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  1. I've decided to pass on the TD6 and I will be going to look at a well kept, running TD9 today. The TD6 was likely going to be too much work and ultimately I would have to sink a bunch of money into before I could do any land clearing.
  2. Update: Spent 2hrs working on the crawler today. Was able to get it running but it would stall out after a few seconds or so.. I wasn't able to get it to switch to diesel. Best guess at this point is carburetor needs cleaned. The good news is that while it was running, it sounded great! The linkage that is used for switching between gas and diesel is a little tough to operate. I took a few more pictures and I also have a video of it running.
  3. Thank you for the info, I appreciate it very much.
  4. I'm not familiar with equipment at all really. A friend of mine has an old international dozer that he works on regularly. He's going to come look at it with me tomorrow. I just know that renting a mini excavator for $1,000 a weekend is adding up fast so 4k doesn't actually sound that bad to me I don't want to overpay by any means but I also don't want to keep renting equipment
  5. Thank you for the info. I will stop by after work and look for some decals
  6. Good morning everyone! Glad to be part of the community! I recently bought 20 acres of land that requires a bit of dirt work. One of my neighbors has an old dozer that he's willing to sell. The problem I have is that I know nothing about them and he's quite old and can't remember what year or model the dozer is. I was hoping someone from here could help me identify the dozer and also tell me where I can find a service manual for the dozer. I'm not much of a mechanic but I'd like to learn how to service the dozer. The last time it ran was 2 years ago when he parked it, of as of this year he hasn't been able to get it to start. I'm accepting all hints, tips, and tricks at this point lol Asking $4k as it sits Thank you in advance
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