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  1. Had already checked the orifice!
  2. There is a check valve block that the power steering return line is connected to and flows through. This is where the oil is bled off to go to the brake power valve . The brake system bleeds off 1 gpm of oil from the power steering return line.
  3. I purchased a 1586 that didn't have working brakes. The power steering and hyd clutch both work properly. I went to bleed the brakes and no oil flow at the bleeder's when the brake pedals are depressed. I took off the brake power valve took it apart and changed the o-rings. They were fine as I was hoping they were broke causing the oil to bypass so the brakes wouldn't work. The check valve seems to operate freely when I removed it . For some reason the oil is not bleeding off from the check valve in the power steering return line and feeding the brake system. When I put an inline valve and pressure gauge at the power valve, I have no flow or pressure. I know there should be around 230 psi on that circuit. Is the MCV the next thing to check and see if there is a stuck poppet valve? I'm kind of stumped and am not familiar with the MCV and it's workings. I have removed the orifice in the brake power valve to make sure it wasn't plugged. Need some 1586 mechanics help now!
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