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  1. yes if i remember correctly you need to remove cab roof to get to the bolts that hold the rear cover where the fan is.
  2. shuttle valve is in the back of transmission right under seat with three solenoids.
  3. sorry for the delayed response guys. working on this tractor on my free time and free time has been hard to get by. so is pressure limiter for hitch and rear remotes in the back near remote feed tube? yes loader pump is mounted under fuel pump and sucks oil from bottom of transmission and dumps it into the transmission on the access cover up on the right hand side. that pump really sped things up to say the least.
  4. so i hooked it to the first remote and there was flow at 2200 rpm nothing at idle.at 2200 rpm standby was about 1250 1st remote 1000. when steering to stop standby dropped to 0 1st remote remained at 1000. steering to lock or actuating remote didnt have any effect on charge pressure. the tractor does have a loader but it is driven by a different pump mounted on engine.
  5. so i hooked up a gauge at bottom of compensator and idle no functions demanded standby was around 600 psi. so i hooked up flowmeter to 3rd remote and nothing showed up no pressure no flow. and standby also dropped to zero with steering to a stop. ?????????
  6. okay so i went to start it up in the morning and starter went bad so i had to wait for a new one to show up.so to test charge pump pressure is it the 7/16 plug on top of filter base? i attached pressure guage and its around 60-70 psi.still need to get fittings for bottom of hydraulic pump. also where is the suction screen?
  7. allright will do first thing in the morning.
  8. Hey guys. just registered. have a 5240 thats giving fits. ill start from the beginning. about a month ago was loading bales and began to notice when i hit the stop when steering tractor stopped moving. it even lost power steering for about 2-3 seconds on one occasion i endured this for a week and thought i could put it in the shop when bales where gone. but then the 3rd clutch pack failed and i had to split it and redid clutch packs and torque limiter was also bad. it took me about two weeks to repair wait for parts and put it back together. when starting back up i noticed i had very poor steering and couldnt move unless running the engine above 1700rpm. powershift appears to be working excellent when theres no pressure on the steering wheel. also had flow meter on rear remotes and theres only 10gpm.I know theres guys on here with alot of experience so i thought this is a good place to start. Thank you
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