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  1. I appreciate it but 856 custom got me squared away! I just put it back together and now it's time to test it out thanks though!
  2. Thanks Mike I grew up on a farm and enjoy the challenge. With any luck everything will transition smoothly and we can keep things rolling. I guess I should explain a little better I do all my in-laws farming for them and they want out of it. So since I'm already doing all the work and upkeep on equipment I think I can handle that. It's up to my smarter half to keep me under budget...😆
  3. Well it's funny you say that because I'm a 36 yr old guy trying to take over a family farm and some of this older equipment is really hard to find parts for so I appreciate everyone who has stuff like this! I will gladly take them off your hands or if someone else needs the third one I'm fine with that also.
  4. I ordered a 20" bull barrel to hopefully keep that from being an issue they are a hot little round at 3900fps but I already have a 223 so had to build something new...😆
  5. I built a 204 Ruger and it's a very neat little caliber ammo can be tough to find but it's very accurate
  6. How much do you want for them and could you ship it to Minnesota?
  7. Anyone have any idea where a guy can find the old cast hinges for a vibra shank 45 or 4500 cultivator
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