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  1. I have to replace the main hydraulic pump and the piggy backed power steering pump (cessna 70935C91 & 371135R92 respectively) in my 1959 IH340. I see they are available. I was hoping to get some feedback on the different manufacturers and recommendations on these pumps. Remanufactured, new, reconditioned. Thx
  2. Real life exploded view of a spool from a 1959 HUSCO valve body m/n 3256 on a Wain-Roy backhoe attachment on my '59 IH 340 Utility tractor. I broke the spiral ring in 2 pieces. It was worn and some what difficult to remove. I used the tools shown. The rings are readily available. Thx for everyone's input.
  3. I've added these 2 pics. I'm pulling hard to extend the bottom piece in the 1 pic exposing a groove. I don't recognize the ring type. I don't see tiny holes in the ring for a tool to compress the ring.
  4. the spring is internal inside the bottom of the spool. That lower piece (I call it the plunger) coming out of the bottom of the spool remains fixed with a spring pin to the valve body. The spool moves up or down under spring tension when you operate the lever for that particular cylinder. If I clamp the spool down I can push or pull that bottom piece about 1/2".
  5. Does anyone know how to disassemble the plunger and spring from the bottom of the spool? Can't find any diagrams. I want to clean and lubricate them. Thx
  6. The bottom spool casting that's held on with 2 bolts has a tension spring through it. Do I remove the pin and unbolt the bottom casting and pull the spool out while rotating it to remove it? Are there any loose parts that will fall out?
  7. I haven't finished the disassembly. The unit worked but leaked out the top. It looks like 1 of the spools might be scored.
  8. I want to rebuild the valve body on the Wain-Roy backhoe attachment on my tractor. The valve body is made by HUSCO m/n 3256 (6 spool). Sorry for the lousy pic. I covered all the fittings before I power washed it. It seems awfully complicated for an old tractor. Anyone have info on this? Thanks.
  9. I have a backhoe attachment and a loader attachment. No fast hitch. Nothing else. Possibly before I owned it maybe there was something. There was a hydraulic piston mounted vertically on the frame of the loader attachment, but it was not hooked up to anything. (see pic)
  10. What is the purpose of the VALVE COLUMN AND COVER p/n 369899R1 in the pic below. The power steering return line goes to it. The ps pressure line I removed as I'm servicing the hyd/ps pump. The ps pump is transmission driven. Thx for any help.
  11. they do eat the aluminum signs on the roads here
  12. These are all great ideas. (Even the funny ones. ) My place is in the North Wilds of central PA. The state put fishers in the forest to help with the porcupine problem, but there aren't enough I guess. It seems no matter how many I get rid of, they must have told there family and friends about the location. Thanks!
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