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  1. well the truth is that the final outcome is one 1066, that is not to say that there is only one tractor on the farm. All of them however are "vintage".
  2. Thanks friends, half of the fun of a project is finding the parts, and the hunt begins! Jeff
  3. Lorenzo, Some interest but I have to say I am not in a position to invest 15K into a tractor that I only need parts for, ideally we are looking for the parts to do the conversion, secondarily is find a "blown up" one to salvage the parts from. In the end we only want to end up with one running tractor. Jeff
  4. Good day everyone, new member here, does anyone have a possible lead to the parts needed to convert a 1066 two wheel drive to a four wheel drive model. Would even consider an entire tractor that has blown the engine or other major issue but has usable parts to convert our black stripe. We certainly have the tools and general abilities to perform the work but finding the older parts is a non trivial challenge. Any suggestions anyone? Jeff western Pennsylvania
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