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  1. You found it!! Thanks for the help Snoshoe. That look 50% bigger. I'm gonna order one. That's a WIX filter in the pic.
  2. This is what it looks like. Custom design to fit the tractor. Not a typical spin on or cartridge.
  3. Thx for letting me know. I will post pictures soon. It's nowhere as nice looking as yours. It's a combo of county yellow, red, gray, green and various colors of being exposed to the elements but that's what makes her special. I bought it earlier this year. There's no tag. I dated it by the casting numbers. The previous owner did not properly care for it so I had my work cut out for me. I enjoy it. It's gasoline with an Anderson loader and Wain-Roy backhoe attachment. I see your PTO lever. The brackets that hold the axle to the frame are on a 45 degree on this tractor covering a mounting hole for that lever. Mine did not come with a PTO on it. I bought a used one that was on a 460 rowcrop where the handle is on the PTO. Hopefully that will work out.
  4. I spoke with Pilot Knob Restorations. They don't have any in stock now but are planning a run after the new year if they get caught up with the work they're doing now. It should fit the 340,460,560 and 660 I think. They all show the same filter cover part number.
  5. Mine is also a '59. Do you have a 12 or 17gpm hydraulic pump? I have a 17gpm pump and am having trouble finding a filter set up that doesn't cause cavitation. I have a backhoe/loader attachment on it. I guess that's why the bigger pump. I bought it this year and am overhauling the hydraulic system on it. I appreciate you letting me know about the reverser being wet or dry. Thx
  6. I'll call Pilot tomorrow and post a request here for the filter. Thx for the napa number. I'll check it out.
  7. Looking for the part number for the extended hydraulic oil filter for IH340 with 17gpm hydraulic pump. Any information would be appreciated. Thx
  8. yes. Here's a pic of the inside face and the compartment.
  9. I don't have the filter yet. I ordered it because it looked like a better design. It didn't say the gpm for it. I have not put the oil back in yet. Can you point me in the right direction to find the aftermarket spacer and a part number for the larger filter? Thx. I will have to get a less expensive hydraulic oil to do what you're saying. I just finished rebuilding all the cylinders, valve bodies and replacing the hydraulic lines. Yes it was a lot of work and cost. The farm I have is not close to any town or parts store so I'm trying to get this tractor as reliable as possible while it's at my shop. Thx
  10. Probably the backhoe and loader attachment required it. Thx for the info. I'll post my solution.
  11. The Cessna hydraulic pump 70935c91 is what I replaced. It's 17gpm. I do not have an extended housing. I do see another manufacturer that makes the regular filter without that solid band around the paper elements taking up 50% of the area. (see pic) I'll try that. I don't see that extended filter in my parts manual for the 340 with my options.
  12. I installed a new 17gpm pump (with a piggy backed power steering pump) in my IH340. The pump started cavitating soon after starting to use it. I removed the new filter and examined it. The material wrapped around the filter seemed like it was about to fall apart. The screen had a coating on it. How can this design allow 17gpm flow. The filter media inside seemed compressed. The pic is a new filter not yet installed. Is there another design available that might work better? Thx
  13. I don't see a hole. You are correct about drilling the hole. I picked up a manual for the fwd/reverse drive and it has the same drawing. Thx
  14. There is no fill hole. I only noticed contaminated fluid leaking from the cover so I took it off and discovered this. The gasket was in bad shape and probably let in rain. The fluid is very white. I'll post what I find. Thx
  15. Tomorrow I will get that fluid out and examine it. I don't see anything in the manuals about putting fluid in there. Thx. I will post what I find.
  16. I removed the clutch cover exposing the direction reverser. I had drained the hydraulic fluid from the tractor, but as you can see in the pic the old fluid is still there. Why didn't this drain? How do I change this fluid. What should be in there? Thx
  17. I have to replace the main hydraulic pump and the piggy backed power steering pump (cessna 70935C91 & 371135R92 respectively) in my 1959 IH340. I see they are available. I was hoping to get some feedback on the different manufacturers and recommendations on these pumps. Remanufactured, new, reconditioned. Thx
  18. Real life exploded view of a spool from a 1959 HUSCO valve body m/n 3256 on a Wain-Roy backhoe attachment on my '59 IH 340 Utility tractor. I broke the spiral ring in 2 pieces. It was worn and some what difficult to remove. I used the tools shown. The rings are readily available. Thx for everyone's input.
  19. I've added these 2 pics. I'm pulling hard to extend the bottom piece in the 1 pic exposing a groove. I don't recognize the ring type. I don't see tiny holes in the ring for a tool to compress the ring.
  20. the spring is internal inside the bottom of the spool. That lower piece (I call it the plunger) coming out of the bottom of the spool remains fixed with a spring pin to the valve body. The spool moves up or down under spring tension when you operate the lever for that particular cylinder. If I clamp the spool down I can push or pull that bottom piece about 1/2".
  21. Does anyone know how to disassemble the plunger and spring from the bottom of the spool? Can't find any diagrams. I want to clean and lubricate them. Thx
  22. The bottom spool casting that's held on with 2 bolts has a tension spring through it. Do I remove the pin and unbolt the bottom casting and pull the spool out while rotating it to remove it? Are there any loose parts that will fall out?
  23. I haven't finished the disassembly. The unit worked but leaked out the top. It looks like 1 of the spools might be scored.
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