head just in case I get lucky. Vic
  14. Nope! The thread size is 22 mm and the wrench size is 15/16". Vic
  15. When I replaced the pumps on my -14 & -14A I noticed where the timing was set before I removed the old ones & set the rebuilt ones in the same locations. They both worked fine. I was told by an old International mechanic that if the exhaust turns black when the engine is pulling hard, the timing is set correctly. Vic
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