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  1. We have a 8950 magnum that has a new problem it's never had before, 8650 hours. Had a set of chizzel plows on it and in the ground, I noticed it was slipping but it was not the mud, all four tires were slowing down and motor was still under load, I picked up the plow and pushed the clutch in and put it into a lower gear and continued no problem in 8th. Not entirely sure what happened if a accumulator went bad or if it's something worse. Now gears 3,4,9,10,15,16,17 slip when under any load. All other gears work as they should. The only thing to note is that the day it happened it was overfilled with hydraulic fluid. Could an overfill cause this issue? I would like to know how to test and or replace the accumulator if they are no good. Any help with this problem is much appreciated.
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