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  1. Thanks Sandhiller on 656 and 966 comparison!
  2. Thanks for having that direct comparison Mr.Fred54. I now know it should steer easier. I will check into the pressure before diving into checking out the spring.
  3. I might end up just ordering one this winter and replacing it to see if it helps 🤪
  4. Oil level and condition good. All other hydraulics work good. The steering is just a little harder than my 966. juist enough when turning the wheel faster it hurts my bum shoulder whereas my 966 does not. This note onthe control valve is in my repair manual *On late production tractors a lighter centering spring was used, which reduced steering effort, drift and eliminated steering feel. Either spring can be used depending on customer preference. * Here is a picture of the control valve
  5. I was wondering if anyone with experience in International steering systems thought it was normal to have a little harder steering on my hydro 656F hydro with a bolster steering than my 966 with a steering cylinder? The manual talks about using a lighter centering spring in the control valve which was used on later models apparenty. Just wondering if anyone has try'd changing the spring and what their results were if so?
  6. I appreciate the inputs guys! I think I would like to run the 14.9's for their added hieght. I have heard 13" rims are rare but may look for 14" rims. I am using this 656 primarily to bale with. Looks like 14.9's cost the most especially if I go to bigger rim size.
  7. Looking for some good advise on tire to rim size for my 12" x 38 rims. I was wondering what the correct rim for a 14.9 or 15.5 would be? I have 12 x 38 rims now and hoping that those would work right with the ones I have now or would you go up in size to the next rim size? (Also what bank is easyest to rob when I go to buy new tires?)
  8. Appreciate all the input! Nothing like getting advise from folks who have try'd stuff that works! I think i will trey to find a pin and make something that can go on and come off fairly simple and I am on the hunt for the stock 15.5 x 38 tires and rims that will lift it a bit as well. It has 12.4 X 38's now.
  9. I have a 656 Farmall that I used for the first time to bale hay and the drawbar lower suport height is low and catches hay when driving my heavier windrows. I noticed holes in a carrier that the reciever anchors into has a couple of holes for what looks like a pin. I was thinking about fabricating a skid plate of sorts to keep hay from hanging up on the hitch and drawbar and wondered if any one had some ideas for me or if anyone knows what the heck those pin holes are for?
  10. Thank you for going thru the effort for me to get the pictures guys! Amazing help on this site! 🙂 also good to have a go to place for hydro's.
  11. I talked to the guy who worked on this tractor for the previous owner and He thought the switch is located on top of hydro transmission by the starter. The owners manual indicated that was where it should be also but I do not see a port for it. I was thinking it might be important to have it so I do not continue to run it if oil was to hot but maybe it is not a concern? 😳 The feller also said he rebuilt a used hydro tranny and put that one in it some years ago so maybe what ever model he used did not have one or a place for one. Any thoughts on that?
  12. Good morning Farmall Friends! Sadly my look for my hydraulic temp switch in locations mentioned did not produce positve results 🤒 I believe the switch has been removed leaving no trace of origional location. I am thinking it should enter into a hydralic oil at a level where it can sense fluid temp and then switch on if over temp and ground the light to come on? After searching service manual, operator's manual and parts diagrams I am still at a loss. Hopeing someone with a F656 Hydro can tace it from the overheat warninglight in the dash to the switch and be able to help me?
  13. Thank you for your help and return post gentlemen. I will do some more investigation based on more info now and reply back again.
  14. Hope I am doing everything right to post since this was my first set up and post and I did not recieve any comments. I thought I would try again and see if any one with a Hydro 656 could look at their tractor and answer my hydraulic oil temp sender location question in this thread ???? Any help would be much appreciated
  15. I was wondering if anyone has a picture or knows where the temp sender for my warning light on the dash is located for my Hydro 656? The service manual says by the cranking motor but my light does not have a wire to trace back and I think it may have been taken out and a plug installed in it place.
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