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  1. My hometown school starts this week. Where I live in west suburban Chicago our school started today. Chicago schools start after Labor day. The school bus company by me is offering $25.00/ hour with a $2000 sign on bonus.
  2. Looks Awesome! Good luck at your pulls!
  3. You did an awesome job on that tractor!
  4. My peeve today is my co-worker who calls every one "bro". Just today he was introduced to a VP of our company, and he said "What to do you do for the company bro?"
  5. As I understand it, one of Cyrus McCormick's ancestors lived on St. James Farm in Winfield, Illinois (a far west suburb of Chicago). His family had made a wonderful equestrian center there on about 600 acres. The family sold it to the DuPage County Forrest Preserve and is open to the public. The have a part of the entrance to the William Deering and Company on the farm. Here is a website about the farm: https://www.illinoistimes.com/springfield/the-farm-that-mccormicks-reaper-built/Content?oid=11447581
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